Why Martinez Should Keep The Number One Spot When Szczesny Returns

So far Emiliano Martinez has played 3 big games against Borussia Dortmund, West Brom and Southampton. Borussia Dortmund may be bottom of the Bundesliga, but they are a different force in Europe – topping our group comfortably and securing first place with games to spare.

West Brom are unpredictable and we did well to keep a clean sheet against them, and last night we had Southampton visit The Emirates, who are sitting 3rd in the Premier League and are there because they are an excellent side. And once again, we managed to end the night with another clean sheet.

What impresses me about Emiliano Martinez is that for someone who is only 22 years old, he is so assured and confident, yet he is an unassuming character. He doesn’t rock the boat, and yet he just gets on with his job and makes excellent saves. Considering he’s playing for a team like Arsenal who domination possession, it is even more impressive because goalkeepers for top teams need to keep alert and he does that with no problem whatsoever.

So when Szczesny does come back from injury, there is a real case for Martinez keeping his place – and he should be given a chance while he is part of Arsenal’s winning run.

Arsene Wenger would be stupid to drop a player who is full of confidence, winning matches and has the full support of the Arsenal faithful.


3 thoughts on “Why Martinez Should Keep The Number One Spot When Szczesny Returns

  1. perfect, think both wilshire and Szczesny screw up every time theres an important game. We have lost a lot of matches because of them. Post their departure ( hope they don’t recover for season), the teams more stable.

  2. Excellent all along in darkness with the polish keeper always made silly mistakes which weakens team since the season started he can’t save the Team? only 3 cleansht,Martinez 3games 3cleansht that’s horrible good luck Martinez


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