Vote Here! Should Arsene Wenger Leave Arsenal?

Well what a shambles yesterday was.

Manchester United have travelled to Sunderland, West Brom, Leicester City, Burnley and MK Dons this season and failed to win in any of those away games.

However, they went to The Emirates last night and what happened?

Arsenal happened.

In a game where we dominated possession, Manchester United had a clear game plan and executed it perfectly. A combination of defensive discipline and good fortune saw Manchester United 2-0 up after 85 minutes and if it wasn’t for an awful Angel Di Maria effort they could have won 3-0.

Imagine that? Losing 3-0 to a Manchester United team who were sitting in 7th position in the Premier League. That would have been an all new low.

As it happened, Olivier Giroud lashed in a great effort to bring some respectability to the scoreline, but it couldn’t hide now inept Arsenal were.

We didn’t take our chances and while you could argue you were unlucky, the same old things happen time and time again. Defensively we are a shambles and the two goals we conceded were naive in the extreme. We have a manager who continues to refuse to teach defensive elements of the game which in the modern game is completely unforgivable and extremely narrow-minded.

It’s fine when you inherit a back four consisting of defensive scholars such as Tony Adams, Steve Bould, Martin Keown, Nigel Winterburn and Lee Dixon, and it’s even okay when those players are still around to mould people like Lauren, Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and Ashley Cole – but after that it’s been a complete joke.

Apart from the Mertesacker/Koscielny axis which seems to work, before that we’ve been ridiculously poor defensively. Players like Gael Clichy and Thomas Vermaelen were prone to defensive lapses and it was clearly because they weren’t being taught how to defend.

And despite it being glaringly obvious that we were short at the back we refused to bring in any defensive cover. Now we have Nacho Monreal in central defence, which is akin to having Patrice Evra or Roberto Carlos in that position – no matter how you dress it up, there’s no way in hell he’s a central defender.

Calum Chambers should be in there and Hector Bellerin should be played at right back.

The whole situation is a shambles and according to the statistics, this is our worst start to the season since the 1982/1983 season. We were also the first English side (in 101 games) to lose a 3-0 lead in the European Cup/Champions League when we capitulated against Anderlecht.

This season is becoming a joke and we’re breaking all the wrong records.

Is it finally time to call an end to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal career? Should he leave Arsenal?

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46 thoughts on “Vote Here! Should Arsene Wenger Leave Arsenal?

  1. gone are the days wenger used to bring success to our tables. we need to face facts, the man is living in his past and cant succeed any longer. To my fellow supporters in London, just boycott the games and match the wenger out banners out side emirates stadium…Arsenal is not Wenger

  2. Wenger must have misspent more money in buying totally uninspiring players than any other manager in the Premier League. I wish to God he would go.
    I just cannot understand how utterly naive our defenders are when we have Steve Bould as,ostensibly,our defense coach? Is he at the Emirates just to deflect criticism from Wenger, he certainly looks truly miserable sitting next to Wenger almost as though he has given up on his job or doesn;t really understand what that job is!
    I have supported the Gunners for the best part of 50 years and even in light of our Invincibles I look back at our team’s days under George Graham with great satisfaction. It is such a pity that Graham took a bung as Arsenal under him could certainly have achieved more than the Frenchman.

  3. Manchester united are not good enough as a team but still claim 3 point against us due to the qualities player they have.AW please,buy sharp and top striker who and midfielder who can rescue us during the hard time.Costa did it for Chelsea and Yaya Toure did it for Man city.Also,rooney did it for man utd…..Please,AW dont let us rust.Do something before it get beyond the limit..It a shame to us as arsner fan,We dont have a say in any conversation within other fans

  4. Is that a question? Well, No he should stay put until Arsenal as a club falls flat before he resign ok…foolish Arsenal fans that dont know what they want…go ask that question to the gods Nonsense!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t just imagine Henry days in Arsner jersey.That time.whenever i saw Henry with the ball and 2 or 3 opponent infront of him.I already have 80% that it can convert it to a goal.Compare to Giroud or any of our striker in these days.Even seeing Giroud with a goal,no guarantee that i can score.

  6. I am an ex-pat working overseas and religiously watch Arsenal on the TV.
    I have been to the emirates on a few occasions and feel the passion of the faithful supporters.
    The amount of money given the hardships that are apparent in the UK that they spend to watch their beloved team fail miserably is unbelievable is this through unquestionable loyalty or damn right stupidity? Oh the stress is unbearable.
    My wife continually tells me why do you care so much you are not getting paid the high salaries of the players or the manager, I tend to dismiss her comments but truth be told she is 100% correct, but football supporters are a breed apart, logic does not always come into the equation.
    It pains me to watch week in week out, year in year out the decline of Arsenal FC, from the team on invincibles to a team of flammables who at any given opportunity have wonderful knack of self imploding.
    I have always had the utmost of respect for Arsene Wenger has done for AFC however there comes a time when one has to let go of emotional feelings and do whats right for the best of the club, most people be it Joe public or these so called expert pundits have all come to the same conclusion the road has come to an end for the partnership that was Arsenal and Arsene.
    The fears of finding the right replacement in the light of what happened at UTD. are all too apparent but surely we cannot do any worse than what we are doing at the moment, look at the teams above us and the teams below us whos to say we will maintain the position in the top half of the table, some may say that I am over reacting but we could based on our form this season be realistically looking at bottom half of the table if we continue in the same manner, just looking at the state of the team with the absence of a decent DM and CB we are so vulnerable, the choice of club captain does not inspire true grit performances there is no passion so how can players be expected to raise to the challenge.
    The biggest problem was the fact that we won a trophy last season, that inadvertently led to handing Arsene an extension to his contract, we should have lost that game and maybe with that the partnership of Arsenal and Arsene, instead we gave a 3 year contract and the rest is as they say history.
    Even if he steps aside how much clout or influence will he carry if he moves upstairs as the board worship him for what he has done in terms of financial success above footballing success how much of a hindrance would he be in the attraction of a real quality successor as for sure there will be interference.
    I could go on for hours with my winging but I do have work to do.
    All I would like to see is recognition from the board for what Arsene has done as well as realization that he is no longer a leading figure that can take the club in the direction it needs to go.
    If there is so much respect and appreciation from both sides then an amicable end or change would surely be a viable option with the search for a successor can be initiated wit a view to changing the guard at the end of the season as I do not believe many managers would be available at this moment in time and that time is needed to find the right candidate.

  7. Sentiments away, truth is, if Wenger does not leave arsenal will not progress beyond their present state in world football. He has grown so used to the flaws and errors of the team that he can no longer see them. Wenger must leave now to allow a new and more competent manager to step in and steer our dear arsenal back to its natural position with the likes of real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern munich, etc. Otherwise arsenal will gradually, but surely creep into a state of mediocrity.

  8. Arsenal board nd arsenal wenger are so stupid,they are all senseless.wenger is nt a gud coach,wenger nd all arsenal board go die in jesus name.they are making all arsenal fans 2 be sad nd i pray dat God wil punish all of them.mertasacker,flamini,carzorlar,danny welbeck,all of them are nt a gud player.wenger out,we no want u again.stupid coach

  9. We are proud of Arsene but it is time for him to give us a 21st century guy who will give us titles and not excuses.BOTTOMLINE:WE DON’T WANT STRIKERS(CAVANI)WE WANT DEFENDERS AND A NEW COACH

    • I’m not proud of Wenger, these days I pity him, because of his arrogant pride he is willing to bring the club to it’s knee’s before anyone upstairs decides to act. As mentioned his legacy is now in tatters because he has been past his sell by date for so long now. We have some good players that could be crafted into a great team with some additions but Wenger is no longer the manager to lead us into that new chapter. The reality is the manager has become bigger than the club and that is serious, nobody between him and the board any longer unlike the days when David Dein was there. Let’s look at his legacy…. he inherited great squad of players including that great defence, he never could replace them when they got older and eventually retired or left for a final big pay day. Nobody saw the warning signs until players started leaving and by that time it was too late… how he is still manager at the club defies belief and also shows the problems are also at board level too, there is no excuse for ignorance but in majority shareholder.. the yank Stan Kroenke treating the club like his personal piggy bank, there are many dark days ahead before we can dream of better times…and that is sad. Supporters need to be less emotional and fickle when I comes to the reality of the situation and influence change at the club or the are no really true supporters who care for Arsenal FC.

  10. Stupid coach or stupid wilshere?look at d chance that wilshere miss,i hope that his injury will keep him out until he reach 27 years,stupid boy,welbeck not good enough for us,we need world class striker not manage 1

  11. The only card we’ve in our hands is to boycott all home games to let A.W be chased away like a chicken thief!.
    Even a last fool can fool wenger with our lovely club.

  12. I did not need to read the article before voting yes for Wenger’s departure. Everyone seem to see the problems with the team except the very man the club pays so heavily to spot the team’s problem and remedy same.
    Enough of Arsene Wenger. I am simply tired of watching Arsenal put in an “also ran appearance” in all competitions year in , year out.

  13. The many sins of Wenger:
    1) he sold Vermalen to barcelona but stubbornly refused to replace him throughout the summer transfer window.
    2) then, in the absence of koscielny he plays Montreal, who we all know is a natural left back as center back, a square pole in a round hole.
    3) every one in the world knew that arsenal needed a strong and powerful central midfielder and cried all summer for one, yet Wenger arrogantly ignore all. now arsenal is suffering for Wenger’s negligence.
    4) arsenal needed a top class strike who could convert numerous chances being created by Sanchez and co. Diego Costa was available before a more ambitious mourinho went and snatched him.
    5) Wenger sits glued to his seat during matches, preferring to fiddle with his water bottles and the zip of his coats instead of getting to the touch line to back out necessary instructions to the team. this failure was glaring yesterday against man united when all 10 out field arsenal players mounted a siege at the opponents’ eighteen, thus allowing Rooney to score the second goal, without hindrance.
    6) what is the sin of Joel Campbell that he can’t even get a place on the bench for arsenal. I’m not quite sure if welbeck is a better or more effective player. I bet we shall come to regret it when this boy is forced to leave to another club where he would be better appreciated. Carlos vela is a case to remember.

  14. no!no!no please.we need wenger to stay.he’s a royal customer who never fails to deposit 3points to long professor.#mufc

  15. Only a fool repeats t same style hoping to get it right. Our former captain Van Persie said that t attitude Wenger has instilled in Arsenal is t one of wanting to win but at Man U with Fergie is one of U av to win. Spot t difference.
    Some Arsenal supporters stopped supporting Arsenal n started supporting Wenger. Boycott t games…

  16. Arsene wenger should leave its time for him to go he can’t help this team any more please let find another coach arsene wenege is not a manager but he is manage.

  17. enough is enough arsene wenger’s days are finaly over 18 years in the club we have afaith in him but it is atime to leave gunners. Don’t let wenger rot our club with our fantastic young gunners..WENGER OUT

  18. For those who ask if not Wenger who as a manager:
    Martinez. Klopp , RUdy Garcia( Roma) all could be very good replacements.
    Wenger has been a great manager for Arsenal, but prior to coming to Arsenal he only one the French once , very GOoners knew him.
    Wenger has never been driven by winning trophies, he is more interested in the process The playing style . We need to go in another direction, a younger manager who takes into account both defensive solidity and offensive effectiveness.

  19. Any other team in the top flight of football the manger would have gone many seasons ago. Arsene Wenger should walk away now and take the board with him as they also think he is doing a good job. Wenger only plays to qualify for a champions league place not to try and win but just to qualify and that is just not good enough. He seems to know nothing about tactics, players positions.he does not watch the game as he always says” I didn’t see it” And yet he still has a job. One of the most expensive grounds in the league for the fans and NO European football for us next season what a fantastic leaving gift

  20. We were undone by a freak goal and a clinical finish from someone I have always rated. The only piece of good luck we had was that Jack wasn’t sent off for a definite red card offence!. I remember in the late nineties in a cup final with Liverpool, we dominated for 80%, but still lost. Nobody wanted AW out then. Better the devil we know…….

  21. For God sake I dnt know y d board keeps sparing wenger, let’s try someone else no matter how bad dt person turns out 2b. Wenger is d only manager in d top 4 dt is not ready 2 make audaciuos bidding even in time of crisis. Let’s take a good example at d man u manager; d signing of Di maria surely paid off in ystday’s game cux if he were not on d pitch, am sure d out come of d game wldnt ve favourd man u. We desperately need an ambitious manager. A manager dt could understand sincerity when he saw it. I rest my case. Gunners 4 life.

  22. Leave Wenger alone, he lost 1 game and everyone on his back straight away, he went 1 nil down and did everything he could to win the game and unfortunately they caught them on the break. Man Utd only had 1 shot on target which shows Arsenal played really well just couldn’t put the ball in the net with over 20 attempts on goal. Stick with Wenger and he will come good.

  23. It’s simple, wenger’s erra at arsenal is long over. The board is just not too afraid to take that bold step to replace him. This arsenal board has no plan to take arsenal to that height everyone craves right now. Sack wenger and bring in Pep G

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  25. Waited nine years to be offered season tickets. This is season three in the Clock End Upper… Was a regular from 1976 until the late’90s, then couldn’t afford to go much. Like so many others, I’ve stopped looking forward to visiting The Grove this season. Arsene has to go. he should have offered to resign straight after the 8-2 at Scum Trafford. The Board wouldn’t have accepted it, but it was at that time plans should have been laid to short-list his successor.
    This club has massive potential — that’s the good news. The bad news is that Kroenke has never sold a single share in any of his US sport franchises. We’re still at the foothills of the mountain of ‘Live’ feed revenue that the Prem will generate on more and more mobile platforms world-wide.
    Toupee man knows this only too well… He’s in this for the long haul and it’s the fans who go and those that want to go that are suffering. Don’t know if I’ll renew next time. Saturday was a disgrace.


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