What An Absolute F*cking Farce! Same Old Arsenal Bottle It Again!

Last week I wrote that if Arsenal don’t sign a world class striker, then we will not win the league. And only 3 days later, Arsenal go ahead and prove me right.

After Chelsea suffered a surprise draw against Swansea yesterday, then today was a perfect chance to get 3 points on the board and give ourselves an excellent start in our Premier League campaign.

But what happened?

The same old Arsenal happened.

Should we be surprised? You can also write the script before the season even starts:

  1. Great optimism in the summer, after a decent pre-season and good signings.
  2. Sloppy start to the season, then we end up playing catch up for the rest of the campaign.
  3. We throw away stupid points because of awful goalkeeping mistakes.
  4. We suffer injuries to key players which hamper our title challenge.
  5. We will then go on a decent 15 game unbeaten run.
  6. We end up finishing 3rd/4th.

Have I missed anything?

The signing of Petr Cech was lauded as the final piece in Arsenal’s title challenging team, a man who was supposed to give Arsenal an extra 10/15 points to our season. Instead he was quite simply awful. He made a complete howler for West Ham’s first goal and for the second… I am lost for words.

It looks like another case of David Ospina coming in again after our first choice goalkeeper has lost the plot.

Jose Mourinho must be laughing his head off – his former goalkeeper was the main reason why one of Chelsea’s title rivals threw away 3 points.

The performance from the whole team was limp and we haven’t learnt any lessons at all from the previous 10 barren seasons.

What a joke, and I suppose our hopes this season are on trying to win the FA Cup again.


10 thoughts on “What An Absolute F*cking Farce! Same Old Arsenal Bottle It Again!

  1. I agree but we have to give it till at least 10 games to judge realistically, we might win the next 9 (lol yeah right), if Wenger doesn’t perform this season and reverts back to a scrap with Spurs & Liverpool for 4th place then he should be sacked, of course he wont be but I hope he does the right thing if he sees us going backwards again due to his decisions.

    Cech was good in pre-season so lets not worry unless this happens again in the next few games, Courtois got a red card and De Gea is having a sulk so no one is perfect, we should be scoring at least 2 at home again West Ham which is more of a worry.

  2. There was a clear air of complacency about Arsenal’s game. Because everybody said they would win, they went to the pitch expecting a stroll. They got a rude shock instead.
    Let’s just hope this will serve as wake-up call for the manager and his players

  3. The same Arsenal…the same borin’ excuses & the same position 3rd or 4th period.. Stubborn WENGER..no steel to win the the title…good at selfies & looks.

  4. The team that played for Arsenal today is a very strong team with many international players, but they lack guidance and leadership and played as individual talents not defending and attacking as a first class team . Professor wenger in his elegant dress sitting holding his head on his hand with nothing to tell the players. Wenger is insisting that Giroud is a world class striker while he is far from that. Meresacker is a weak very slow central defender and wenger had many chances to replace him with one of the world outstanding Central midfielder and he didn’t. Coquelin is a promising young player with only six month experience on the top level and was called from loan in the last few months of last season. Wenger failed during 19 years to build a balanced squad with tons of excuses of balancing the books building stadium but never of building outstanding team of world class players. Arsenal need badly a new credible wining manager.

  5. Actually to me it sounds funny, but not funny at all, sincerely the match push my tongue back into my stomach i don’t know wot to tell that man (wenger), hear him speak “u don’t need a striker to win a match” dan i ask him if u don’t need a striker to win a game, wot do u need? Pls u pple should tell dat man to bring dat which we need to win a match since is not a striker.

  6. Same old story. Passing all over the place.So when the ball is intercepter/mispassed,etc WHU broke out fast. Sounds similar to all the big teams beating Arsenal over the years especially MU.
    The gunners were too predictable and still try to weave abll through a massd defenc.
    CP aint pushovers. They have some very dp(dangerous players).If Arsenal play in the same way,expect them to lose.Elementary. Let Wenger hav 90% possession and wait for the ball to break loose.A quick breakout and the ball is in the gunners net.
    We need Sanchez to run at defenders and cut out the over passing and over elaboration.

  7. Arsenal wenger and most arsenal fans was happy when chelsea goal keeper got his Red card and Chelsea got away with a 2.2 with 10 against 11 but little did arsenal wenger and his fans perceived what was in stock for them.you guy’s need to learn a great lesson now .it serves u guys right.

  8. I agree with Bakri to a certain extent.Arsenal must go direct instead of
    passing all over the pitch. One swallow does not a summer make .
    Cech is a top notch goalie . He does not become a bad one over night.
    Let’s see how Arsenal respond against CP. They will deny the gunners time
    and space. I saw the gunners in possession being harassed all the time.
    IF the gunners come cope with this,I fear for them .

  9. take at strikers WC Wenger s praising the namber one striker giroud had only 2 attempts on target. Walcott 1 off target n u say our squared s OK, I never meet a coach like Wenger who doesn’t learn from past mistakes ,plz accept change n get a deep six, achallanging striker that’s all,cocquilin was off koura

    I have never seen such a diabolical display of football from Arsenal’s primadonnas on Sunday against West Ham. They obviously believe the bias idiot pundits talking the usual load of bulls bollocks that they can win the league. Their training on the pitch was like watching a Laurel and Hardy film. Obviously intent on giving the crowd a good laugh before the game but the fans were not amused after. If that’s the best they can do, God help us inadequates, Aresenal’s the best convalescence home in the world. You don’t pay them, they pay you! Get your contract first then its downhill all the way. West Ham had a game plan, Arsenal’s was…the game is a forgone conculision. If they continue playing pataball they can forget the league now because the title will be a pipe dream.
    p.s I had a dream, Wenger resigned, then I woke up!


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