I Told You All That Petr Cech Was Well Past It 8 Weeks Ago!

Arsene Wenger has been lauded as a genius for bringing in Petr Cech. Finally, Arsenal had a world class goalkeeper since the days of David Season (and Jens Lehmann of the Invincibles season). The era of Almunia, Fabianski and Szczesny making mistakes which would cost us valuable points was over.

This was a new dawn, a new chapter in Arsenal’s history.

But then Petr Cech made his debut for Arsenal and it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t the messiah, the man to come and save us.

He was actually an ageing goalkeeper who was past it and nowhere near being at the world class standard we all thought he was.

I wrote way back in June that Chelsea only sold Petr Cech because he was past it, and yet again I have been proved right when all others thought otherwise.

I hate being right all the time.

Look, everyone makes mistakes. But yesterday was an utter shambles, a disgrace and if you’re not disgusted then you just have to laugh. After debating whether Szczesny or Ospina were the better option we brought in Cech and suddenly the problem was solved and those two goalkeepers were regarded as squad players.

The fact is Arsenal are now in a worse position than they were before they signed Cech! Szczesny has moved to Italy and is on loan at AS Roma for the 2015/2016 season. Ospina is still at the club and after his performances last season you would like to see him back in the team – while unspectacular, at least he didn’t make two glaring mistakes in a single game.

The performance from Petr Cech has been played down as simply a bad day at the office. But the mistakes aren’t just mistakes. The first mistake from Cech was simple decision making. There was no way in hell he was going to win that aerial battle and he was in no mans land.

The second was amateurish and you can cover it up however you like, it was a howler of epic proportions. A nothing shot managed to go in at the near post from 20 yards out. It wasn’t struck particularly well or had so much power that Cech didn’t have a chance to react – it was a poor shot that should have been saved.

Petr Cech is a goalkeeper lacking in confidence after being on Chelsea’s bench last season and I’ve already mentioned that Jose Mourinho wouldn’t let him leave unless he thought he was past it. Yes, publicly Mourinho is always going to “oppose” his departure – he’s hardly going to give him his blessing is he? Mourinho has played the media to his tune and all the watching crowd (Arsenal fans in particular) have lapped it all up.

If Petr Cech was that good, then they wouldn’t have brought in Thibaut Courtois last season. If Petr Cech was that good they would have kept him at Chelsea (remember, no-one leaves Chelsea unless they want them to).

Is it completely outrageous to think that Arsenal have been duped? Petr Cech wants more regular football and Chelsea want a direct rival to “weaken” so what’s the ideal solution? Jose Mourinho is many things but he’s not stupid – he’s seen Petr Cech in training God knows how many times and let’s for a moment consider that he believes Cech is past it.

Selling him to club like Arsenal would be perfect – Cech gets a big new contract and is financially secure for the next 3/4 seasons, Chelsea get £11 million for a goalkeeper they consider surplus to requirements and a direct rival is weakened in a position they have never really looked strong in.

Only time will tell but before the season started the “experts” said Petr Cech was worth an extra 10/15 points to Arsenal. Well I’m not sure how true that is going to turn out to be as he’s already cost us 3 points already.


7 thoughts on “I Told You All That Petr Cech Was Well Past It 8 Weeks Ago!

  1. Absolute drivel. Cech is a fabulous goalkeeper and will prove more than dependable over the course of the season.

    It really is grating to see people fling their toys out and react so rashly to a admittedly very poor result.

    Roll on Palace…

  2. Arsenal fans who think Petr Cech is still world class are living in cloud cuckoo land!

    He’s 33! He was great for 10 years at Chelsea but he is too old now! Yes, a lot of goalkeepers can play until their late 30’s but Cech isn’t one of them!

    Chelsea must be fucking laughing their heads off!

  3. I disagree completely with u on this one…the reason mou brought back coutouis is that he is world class,very young & the future..mou dosen’t want to bench him because of the reasons mentioned earlier…when coutouis was with A.madrid he once said that he will not go back to chelsea to sit on the bench,that he wants to play & mou did just that.He sacrified cech to accomodate the younger keeper because he dosen’t want to loose him..Cech is still world class..he made 7 appearances & kept 5 clean sheets last season..At 33 he still young for a goal keeper..van der sar did till almost 40.Cech is in a new team with new team mates,he will come good when he settles.Don’t be in a hurry to write him off just yet,he is one of the most consistent keeper one can find..he still has it in his locker..to me he still among the best five in the world..Cech came to arsenal because Abromovich allowed him..forget mou he never wanted him to come to arsenal,just like never wanted demba ba..he loathes wenger…all the talk on media is just for talkin’ sake..

  4. Excellent article.

    The same old delusional Arsenal fans (the ones who think 10 seasons without winning the Premier League is okay) will slate you but they are just in denial.

    Can’t wait for yet another Top 4 finish….

  5. Just a game and ya all are saying this? Not fair at all, I must say. D whole team played rubbish yesterday and that’s why we lost. Yeah he made an error that led to the opener, but he is still human.

  6. I think it is too early in the day to begin crucifying anyone yet. Peter Cech agreed made avoidable mistakes, but who raised his game among all the players, certainly no one. so i think we should not come to a conclusion on Cech, yet there are 37 more matches to be played.



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