Was Petr Cech To Blame For The Draw Against Liverpool?

The draw against Liverpool last night was either encouraging or disappointing depending on your outlook, and it seemed to me that the goals we conceded were sloppy to say the least.

Petr Cech has been outstanding for us this season, easily earning Arsenal around 10 points already this season but last night he didn’t seem his reliable and dependable self.

The first goal Firmino scored was from a save that Petr Cech pushed into the path of the Liverpool striker. Was the initial shot from Emre Can that good that Cech couldn’t have pushed it wide and to safety? I’m not so sure.

The second goal from Firmino will be credited as a moment of class but was it impossible to save? Maybe I’m being harsh on Cech and have unrealistic expectations because of the fantastic form he’s been in this season but I thought he could have reached that.

Then the third goal in the last minute, scored by the famous Welsh Xavi (or Welsh Pirlo as he’s now known because of his wavy hair). Cech got down quick enough and got a hand to it but I thought he should have kept that out as well.

Maybe I’m disappointed at throwing 3 points away and being a bit harsh on Petr Cech, but I did feel he was below par yesterday.


10 thoughts on “Was Petr Cech To Blame For The Draw Against Liverpool?

  1. Rubbish. Do you go to football or only watch on TV? The third goal skidded off a freezing soaking wet pitch. Conditions play there part. How about criticising Hector for a pretty half hearted challenge on Allen

  2. Agree with you that Cech was a tad below par.However no one can maintain
    100% consistency.The heavy rain could have not been in his favour.

  3. Perhaps Arsenal should have played better?

    Only 40% possession, less shots on goal, less shots on target, 3 corners against Liverpool’s 9.

    Went behind twice. By the end of the game, Arsenal were hanging on for dear life. Lucky to get a draw, based on overall play.

    So there’s that.

  4. This is just plain crazy. The first goal was a rebound and Cech couldn’t do anything about it. The second was magic and the last was couldn’t have been anticipated. Cech played well and we just deserved to draw that game.

  5. Let’s simply call a spade by its name, petr cech i see as d major cause of our misfortune ystdy.
    U can say whatever u like but that is a fact. Cech at his best ystday could have ended dt game 3-1 to d gunners.

  6. I agree with you guys ,Cech was not at his best as we know him we were too disappointed with our left back and wright back too they were not in there usual as we know them they didn’t cover our love goally . All in all let’s encourage them to be smart and harden as usual, and our good goally to remain the best in the world. Cheers Gunners.


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