Does Lukas Podolski Have A Future At Arsenal?

Lukas Podolski was no doubt a popular player at Arsenal, with his social media exploits going some way to helping his cause. However, it seems that the shit has hit the fan, with Podolski “apparently” hitting out at Arsene Wenger, saying the Arsenal manager showed him a “lack of respect”.

According to The Telegraph however (which is in my opinion more reliable than The Sun), Arsene Wenger completely refuted the claims, stating:

“I had many conversations with him, he had my agreement to go on loan. I deny that completely but I knew he did not get enough opportunities.

“We have many players, when a player of his quality doesn’t get enough games you can understand he is frustrated.

“At some stage too many players is detrimental to the confidence. You need the right numbers. It had nothing to do with his quality. It is just a loan without an option to buy – that means he is back at the end of the season.”

And to be honest, when I read the claims from The Sun, I was already pretty dubious about the statements. Surely for a loan move to even happen, Arsene Wenger must sit down and discuss the opportunity with the player himself – and in true Arsene Wenger style he would have given the player his blessing. Also, it’s clear that Podolski will be back at the end of the season so it’s not as if the German would never see Arsene again – so why would there need to be any long, emotional goodbyes?

Hopefully Arsenal fans realise that the media have an agenda when it comes to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger and they just love to stir things and give the fans an excuse to attack Arsene Wenger.

The fact is, Arsene Wenger is one of the best man managers in the game and how many players who have left the club have nothing but praise for the Frenchman? Every player who has departed has sung Arsene’s praises and I can’t see how he would suddenly give Podolski the cold shoulder.

Lukas Podolski will be back at the end of the season and the whole situation will be evaluated then. Whether he moves on is still up in the air – but do you think Lukas Podolski has a future at Arsenal?


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