Arsenal Cannot Progress With Arsene Wenger In Charge

Arsene Wenger has lost the plot.

Last season, we won the FA Cup – but only after trailing 2-0 to a Hull City team which, let’s be honest, are a mediocre side. We got there in the end but only after Aaron Ramsey nicked a goal in extra time.

What would have happened if it went to penalties?

Who knows!

And this season hasn’t been much better in terms of performances and results.

In too many games this season we’ve been lethargic and devoid of any spirit. We’re coasting through games, defending poorly and bar Sanchez, are showing no fight.

And that is down to one man:

Arsene Wenger.

The players have clearly had enough. They’re not playing for him anymore. The team is playing badly and we’re not winning games against the poorer teams in the Premier League.

And tonight, we threw away a 3-0 against a side which only has 2 points to their name in the Champions League this season.

Sky Sports mentioned it tonight – in the previous 101 games that English sides have lead 3-0 in the Champions League/European Cup, in all 101 games the English teams have gone on to win the match. Arsenal’s 3-0 was the 102nd time an English team had lead 3-0 but they are the first to lose the lead and not win the match.

Arsene Wenger is a man who has lost the plot.

In the post-match interview he was clearly angry, and blamed the awful defending from the first minute to the last. That may be the case, but Arsene you are the manager! At 3-0 against a very average side, it’s your job to make sure the team holds on for the win. If you knew we were defending poorly, then why not put on another defensive midfielder? Why not play deeper instead of flying forward and trying to score another goal?

There are literally a million things that Arsene Wenger could have done from the bench to see out the game and he did none of them.

He could have brought on Theo Walcott to stop the Belgian champions coming forward time and time again. He could have brought on midfielders for attackers to keep possession and kill the game.

How a supposedly top manager can’t see out a 3-0 lead is beyond me.

Arsene Wenger has been a great manager for Arsenal, phenomenal in fact, but his methods are dated and he hasn’t caught up to the modern game.

With Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager, we simply can’t progress to the next level.


15 thoughts on “Arsenal Cannot Progress With Arsene Wenger In Charge

  1. Arsenal problem is wenger period…he is not a motivator,he is too soft on his players,he is not a general like fergie or mourihno.A winner when a player is not performin’ he shouldn’t be afraid of benchin’ him & give those ready to work chance..Excuses has taken replaced his winnin’ traits.

  2. Im sorry but when your leading 3 0 in the 60th minute at home against an average team, dont tell me its the managers tacticts. That just stupid to be honest. You cant always look for a scapegoat every time the team doesnt do well. You can critiicze tve manager for not buying a defender but not for what happened today, the players are responsible. They lost focus, lost their intensity and thought the match is over, simple as that

    • Please tell me why Wenger was so reactive to what happened on the field? After giving up the penalty we could see Anderlecht was trying to press us and gaining more possession. Wenger could see our players were losing concentration and the momentum. WTF he waited till the 80th minute to make the substitution (except Arteta because of injury)??? To defend or to attack WTF he waited till the 80th minute?
      Could he send Rosicky and Poldi out earlier (earlier than the penalty or Anderlecht gaining the momentum) to close out the game by scoring one more goal? Or could he send Bellerin out to play one more defense and Theo to counter to shut out the opponent?
      If Anderlecht did not respond and we kept having the possession, momentum and the form, Wenger still did not need to wait till 80th minute to make any changes, right?
      Last couple of seasons Wenger usually made the subs at around 70-75th minute. This season is f__king worse… the 80th minute (and no f__king rotation) the whole season so far.
      You tell me, WTF Wenger is doing to this team?? He does not need to take any responsibility?

  3. …and what was he doin’ when he saw that his players have lost intensity & focus…busy mopin’..fergie or jose can’t tolerate that shit,he will scold ’em & remind ’em is not over yet.

  4. Can only agree that it is time for Wenger to go. He had one job to do in the offseason. Replace the players he lost as well as buying a defensive midfielder and a world class striker. He has done none!

    To this game, it was obvious, he has no clue. He has not kept up with the modern game, thinking he way is correct and the proof is in the lack of trophies for 10 years! It does not take a genius to figure out what a screw up this evening was. I mean Arteta signalled 4 times he needed to be substituted for injury and Wenger ignored him. This was not a draw! This was a loss and solely on Wenger’s shoulders.

    Podolski should have started ahead of Welbeck

  5. wenager z de fuckn culprt.he ougit 2 hav bought good defender en dm.he hs failed 2 cope with moden futbal. he shud resign.with our curent defent we wll not be threat.

  6. oh dear oh dear what the hell is going on here.
    3-0 to the Arsenal ops 3-3,for gods sake arsen can u not see what u are doing to our team ,you seem not to want glory so resign,
    Do the right thing pleaseeeeee.
    PEP PLEASEEEEEE,send arsen upstairs let him make tea for the board

  7. it’s only mourinho who knows wengers’ stupidity and i think if jose was a player he not play for arsenal when wenger is the coach.he has old fashion style and failed to cope up with modern on earth can u make subs at 80min dats too far.arsene you prove to know more but remember yo not best of the best some one might know more than u do.

  8. Wenger is the culprit, why? Struggling against Hull city in the league and poor display same defense, same players. struggling and poor display against Anderlecht in Belgium same defense same players and last night at emirates same problem, gambling substitution. Then an experienced coach like Wenger just sits there and watch such things happen without taking action is awful. Both his center backs are slow, poor turning and challenging against their opponents. Is Monreal a center back that any professional coach can rely to? I wonder? Hector on the right, Chambers center to partner with Mertersaker, Gibbs left. Carzola, Welbeck were down but you made changes too late. Why bring in Flamini? And yet there was Walcot, Rosicky and Podolski. Where is Campbell? Wenger has good players but I quetion his selection. The current squad is very far from the Arsenal we used to watch in early 90s, just few players are letting us down. It is time to act Wenger.

  9. No surprise Arsenal’s diabolical display against Anderlecht…a team you must admire for their determination, unlike Arsenal, to carry on and achieve a brilliant draw. If the game carried on longer, god knows how many more they would have scored as Arsenal’s players had to give up the ghost because they were all knackered due to lack of training and ability. Even the pundits could not avoid telling the truth because it was there for all to see!

  10. I must confess surely at least 25% of arsenal supporters are very stupid shallow and bitter individuals .this draw hurt me very much ,but for me to blame Wenger that’s just f#*#*ng crazy did he allow the offside goal to count? Did he tell the team to loose focus? Did he tell the Anderlecht fan’s too keep supporting even though they we’re 3 goals down? You fool’s never give up .I heard some jack*#s hoping Swansea destroys is won and lost on the pitch .one bad refereeing decision could decide it.stop f#*king moaning put away your fantasy football armchair managing and support your goddam football team no team has an entitlement to win every game this site is fast becoming a hate site a Wenger hate site.

  11. keep on gambling mr arsene one day you will win the prem and c.league.dont buy anymore players.this team will anyone.just losing by odd goals its ok.thats what you said after losing to bayern. arsenal fc finish only fa cup and maybe carling cup at best


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