Will Arsenal Miss Lukas Podolski’s Influence On The Team?

It has been said that certain players might not have the influence on the pitch but they have influence in the dressing room, and Lukas Podolski is apparently one of those players.

Described as a “big personality” by Per Mertesacker and others, you wonder if the German’s loan move to Inter Milan might have consequences for Arsenal this season.

He had limited playing time but for the most part, he was regarded as a popular figure in the dressing room. Always smiling and always positive, he was a player who the other Arsenal players liked – if you looked on social media anyway.

They said the dressing room changed when Emmanuel Eboue left Arsenal, and we’ve lost captains in quick succession – Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, William Gallas, Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie and Thomas Vermaelen all left and they were all big personalities behind the scenes. And ever since Vieira left we’ve had trouble winning anything (bar the FA Cup success last season).

Does Arsene Wenger want a quiet and obedient dressing room? Is this one of the problems we have? Maybe Arsene Wenger doesn’t like people who speak up and have an opinion.

Time will tell if Podolski’s move will affect Arsenal’s fortunes, but for me he will be a big miss for our football club.


3 thoughts on “Will Arsenal Miss Lukas Podolski’s Influence On The Team?

  1. Poldi is our most clinical finisher. He has the highest goal rate (goals per min) and he is an excellent character to be around, really lifts the morale of the squad.
    The only reason I can think Wenger let him go is because he dowsed him with champagne after the FA cup win. Come on Wenger, give the guy a real go!
    Our loss, their gain 🙁

  2. The ultimate extrovert (Poldi) vs the ultimate introvert (Wenger). Maybe Wenger favours Introverts (would be interesting to analyse every player’s profile?)
    Extroverts probably make better leaders on the pitch…
    Mertesacker for example, he is a strong introvert, yet Wenger expects him to be loud and take the lead, which forces him out of his comfort zone.

  3. Why will wenger allow poldi to go..a player with tons of experience,a lethal left foot & a cheerful fella..i hope he shows wenger the stuff he is made of at inter milan.


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