Why Arsenal Will Lose To Liverpool At Anfield Tonight!

Arsenal travel to Liverpool tonight as the league leaders, 7 places above the Merseysiders and a massive 12 points ahead in the table.

So tonight is a forgone conclusion isn’t it?

For some reason I’m not confident at all tonight. Last season we played out a 2-2 draw at Anfield, and the season before that last 5-1. The season before that we won 2-0 at their ground with goals from Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla, and before that we won 2-1 with a dramatic last minute winner from Robin van Persie.

So our record isn’t terrible, bar the 5-1 hammering a couple of seasons ago.

It’s just that we seem to struggle at Anfield. Yes, Liverpool have injuries but so do we, and we generally struggle when we play against high-intensity teams. Arsenal have been sluggish recently with the packed fixture schedule and I just see a slow performance tonight which Liverpool will take advantage of.

In these type of games, with the intimidating atmosphere of the Liverpool crowd we seem to bottle it. Tonight won’t be about the talent each side can put on the pitch, but about who wants it more. And Arsenal – because of tiredness or whatever – haven’t been really putting in the fight recently.

If Liverpool run us off the park we’ll struggle. It’s not a game we can coast for large portions of the game and then nick a goal (like we’ve done against Sunderland, Newcastle and Bournemouth) – if we play like we have of late Liverpool will beat us.

It’s difficult when we’re suffering injuries to big players, I don’t deny that, but it seems to me we seem to struggle when we play on a wet, windy night which tonight will be. Our players are used to immaculate conditions so we do struggle when it’s a bit nippy out.

Hopefully my concerns are unfounded but remember the last time we went to Anfield being league leaders we ended up getting absolutely battered 5-1.

What’s your prediction for tonight? I can’t see it being anything else but a 2-1 win to Liverpool.


13 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Will Lose To Liverpool At Anfield Tonight!

  1. Good points made and it worries me the way the press are printing that it will be an easy 3 points. How many times in the past have we gone into matches with the wrong mindset? Playing Liverpool will be markedly different from the last 3 games which I didn’t think we won with any ease. Fingers crossed that I am wrong and we piss it though! If we win 1 – 0 I will be happy.

  2. Seriously, it’s not like Arsenal are playing a Liverpool team of the 80s. Mediocrity has been the very essence of the Merseyside club for the past decade at least. Any football fan would be terribly disappointed should the Gunners not win the game by more than three goals.

    • That’ll be the same Liverpool who have been in two Champions League finals in the last decade then. And where by a stretch the most exciting team in the league the year before last – when Arsenal where flattered by a 5-1 defeat at Anfield

  3. There are no easy games in the epl.Arsenal must have plan b
    if Ozil is marked out of the game. I remember Wright was used as Arsenal’s
    chief weapon. So when he went awol through being neutralized ,Arsenal will
    lose or draw.
    Hopefully Wenger has other options.The only caveat is the ref must be 100% impartial.If not expect a bad day.You never know.

  4. I adopted an EPL team to support a few years ago. I could have chosen any team I wanted. I had watched the league for longer, much like other leagues around the world. But I wanted to feel invested. I chose Liverpool as my team. There was something different about the atmosphere of the club and the kind of support it gets around the world. Its a tribal feeling. Arsenal seemed soft to me.

  5. If we don’t beat Liverpool to-day,there is no chnce of winning the league……simple….the most important sector in a tie like ths is the defence,which Liverpool have Sakho,Loren,amd Skirtl out,Don’t mention Kolo please!!!!
    The only worry I have for this tie is whether Flaminin can cope with Lucas!!!!!!!!

  6. This is the most useless article ever written. Arsenal have been in immaculate form. Liverpool have struggle to win or even draw (Exeter). You sounded that Arsenal alone have injuries, forgetting the fact that they also have major injuries including many defensively. So if there is a night u think Arsenal might loose, pick another day.

  7. I like your sense of spirit. You have no confidence in the Arsenal squad and are the kind of person who dies a 1000 deaths because you are always afraid.

  8. When I remember Southampton match with arsenal and how we struggle against Newcastle I cannot help but to pray we win tonight

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