Is It Time For Arsene Wenger To Leave?

It’s obvious that Arsenal can’t defend this season, but the big question is, can we still keep defending Arsene Wenger?

Last season, we got embarrassed against the big teams when we played away but today, we’ve reached a new low.

Despite playing badly away from home against the Top 6, at least we managed to do okay at home. But now, we’ve lost at home against a Manchester United side ravaged by injuries, and a Manchester United side that haven’t won away from home this season.

To put that into perspective, Manchester United have visited and failed to win at West Brom, Leicester, Burnley, MK Dons and Sunderland.

Yet they come to The Emirates and comfortably win (Giroud only scored a late consolation in the 90th minute).

Surely things have gone too far now?

Arsene Wenger is a great man who has done great things, but he is becoming stubborn, isolated and someone who is losing the plot.

Do the players believe in him anymore? He fails to see where the team need strengthening and now we’re suffering more than ever.

After a devastating defeat we’re a massive 15 points behind leaders Chelsea.

And it’s only November.

Usually our season is over in February, so things have reached rock bottom.


26 thoughts on “Is It Time For Arsene Wenger To Leave?

  1. Yes definitely time for Arsene Wenger to go. Arsenal just cannot compete at the highest level. Defensively very vulnerable . Also there seems to be a staleness at Arsenal .Arsene Wenger was good for the Club , but he should have made way for a top man with fresh ideas and who knows that defense is the base on which top football teams are built

  2. Arsenal may have more possession and shots but goals win games and sadlythe gunners fail to score thanks to a nine/ten men MU defence.Rooney’s goal is a replic a of the one Costa scored.
    Tactically Wenger is naive and he is too arrogant to change his style.
    I am afraid the defence will only improve when he goes.

  3. Wenger should have gone long time ago .The last nine years each worse than the other. Every body on earth knows that Arsenal need a defending midfielder , a central defender and a goal scoring machine. Wenger will continue signing attaching midfielder and wingers who are not good enough. The man has clearly lost it and he has to go immediately .

  4. No way, Wenger is the only single reason why Arsenal has been so successful these days. The club should reward Wenger a bumper 20 years with a £16M per year contract. Wenger is untouchable. The man doesn’t have the guts to resign and the board, well they dont give a f#ck about the fans anymore. The club is on the decline and 15 points behind Chelsea,wow that’s how good the club has progressed after winning the FA Cup.

    If we managed to stay in the Premiership this season,Wenger will come out praising the team like they have just won the Champions League

  5. I wonder why wenger still sit tight with this embarrassing result, simply because he is making money for himself and the board .do will allow this man to get us to relegation zone before we know what to do with him?

  6. Wenger has been very lucky.At any other top team he would have been axed years ago.The problem is he plays an attacking game which can be easily countered by defence in numbers.Still he doesn’t want to adapt to the opponents style.Thats why there will be continual losses to the teams who hit on the break.
    To blame naïve defending is easy. He is the manager and shd be 100% accountable.This season is gone .Forget about winning the cl. The most realistic goal is finishing in the top 4. Even that could be out of reach.
    In that case Wenger shd leave .I can’t see Arsenal winning starts the epl as long as he is in charge unless he puts more balance between defence and attack .

  7. Yes, it’s time for Le Professeur to go, although hopefully to a senior position in the club. What he has done for Arsenal should never be forgotten; with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera etc we had the greatest Arsenal team of all time, rivals to anyone on their day. But Arsene has been found out and as commonly stated is too stubborn to see his failings. Do our AMERICAN owners have the vision to see what all Arsenal fans can see, Wenger should go before his reputation and legacy is in tatters.

  8. It’s like Forest keeping Cloughie too long and eventually he got them relegated. The man was ill and failing but they dare not sack him because of his past glories. The blind faith of some fans is only eclipsed by the arrogant stupidity of Wenger. The team is accelerating backwards. IN GODS NAME PLEASE GO FOR THE GOOD OF THE CLUB, NEVER MIND THE TEAM.

  9. two years ago i called wenger out. there is no better changes. arsenal in wenger command become deadwood loke ozil, sanchez, podolski etc.

  10. Of course he should. Stubborn, arrogant, senile, clueless etc but it’s his post-match comments that are becoming more and more infuriating. “Naive” defending, well what the f*ck would you expect from our current back 5 with no protection from midfield? What would you expect when an injury to Laurent Koscielny, results in Nacho F*cking Monreal filling in at centre back. A defender (if you can call him that) not fit for a top 10 side’s squad, is now second choice left back (to a left back that struggles to play more than 8 consecutive games without injury) and third choice centre back hahaha! It’s got to all be a big joke.

    He’s not only failing to fulfil his role to a sufficient level, he’s committed gross negligence for the past few years. He could hide behind the convenient excuse of not enough funds before that, but to fail to address the blindingly obvious flaws in our team the past few years, is a complete disgrace. Arsenal FC are paying this guy over 7m a year!

    It’s got to the stage now where each defeat and pathetic, amateurish performance has less and less of an impact on me. I expect failure, so have almost become immune to it. I still care and hope Arsenal can return to the glory days and have a team to be proud of, but have lost all hope of anything ever improving under his dictatorship.

  11. I fully endorse James’ growing frustration at the increasing cluelessness of Wenger’s post-match comments. But it’s not just the boss. Week after inglorious week, almost as if they have to take one for the team, Arteta, Mertesaecker, The Ox, Wilshere, trot out the same old bland inanities on the official Arsenal website: We must try harder defensively; We need to bounce back from this; We must keep our focus for the whole 90 minutes etc. etc. and blah blah blah. Do they and Wenger think we are complete idiots who do not watch the team we love week after week in growing horror? These players are paid, on a weekly basis, the equivalent of the entire defence budget of a small nation and all they can do is defend their inadequacies with comments that would be blindingly obvious even to a three-year-old Outer Mongolian yak whisperer who’s never kicked a ball in his or her life.

    I live in New Zealand and get up at unholy hours to watch (or listen to, when I can’t watch) the Arsenal. I am beginning to feel I am suffering from some kind of horrible addictive sickness – any sane person would stop exposing themselves to this weekly torture – but I just can’t help myself. So please, please, Monsieur Wenger and the little roster of platitude spouters you wheel out to make comments on the website, no more of the intelligence-insulting rubbish you churn out after each fresh disaster. I don’t need to be told what is already staring every Arsenal fan in the face. Just man up, admit you’ve stuffed up by not shoring up the defence during the transfer window, and tell us HOW you’re going to stop the rot rather than pedal in lame excuses and drivel.

  12. Arsen must go without a doubt,he can not take us any further,terrible defending against man u,what the heck.
    New Defence all round,plus top draw striker its not rocket science
    Arsen.Please resign pep please or klopp.
    Oh Arsen give old George graham a call, he could sort your defence out im sure

  13. ”In wenger we trust”,that’s what we here in africa keep hearing our British fans say every season. Well what now? Do they still trust in him? Hahahahaha! I forsee more doom for the club if this stupid,sturborn,arrogant old hag is not sacked before the end of the season. How can any body explain why wenger didn’t buy a defensive midfielder,a central defender and a quality striker during the last transfer window? Honestly I regret ever supporting this club! There’s no point beating round the bush here,,,,its definitely obvious,its time for WENGER to GO! He should leave honourably before Xmas. He’s done @ the club. What ever effort he makes now turns into failure. We really do need to ”metamorphos”,transform like the likes of chelsea and city. I just wonder what kind of shameless Board we have @ the club. Honestly I regret supporting Arsenal for so long now!

  14. Since last years ago, I have known that tactic of AW was so naive, so easy read for enemy like Man Unt. Players, like cesny, BFG, mancho, dont be used anymore because they often nervous in front of own keeper. the kicks of Arsenal player are so naive, no plan B. AW no action anything.

  15. Wenger has delivered what he has to deliver. Well done to his achievements! He should give way for a new coach with different football philosophy. The longer he stays, the more toothless Arsenal become.

  16. I think still leaving wenger on the seat is like leaving Arsenal on the shadow of collapse,,,he has done enough..let him go

  17. What a stupid cunt of a question?

    Wengerites like you should have your face kicked in! I’ve been banging on about killing that French paedophile since the summer of 2005, and you just now raise the question?

    Do one you window licker, it’s gobshites like you that give The Herd a bad name.

  18. Sagna left because he could not se Arsenal winning any silverware.HE is right.The gameis about winning not weaving intricate pretty patterns which the gunners are good at.Wenger shd have have been axed long ago.
    I believe the longer he stays and doesn’t tweak his tactics he will cause Arsenal to sink further. I say thanks for the memory.


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