Should Arsene Wenger Leave Arsenal? Vote Here!

Just over week ago, in the aftermath of the demoralising defeat to Manchester United at home, I conducted a (very unscientific) poll to gauge to feeling amongst Arsenal fans. The result was that a massive 87% of Arsenal fans who voted wanted Arsene Wenger out – and the negative feeling was understandable.

We had been performing well below our usual standards, and were 8th in the Premier League table. We threw away points after leading Anderlecht 3-0 and Swansea City 1-0, and were extremely naive against Manchester United. We seemed to be making the same old mistakes, and for some Arsenal fans, enough was enough.

There was a feeling that Arsene Wenger has had his time and it was clear over the last 9 years he’s still as stubborn as ever, failing to see Arsenal’s weaknesses – particularly in defence. We were all screaming out for defensive reinforcements but didn’t add any real quality and we found ourselves threadbare at the back.

But that was last week. So how are things at Arsenal now?

That’s why I wanted to conduct another online poll. After a week which has seen a win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League and a win at West Brom, suddenly things don’t seem to look so bad.

So are Arsenal fans fickle? Would a week were we’ve managed to win two games change your opinion?

Are they wins that will turn our season around, or are they two wins which paper over the cracks? After all, it could be argued that Borussia Dortmund are in dire straits (they are bottom of the Bundesliga) and West Brom are a team we should be comfortably beating anyway.

On the flip side, Borussia Dortmund are a real force when it comes to European football and it could be argued that against West Brom, we showed a real willingness and desire to win at all costs – and showed much more maturity defensively.

So how do you feel? Do you still want  Arsene Wenger to leave? Or has he shown that he can turn things around?

Cast your vote below and leave your comments in the section below!

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23 thoughts on “Should Arsene Wenger Leave Arsenal? Vote Here!

  1. AW should leave now because he seems to be doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. we need a fresh thinker.

  2. I appreciate all wenger has done for arsenal but I recommend him to leave the club honorably like sir Alex f of man utd for others to try. What make up a good manager is trophies


  4. Consistency in top 4 & 15 years ucl qualification is not enough for a club the size of arsenal…TROPHIES COUNTS NO LAURELS FOR CONSISTENCY…Wenger dosen’t have what it takes to take arsenal back to consistent days of trophies not qualification.WENGER OUT!

  5. Wenger should leave arsenal now when the sun still shines.Arsenal need a modern game coach to take over and inspire the many stars currently in the team.You would wonder why Wenger should bench Joel Campbell or even Lucas Podolski.This guy finishes good players! Where is Ozil’s form now?why did Gervinho have to go,why did he release Bacary etc etc…This guy lost it!

  6. if next manager cannot bring EPL or CL trophies back to emirates will you all KILL YOURSELF ??? NO ??? so better commit SUICIDE NOW !!!!!!!

  7. Wenger and all his fans should leave arsenal and go enough is enough we arsenal fans don’t need top 4 alone we want trophy not ordinary trophy champions league trophy mourinho,pep guarola,manuel pelegrini is also a coach like u all they are dreaming of is trophy but all u are dreaming oof is money and top 4 we true arsenal fans don’t want that again we want trophy trophy ooooo if u know at the end of the season u can’t provide us trophy u should just resign easily without any fight we need consistency in our club every single matches we always got injured enough of that too are we arsenal the only team playing football in england that we get injury in every match we play.If wenger refuse to go or all the useless board or that know nothing about football shareholder called kraoke try to stop him from leaving our club BOKO HARAM will come to them WE NEED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY GUNNERS TILL I DIE

  8. Let Arsene finished his contract then judge him on that. He never broke his contract and worst will be the club who break the contract.

  9. The man is a visionary he has given everything he had for the club he loves let the man do his job and support him for a change rather than complaining all the time any one can complain and any but only Arsen has the guts to put up with all the shits he been through over the years name one manager who can do a better job than Arsen with arsenal I say let him stay support him and let him do his job stop complaining we saw what the Dortmund fans do for their manager and that club is bottom of the table be careful what u wish for bc it might just be a reality sooner than u think then I am darn sure all u guys who said wenger out will go back on your word

  10. I really like Wenger, he has been great for Arsenal. I have wanted him out for at least 5 years because I do not believe that we will the league title again with him at the helm.

  11. Yes, AW shud leave. He has no new ideas anymore. The man is very stubborn and full of excuses. We need new ideas at d club

  12. To give these injury prone primadonnas a contract for more than a year is a diabolical disregard for other peoples’ money. It’s obvious they are only going to play one or two games then out for months on full pay. This Aresenal team is the worst collection of crap ever assembled including the manager. The supporters are right, enough is enough. The youngsters on Arsenal’s books should think crefully about their future …as long as that idiot’s in-charge, he is likely to go on buying club rejects til he gets the boot!!!!!!!


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