Is It Time For Arsene Wenger To Leave Arsenal?

Only Arsenal can repeat the same old stupid mistakes time and time again.

No-one does farcical like Arsenal do.

Against Anderlecht, we were cruising for the first hour then the Belgian champions scored a fortunate goal (as it was offside). Any other team in that position would have made sure they didn’t concede another as to give the opposition any hope and a chance to get back into the match, but what followed was a joke.

Arsene Wenger is the only manager who can’t see how the game is progressing and is unable to make the necessary changes to see games out.

The team went forward trying to score the fourth goal and we were punished big time. The basic mistakes Arsenal are making and how the team are playing is the direct responsibility of the manager.

The bottom line is that he is clueless.

And so we come to Swansea today.

The first half was poor, and Arsenal hardly created anything. The second half was better, and Arsenal managed to open the scoring on the break. A good Arsenal move resulted in Danny Welbeck playing a square ball to Alexis Sanchez, who finished with aplomb.

In a tough away day in Swansea, in the pouring rain, a massive and precious goal.

But like on Tuesday night, Arsenal capitulated in spectacular fashion.

Swansea equalised from a well-taken free kick by Sigurosson, and shortly after conceded from a header by Gomis (sound familiar?). Arsenal clearly have defensive frailties, especially in the air and too many times we concede goals from headers and set-pieces.

Arsene Wenger bemoaned the awful defending against Anderlecht and I’m sure he’ll blame the defending again after todays farce.

The problem is, our defensive problems are all of his making.

Our back four is threadbare, and we have Gibbs (who isn’t fully fit), Mertesacker, Monreal and Chambers. Of our first choice defence, only one is fully fit. We sold Vermaelen and lost Bacary Sagna and instead of adding even more numbers to put ourselves in a stronger position we only replaced them. We were always one or two injuries from a crisis and this is where we are.

The whole situation is completely ridiculous. With all respect to Anderlecht and Swansea, they are average teams and yet we’ve conceded five goals in two games, after leading in both. And all of those goals that we conceded have come in the latter stages of games.

You can point to the players for defending badly but it is completely down to Arsene Wenger for the personnel he fields. We’ve only got two injured defenders in Debuchy and Koscielny, and yet we’re in a defensive crisis. Most of the teams in the Premier League have one or two defensive injuries but aren’t in a stage of complete panic like we are.

The player you really feel for at the moment is Alexis Sanchez. The poor boy is literally carrying Arsenal and in any other team, he would be star of the show. He is the only positive with Arsenal at the moment and instead of basking in the glory of a fantastic performance against Anderlecht and scoring the opener against Swansea, he’s reflecting on how awful his team have played and wondering why the hell Arsenal have managed to throw away not one, but two games in the space of five days.

Sanchez must be wondering where the hell he is. He’s used to playing with Lionel Messi at a world class team like Barcelona – and I bet he’s wondering what the f*ck is going on at Arsenal.

I’ve been a massive fan and supporter of Arsene Wenger, the man is a complete legend and has transformed the club in magical fashion, but even I believe that Arsene’s career at Arsenal should come to an end.

He’s become stale, and too stuck in the past. He’s too stubborn and can’t see the weaknesses in the team – how else can you explain the refusal to bring in defensive reinforcements again and again?

The last couple of weeks have really exposed Arsene Wenger and his flawed ideologies. He was quoted recently saying that football hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years.

Excuse me?! That is possibly one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard.

Compare that to the attitude of Jose Mourinho. There is no doubt the Chelsea manager is a monumental twat, but he’s a successful manager who knows what he’s talking about. When asked if Chelsea can remain unbeaten for the entire season, his response was that when Arsenal did it it was in a different era, and today’s game is completely different.

So which opinion do you think makes the most sense?


33 thoughts on “Is It Time For Arsene Wenger To Leave Arsenal?

  1. Respectfully, neither Anderlecht nor Swansea are average sides. Under the Great Pretender, we have become an average side and he is a below average manager. Only our emperor and the AKBs thinks he’s wearing new clothes.

    • Wake up and smell the coffee… Chelsea would have swept those teams aside.

      And the fact is, we were leading 3-0 and 1-0 and let it slip. Arsenal are bottlers and have been for the last 7 seasons.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the points made in this article. To add to Wenger’s tactical ineptness and he has zero man management skills. Joel Campbell, full of confidence from the world cup is now not even worth a place in the squad while Cazorla especially, and Ramsey play poorly every single week. Even Sanogo gets a place on the bench. Then to cap it all today, asked about Alexsis Sanchez today, a man who has more or less single handedly stopped this team from being in the bottom half of the table, he replies “He didn’t have his best game” The man is a dinosaur!

    • Wenger must leave for the progress of arsenal,always discorraging people no let him go. joel cambeuel is beter dan welbeck

  3. Sadly the time has come for him to pass it on to a similar style manager but with a bit more tactical knowledge and be able to spend money when it is needed.
    The world and his brother knew we needed at least one CB and a midfield enforcer but he decided to try and get by with what we had and today and previous matches have seen the result. What amazes me is that he comes out with lamentable excuses about the defence but it is all of his own making.

  4. The board are weak and the fans spineless. Every time Arsenal win, they think everything will be OK again and look forward with optimism, until the next disaster, which is never far away.

    Wenger is old and past-it, and what’s worse he is an arrogant hypocrite. He loves to go on about his 17 years in the Champions League, but his record in that competition is absolutely pathetic.

    Wenger is to tactics what Hitler was to world peace. The deluded old fool should have left after his jammy FA Cup win against Hull, but he smelt all the money as usual and signed a new contract, while the dumb fans thought a corner had been turned.

    He can’t even use money as an excuse anymore since he’s spent about £175m over the past three seasons on players and Arsenal’s wage bill is higher than Chelsea’s. Of course, things are no better with this bungling oaf in charge. Any normal club would have sacked him 5 years ago, but the Arsenal board are too busy sucking Wenger’s cock to notice the terminal decline.

  5. It is disrespectful to call a fellow EPL team average, we are all playing at the highest level of football and deserve the respect. Paying more for players don’t make you a top team, you have to do your talking on the pitch and Arsenal lost their voice today. Swansea over 90 mins deserved the win and we were also missing many first choice players. AW has been there too long and I think Arsenal need an injection of enthusiasm, a boost to get them back on track.

    • Hey dude,do you need to read again before you undastand a simple word.he said and i quote no disrespect to swansea&anderlect…what does that implies..think man

    • Bobby, don’t be so short sighted, yep we lost away to a decent team, and that can happen, but we haven’t beaten a team in the top 7 this season, our medical centre is a more overworked than hospitals in Sierra Leone, we keep throwing away matches we should win, we keep buying itty bitty little midfielders when we need some big defenders, big Stan is raking it in at our expense, and we are being fed with BS. These are some of the reasons we want the manager sacked.

  6. The man should have retired,but he’s among the highest paid coaches, so I guess the lure of the money won’t let him. I have also noticed that he has even lost the one good thing he had in the past;Bringing thru young players and discovering raw gems. He hasn’t developed any in recent past, all the talented young kids seems to ve stalled under his guidance(Chamberlain,Wilshere,Ramsey,Sanogo,Campbell,Jenkinson). He no longer knows how to turn ‘potential’ into world class finished article. So what else has he got left?

  7. I think you are to kind in your article. I agree with all the comments stated above and more so. This game is further proof that Wenger does not cut it. He is living in the past and on old credentials. Wenger is the 4th highest paid manager in the world and Arsenal have the highest season tickets in the world. I do not see us having the best team or finishing in the top of any competition on a regular basis.

    As for today, Chambers and Monreal were playing out of position, Ramsey was absolutely atrocious. There was no urgency or coaching from Wenger, he did not bring on any substitutes to change the game. He brings on Bambi a division 2 injured player when he as a German not to mention Costa Rican striker international. It was clear Ramsey was struggling and should not have started. Wenger needs to be gone! A normal manager would have brought on new pace at the have and given Chambers support, he had no chance against Montero and every manager knows that now in the EPL!

    I will say it again as I have said so many times before, Wengers job was t buy a defensive midfield and a world class striker this year. He has done neither. Arteta is old, slow and injure prone, Flamini is a red card waiting to happen, and Diaby we all know. Welbeck has two left feet, Bambi falls over all the time when he is not injured, Giroud is average at best. Campbell we will never know. Did he replace Sagna and Vermalen, yes, but Chambers is a kid and has very little experience and then he lets Jenkinson go on loan?!?!?!

    Football is played at both sides of the pitch, and to quote a famous American Football coach “Offensive wins games, Defensive wins Championships”. Wenger hasn’t got a clue.

  8. ok,wenger is just there as business man nt a coach,during trnsfrs wndw his work is just to idntfy gud plyers 4 others.wnger must go we ar tired of him

    • Wenger is a fool. Board is a it now clear dat mr wenger is s professional failure as stated by marina.The man has already ran out of idea and also clueless.lf wenger is still with arsenal, they will never get anything.Wenger has nothing else to offer arsenal.Don’t board get dat.destroy board & kill wenger.They are killing the fans.Arsenal is now ordinary team.What a shame.Do not fault d players but wenger.They can not give what they do not have. Sir nogoal,giroud benching podoski,campbel,oh God,u can imagin.That man wenger should go and die st his home.When u overstay ur welcome,it always leads to disgrace.He should hv left d club long ago with glory but now,he will leave with disgrace.Destroy d board & kill wenger,gunner will come alive again.

  9. That is the 6th headed goal we have conceded in the epl this season…6 out of 13….reminds me of Post Gilberto Arsenal,just before we signed Metersacker.the game was so annoying to watch…more so by the fact that Kyle Bartley played 90mins against us and he was fantastic today…thats a player Wenger sold to them for £1m and he went to sign Chambers for £16m.does he hate defenders?In his 18 years in charge of Arsenal how many good or great defenders has he signed…dont any of u count Kolo Toure..he was a midfielder who had to adapt to playing defence to earn a place in the team.

  10. According to the comment above I think Wenger is clueless, when your oppsition manager is making a change wenger will just be there like a confused cock……

    All we need against swansea was a player wit just one decision, strong enough to man williams nd his colleague @defence just speechless……….pls #WengerOut we are ok wit al he has done

    Nigerian fans are deadly wenger will have been roasted on d street if seen

  11. Wenger is like a general that goes into battle without studyin’ his enemy’s strength & weakness instead he trust his troops capabilities…wenger’s stubborness is alarmin’..WENGER OUT

  12. I almost choked on my nightly Cornflakes when i read this little gem from Wenger.”We must it take on the chin,we played well for 75 minutes” so a manager at 9 mil a year tells his fanbase to take another hapless performance on the chin,the gall,the arrogance,it is quite unbelievable,the board have created a self sufficient,arrogant monster of a manager.

  13. When I saw Wenger bring on sanogo I couldn’t believe it’s like he dose the total opposite of what everyone thinking you have podolski Cambel on the bench . Y did he even buy the German if he has no faith in him . Wenger has to go arsenal fans are going suffer until he leaves the club. He makes no tactical changes as we all can see that chambers is struggling then we pay the price.

    • It’s worsethan you think mate, Campbell was actually not even rated good enough to even make the bench by our illiustrious leader…

  14. I believe the supporters should start boycotting arsenal matches so that the management should understand that arsene wenger have nothing to offer to the club,except that is done I can’t see the management sacking him. Because he is always keeping money for them instead of buying players, a serious management could have sack him by now. So the supporters must rise up to be counted, the management must be told the truth. Wenger must go

  15. All d gunners faithful pls we really ve 2 call a spade by its name here; wenger has faded up, do we ve 2 wait until we c d unimaginable happened b4 we know he has ran out of ideas? D way loose 2 big teams last season does nt signifies d foot step of a champion, n dis season is even nt picturinga brighter future… l strongly think der shld be a radical change at arsenal (4rm d management 2d players) else d fans shld stop buying ticket 2 watch arsenal matches.

  16. The Manager is going nowhere….he’s not stupid, on 9 million a year. Sanchez had the audacity to call a Swansea player a cheat when his free kick against Anderlecht was a blatant dive! He’s being fed passes like feeding strawberries to a donkey. Arsenal are in dire straits with the crap they got now. The commentators should stop their farting in church and tell it how it is, not giving us a load of bollocks as I’ve said before. A lot of us have played the game so don’t try to bullshit us, we can make up our own minds. p.s Nice to see the three musketeers back…but for how long????


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