Why This Transfer Window Was Extremely Frustrating For Arsenal Fans

The transfer window slammed shut at 6pm today and I, like many Arsenal fans I imagine, were hoping for a miracle – hoping that Arsene Wenger could pull off a transfer deadline day deal which would improve our squad.

Unfortunately that never happened.

Arsene have stuttered badly this season, picking up 7 points from their opening 4 games. Manchester City are on fire, taking 12 points from 12 which leaves us 5 points off the pace already. Chelsea are doing even worse at present, which doesn’t lessen the poor start we’ve managed to make.

The areas we need to improve are relatively obvious. I say relatively because the vast majority of Arsenal supporters think that to be genuine title contenders, we needed to add a top goalkeeper, top central defender, top defensive midfielder and top centre forward.

For me though, all we needed to add to be real Premier League challengers (from the squad of last season) was to add a top goalkeeper and a top striker. We signed Petr Cech so to miss out on a real finisher is really frustrating.

Honestly, that’s all I think we need to be real contenders. Because hand on heart, Olivier Giroud is never going to be the man to fire us to the title – you can quote me on that.

The excuse that there are no top strikers available is absolutely ludicrous, and Arsene Wenger’s argument that none can be bought is farcical. Olivier Giroud is a limited striker who does a certain job but isn’t a top class finisher. There are top strikers all over the world, playing in leagues all over Europe – so don’t even pretend for a second a club like Arsenal couldn’t lure a decent striker for around £25 million, because if you believe Arsene Wenger then you are delusional.

The next question you’re going to ask me is “well, who could we have bought then?”. My answer to that is I’m not a well paid football scout employed by Arsenal Football Club – Arsene Wenger has a hell of a lot more information and data on players around Europe (and the world) and can make a much better judgement on strikers that I can.

But off the top of my head, how about Charlie Austin or Javier Hernandez? Would have cost £15 million or less and they have a proven goalscoring record. And they are players (unlike Giroud) who you would be confident in scoring a chance when presented to them, instead of needing 6 opportunities to score.

So far this season we’ve “scored” 3 goals in 4 games, and two of those were own goals. That means Arsenal have scored 1 goal in 4 games, which is very poor considering the number of chances we create.

Arsenal desperately needed a striker and instead of getting one, Arsene Wenger went on his jollies in Paris.

And how frustrating is that?


6 thoughts on “Why This Transfer Window Was Extremely Frustrating For Arsenal Fans

  1. i think this is the beginning of the end for wenger. what exactly is it that our scouts do? because to be unable to find any players on the planet that would improve our squad is farcical. if we don’t win against stoke the week after next then i’d imagine the atmosphere will be absolutely poisonous at the grove. one man to blame for all this and it’s the one man that wields all the power at the club – arsene wenger.

  2. wenger should go,its the right tyme to tel him bye.(
    hell)of him.i just wish stock city to beat Arsenal 5-0.then chelsea 6-0.,man -u 8-0.then we get klop to Arsenal.God let thiz b as itz

  3. I hate stubborn & stingy man..he can never give back to the fans….no major trophies..no epl title for 11 years…never won the champions league…great coaches thrives when the goin’ is difficult…wenger will chicken out…he wants everyone to tow his opinions never a pragmatic individual….he struggles to win trophies..struggle to win big games…struggles to get transfers done with loads of his borin’ excuses…struggles to motivate his team enough….weak handlin’ of his players…..i wonder what makes him a great coach….WENGER OUT.

  4. It all boils down to winning. If Wenger can still win and get Arsenal challenging,nobody will bother about Cavani and other big names.
    The key is winning and challenging.MU have taken a massive gamble on a teenager. If he delivers everyone will say Gaal made a superb judgement.
    The problem is not every teenager can and will prove to be good.
    I know its early days. Kane was setting the fw alight last season.
    So far he has been unable to do so.Our Sanchez was scoring for fun.
    I don’t know. Maybe defenders have found a way to stifle him.
    Only 4 games played. The next 10 will tell us more about these 2 strikers and the new purchases.

  5. Never mind Wenger didn’t get anyone.Now he must show he can win.
    So far the stats show Arsenal have a staggering high number of goal boundshots
    but only 3 goals.Goals win games and not 90% possession.
    Wenger better note most teams will cede possession and hit on the break.
    It had happened before when both Chelsea and MU beat the gunners repeatedly until it became so embarrassing .The worst was the 8-2 rout
    which forced him into last minute buys.
    I don’t know why the gunner s cant speed up the attack.If not if it will be another
    season to forget.


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