Goodbye, I Am Official Done With Arsenal!

What a shambles!

Yesterday morning I knew Arsenal wouldn’t win at Old Trafford. I was going to write an article basically saying that it was guaranteed that Arsenal would bottle it at Manchester United, it was so obvious!

That’s why I ended up working on my house in the morning, and then spent the afternoon / evening with the family. The Manchester United game was a foregone conclusion.

I am like most Arsenal fans, whenever they’re on TV then that’s it – it doesn’t matter what’s happening, I’m watching The Arsenal. And I usually get to around 4/5 games a season (not a huge amount I know, but having the time and money since I’ve had a baby son is difficult). But nowadays I find I’ve been watching them less and less.

It’s just the same old story year after year after year. The acceptance of mediocrity, and the 4th place finishes every single season! We’ve won a couple of FA Cups which is great, but we want more. Are we being unreasonable?

There are several guarantees you will get with Arsenal under Arsene Wenger:

  • We will lose to Chelsea (unless managed by someone as clueless as Wenger).
  • We will lose at Old Trafford.
  • We will finish 4th and celebrate it as if it’s a trophy.
  • We will reach the knockout stages of the Champions League, then progress no further.
  • We will have clear injury problems before January, but then not address them in the January transfer window.
  • We will flirt with the possibility of challenging for the Premier League, but ultimately tail off and be out of the race by February.
  • Then in the summer, we’ll be linked to 4,655,455 players but only bring in one or two – and the one or two aren’t actually in positions where we need strengthening.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The match at Old Trafford was predictable as losing to Chelsea. We bottle it at Old Trafford and we get caught up in the atmosphere and disappear. It is an intimidating place to go and for the players from the Colney Creche they just get scared. This was a Manchester United ravaged by injuries and yet we got spanked by a young forward I’ve never even heard of. Arsenal always freeze at Old Trafford.

Arsenal has been my life for the best part of 27 years. Through all of the major events in my life, Arsenal has been there for me. The highs, the lows, the historic games – Arsenal was something always in my heart and I will never forget the amazing moments we’ve shared.

But now it’s time to say goodbye. Arsenal are just doing the exact same thing year after year and it’s just boring now. My life has moved on and no matter how hard I try Arsenal are just stuck in purgatory. Arsenal don’t actually do anything except make money and finish 4th. And I’m sorry but that doesn’t excite me. The acceptance from Arsenal fans and the board to just live with this is heartbreaking and we’re in a vicious circle of mediocrity.

Some will call me a plastic supporter but I am anything but. I have no idea how much I’ve spent on Arsenal things – football shirts, mugs, scarves, memorabilia, I have the lot. I’ve got an signed FA Cup winning shirt from 2005, another from the 2014 FA Cup winning squad and other signed memorabilia from the likes of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Michael Thomas, Paul Merson, Ian Wright and Marc Overmars. I’ve got every single DVD Arsenal have produced, and even some turf from the old Highbury Stadium.

Ever since I was first exposed to Arsenal, they have been my life.

And it is with a heavy heart that I am getting this divorce.


97 thoughts on “Goodbye, I Am Official Done With Arsenal!

    • Your post is laughable. I don’t know how you come to the conclusion that Man U would allow itself to be beaten at OT. It was a do or die affair especially if it is to prevent Arsenal from winning the league. It is high time we throw away sentiment. Though, there has been some blips but Arsenals this season at least for now are better than 17 teams. Your going away is not significant. The club will survive without you.

      • It’s not about losing to man u it’s how we was such a poor performance I actually didn’t expect us to get 2 goals after we conceded 2 goals.I would never leave but seriously this trend is terrible

  1. What a joke, where to even start with you and your plastic views. How about we start with the name of the website you are writing for “AFC4LIFE”.

    Think we need to change that to

    Yes, i agree that yesterday was so very disappointing but this sort of reaction is even more gutless than Theo’s performance yesterday.

    • Tourist view just to come to Emirates for a selfie to show off between friends!! Looser will be a looser!!!mediocrity is not acceptable.resources are in place no leader on the pitch and off!Leader is not the same as is manager.2 in 1 never works well!!!

    • It’s idiot like you that arsenal football club never changes it’s become a business Chelsea man city Man U maybe even spurs would not put up with it if as the manger is told or knows his job is safe as long as we get top 4 what the players going to do it start from the top and idiots like u keep defending the club I love and keep giving them money nothing will change the whole bloody reason for leaving our old ground was that so we could challge the best in the world not this is 10 years now also when you are owed by someone that has only 1 interest which is to make money then it says it all arsenal has lost it’s soul

  2. Good riddance! Arsenal don’t need fans who only support them if they perform at the top of the league every season. Most fans are Gooners win or lose . You’re just spoilt. Try supporting Spirs and see what that’s like

    • Wenger stated before the season “Ilisten I have got everything to win the league ” in 2010 we paid off stadium mach day turnover the highest in the world the most expensive tickets for 2 fa cups in 10 years.simply saying if the are resources and no success it means leader have to resign!!!But I was and I will frustrated gunner!!! Always around but no trophy!!!

    • Did you know how many Arsenal fans that left the club because of the same problems repeating itself every year

    • “Try supporting Spurs and see what that’s like.”

      I would say that Spurs supporters would be very optimistic right now. They have not been afraid to change their managers repeatedly until they found the right one for them. And in Pochettino they may have hit the jackpot. We used to laugh at and mock them, but they’re laughing at us now. We’re becoming like they USED TO BE, and they’re on the up. Man for man, they have a better team than us, and are being properly managed and motivated. It’s painful to admit, but Pochettino has moulded a very good team that could well go all the way. You can’t honestly disagree.

      The writer of this article is Arsenal through and through, like most of us are. He is only telling it like it is. Unlike you, who prefer to live in an A.K.B. fantasy world where you think your idol Wenger will one day lead us to another title, when all the evidence of his failures over the last twelve years screams otherwise. With yet another still in progress.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  3. I agree with you about how we will finish. The players seem to lose interest and passion. Walcott was not in the game yesterday. Ramsey apart from the odd goal he scores has appalling passing, defensively he gives away to many balls in the final third of the field and finally he hangs on to the ball too much. Wenger I believe makes players to comfortable and his tactics are appalling. While we still have Wenger in charge despite his incredible record when he came to the club we now in the modern game will not win the league. The game has moved on we as a team on the pitch have not.

    • You’re the twat. An ignorant twat too. “No-one cares” ? Well at last count 10 people thumbed you down, so they obviously care because they’re sensible realists. They agree with the writer of this article, and consider you to be an out of touch clueless Wenger sychophant, who, like all your fellow A.K.B.’s, put the interests of the manager ahead of the interests of the club itself.

      It’s “fans” like you who need a reality check. You’re keeping Wenger in his job, and that mindless subservience to him is holding our club back from progressing. But you wouldn’t see that, would you ? You make me sick.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • “….Till death do us part” means nothing anymore….”.

      …..Oh I wouldn’t say that. We’ve had a “dead man walking” as manager for at least the last twelve years, yet he’s still at our club ( unfortunately for us ).

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  4. What if… Arsenal do win the title as there are enough games left. What if …you were a Liverpool fan waiting for 26 years and waiting for another 10 for the title? What if… David Moyes take over at Arsenal? But the response will be justified if Spurs win it this year… What a thought !!!

    • Sure. As we all know that these sort of results have never happened to us before.


      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  5. I hope you are 27 and not one of those jokers – who is 45 but has supported Arsenal for nearly 27 years. Last season you drew and won (FA Cup) at OT. Still, I think you are pretty spot on in terms of general sentiment.

  6. I must say this article is from the purest Arsenal fan’s heart.Arsenal deserves to be at the peak in Europe and not bottling up every year against teams.we have always looked out of life when the pressure is intense.Do we continue to live with this? I believe AW has gotten his fill of opportunities, now i agree with Mourinho when he said AW has every managers dream job. This is definitely not what I joined for…we cant always win but we cant remain jerks..we need a positive push and not rally around recurring failure

    • Ha ! Your last sentence said we should ; “not rally around recurring failure.” Believe it or not, some “fans” actually thumbed you down !!!
      Makes you wonder – they’re so up Wenger’s backside they even share his mentality.

      No wonder we’re an ongoing laughing stock.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  7. If someone can never see Arsenal stuck in a purgatory ‘then this must be someone in a relationship with the management in charge,a true arsenal fan must not be happy with the amount of humiliation we are having every time Arsenal play a big match ‘is arsenal a personal property?this man must leave,he is not a title contestant!.

  8. I can do better than 27 years. I’ve supported Arsenal since my early teens – thats over 50 years. Theres been good times and bad times. But a gooner is forever.
    Which doesn’t mean that i disagree with this blog. Every year seems like groundhog day. I have great respect for Wenger and his philosophy of how football should be played. He is a legend and will always be remembered for what he has achieved. Unfortunately he is now tarnishing that record and I do feel it is time he stepped down. The majority of the players that he has brought into the club in the last 10 years are simply not good enough. Everyone [except Wenger] recognises that a good central defender is needed to replace Per. Gabriel isn’t that player. Everyone [except Wenger] recognises that a top striker is needed. Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck are not up to the job. If I were in charge, all 5 of them would be asked to leave. Together with Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chambers and a few of the other fringe players who are never called upon – probably for good reason. Wenger is far too loyal to his players. We all know how ruthless both Ferguson and Mourinho could be – thats is how you HAVE to be if you want to stay at the top. I am sorry to say it but unless something changes, we shall slip back into mid table mediocrity again. And it could last a long, long time.

  9. up till 2008 i was so much in love with the arsenal i would get depressed when we lost a game. then i realised thats itz just a game and what these players earn in a month i might never earn in 10 yrs. i still watch all arsenal games on tv and iam happy when we win but i dont give a hoot when we lose. aAm infact looking forward to catching the swansea game and also the spuds game.

  10. In Wenger we must trust, in the summer I am sure he will spend big. Top 4 and last 16 of champions league should not be dismissed – come on Wenger

    • Now that IS hilarious !

      Please list ten reasons why we “must” trust in Wenger. If you have trouble coming up with ten, I’ll make it easier for you – how about five ? Oh, and I’m not referring to what he HAS done twelve years ago. Because that’s usually all the A.K.B.’s can ever dredge up to defend him with.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  11. It takes quite a lot to walk away from your football club. Although I understand your frustrations and even share a few of your views, you cannot simply banish something from your life that you’ve invested so much in. You can tell yourself your not interested and distance yourself from football on a weekly basis. But you will be back, Like a month to flame. Arsenal is a love, and in a similar way to any relationship it’s not that easy to let go of. That love is unconditional, because unlike any other relationship, there can never be another. If you can watch Henry score against Leeds in the FA cup in 2012 without any kind of emotion burning inside hand in your gooner card and be on your way. if not, quit bitching, suck it up and get on with supporting YOUR club.

    • I’m sure that when Wenger finally goes ( and it can’t come soon enough ) the writer of this article will be back. It’s not the club he’s fallen out of love with. He’s totally disillusioned and demoralised at THE WAY IT’S BEING RUN. By the tactically incompetent Mr. McGoo we have as a manager, and the complacent, unambitious self seeking board that prioritise profits ahead of on-field success. The board’s contemptuous condescending attitude is epitomised by former chairman Peter Hill-Wood, who in answer to the fan’s grievances at a 2012 AGM said ; “Thankyou for your interest in our affairs.” OUR affairs ?

      You need to understand the difference between passion and loyalty to the club – which is permanent, and loyalty to the person who is running it, the manager – which is temporary. A critical difference. Managers come and go, but the club as an institution will, barring unforeseen financial troubles, always be around. Managers and to a lesser extent boards are like tenants. Their terms in charge are only transitory. They are mere custodians until the next incumbent takes charge.

      The problem at Arsenal is that Wenger has been foolishly kept on for far too long. His early successes have turned him into a cult figure who has been granted unlimited credit for what he did over a decade ago. And a large percentage of fans have grown so sentimentally attached to him, that they have become blinded to his many faults. He has been granted too much power and control over the affairs of the club. And he has been idolised so excessively by the A.K.B.’s and our self satisfied board, that he has now become virtually unsackable. That is an unhealthy situation for a club to be in. And a strangely unique one to Arsenal.

      As Wenger’s decline steadily continued over the years, his entranced followers have not kept up, and to them he can still do no wrong, despite the obvious incompetence and disastrous results along the way. Thus we have reached a situation of stasis. An endless treadmill of mediocrity and underachievement, where Wenger has convinced his zombie like supporters that finishing top four every year is some kind of holy grail. It is THIS bizarre situation that keeps recurring year after year, that has left true Gunners fans like the writer of this article, exasperated and despairing.

      So divorcing from the club is understandable to those of us with ambition that want the club to prosper. But don’t see it as a divorce. It’s more a separation. Until a more suitable partner comes along. Whenever that is…..

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • Yep. Agree with all you said there. Arsenal is in our blood.

      So what has this got to do with the way the club is being neglectfully mismanaged and has been for many years ? Absolutely nothing. Because it’s not the club he / we are critical of.

      Don’t strain those limited brain cells. One day you’ll understand.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  12. i have supported this grt club for donkey years n i cnt jst walk away aite now. tha most annoying in abt d whole stuff r those so called london based arsenal fans who spend huge sums of money buying tickets n yet dnt have d boldness to stand up n stage a wenger out protest. u guys suck. wenger has always been our problem in dis club, if u guys stand up n refuse to buy tickets or go to d stadium, i bet u in 2 weeks wenger will be sackd. again! u guys suck. #wengerout

    • Couldn’t agree more, drexxx. It’s the fans who have the ultimate power to oust a manager, even to apply sufficient pressure to bring down a board of directors. But at Arsenal we have never reached that critical mass – the tipping point where anger and indignation is translated into tangible action. This is because we have a sizeable number of die hard Wengerites who continue to place their seemingly unlimited faith in him.

      This is the obstacle we face and must overcome, if we are not to wait until Wenger himself decides when he leaves. It should not be a matter of us allowing him to do so. He has had more chances to deliver than any other manager of ANY major club anywhere in the world. Yet still he does only enough to scrape by each season. As a result, in my view he has forfeited the right to go in his own time. But he is protected and even fully encouraged, by our complicit board to carry on – hence his disgraceful contract renewal.

      Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal’s C.E.O. said a few years ago that ” the only way Wenger will go is IF THE FANS WANTED IT.” We only have ourselves to blame if we don’t take up that challenge.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

      • Me thinks that Spectrum has too much time on his hands, purely by the fact that he can reply to so many people’s views. Don’t get so irate, dude. It’s just the internet!
        We’re all frustrated about how the season is going and I’m incredibly pissed off about the “performance” on Sunday…..
        But to decide that that’s it with the team I’ve supported for neary 30 years is ridiculous! To throw your toys out of the pram and declare on a website called Arsenal4life (oh the irony!!!) that you want nothing to do with Arsenal is juvenile at best.
        I realise it’s not going to happen, but what if we did win the title this year, would the person who posted this change his mind?
        I love Arsenal and I’d never stop supporting them, however much I’m frustrated with the way the club is being managed or run!

        • “….I love Arsenal and I’d never stop supporting them, however much I’m frustrated with the way the club is being managed or run!…”

          Then you’re the kind of sucker the board loves. You accordingly deserve what you get – nothing. The E.P.L. is a competition. The aim of entering a competition is to…yes… WIN IT. Otherwise you’re content to simply make up the numbers – as we have been doing.

          Why continue to handicap ourselves unnecessarily with a chronic loser in Wenger ? Someone who never learns from his mistakes and keeps repeating them ad infinitum. How many opportunities have been wasted through his stubborn refusal to listen, change and adapt ? Shouldn’t we as a club demand better ? If so, how does continuing to support this futile situation get us any nearer to success ? It doesn’t. And the proof of this has been there for the last twelve years ( and counting ) F.F.S. ! !

          ” In Arsene we rust.”

          • Arsenal is the team I’ve supported for many years and that’s why I’ll support them until way after Wenger is gone, just as I supported them before Wenger came….. You remember that Spectrum? When we were shit? Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve started supporting Arsenal after we started winning things and you think that winning is a god given right?
            My point of the reply I wrote is that to give up on a club because you don’t like the manager or agree with the way the club’s being run is self defeating. Not everyone is going to share your view (and Speccy, that doesn’t make people wrong, just different from your very opinionated arse!). Wenger will retire soon and then we will get a new manager.
            I’m not saying I want him to stay for the next few years, just that the inevitability of age determines that soon he’ll decide to hang up his long zippered coat and someone else will succeed him.
            We are currently third in the premiership and although we’ve had our normal mid-season stumble we’re not a million miles off of top place and it could still happen (yes, Spectrum, I doubt that will happen either, stop shouting at your screen!).
            The manager is pigheaded and always thinks he knows best….. But I reiterate, deciding to stop supporting the club altogether is ridiculous, like deciding to stop loving a member of your family because they go on the internet and rant at everyone (That sound familiar Spectrum?).

  13. It is back! That crisis in confidence which grips the players, manager, staff and fans. ARSENAL CAN BEAT any team in the world – if only they start believing in themselves again.

    When the negative vibes sweeps through the club, we play as robots, look like amateurs, hang our heads down, our game is best described as a comedy of errors, the manager cannot zip up his coat, fans demand we show players to the door.

    Dr BearMan’s magic formular – go out and have fun on the pitch, and take command (own) of the turf.

  14. That’s true. The Philosophy at arsenal is very sickening. Why buy players like Gabriel to make them sit on the bench. In the long run they lose confidence and also get rusty. Arsene, whether it is stubborness or ageing, year in and year in he has been asked to strengthen notably in areas that need immediate attention, but what do you see, he goes on to buy under 17’s most of whom will soon get frustrated for various reasons only to leave sooner or later. To imagine that Arsenal will reach the finals of the Champions league with players like Mathew Flamini is absolute madness. Why hoarde the money Asene? Surely you and your stingy board need to sit down, ake a very critical analysis of what has worked and what has not woked for you in the past 5 years.

  15. This could be the season when Arsenal could fail to qualify for the cl despite finishing 4th. If Chelsea were to win the cl that’s it.I am afraid Arsenal under Wenger have hit a brickwall.I doubt he can ever get Arsenal challenging again.
    The same mistakes happened in crunch games timm and again and have never been ironed out.
    This is unlike other top managers .The proble m is he thinks he knows best. Defence is his main blindspot and yet the same type of goals are conceded again and again. The gunners cant hold on to a lead as the 4-4 draw with NU showed.I think that prompted RVP to leave.
    There are many other talented managers around.Arsenal have nothing to lose by takinga gamble with another guy.

  16. How would you feel if you do one thing every year and no achievement? Mr. Wenga do not respect arsenal as a club that’s y we have a players like girud, chambas, chamberline , thio, Gabriel, and the rest. One style of play. No scoring sence but to score by luck. Out off 50 attempt, the’ll score 1 or 2. Do woteva u like as the club is named from your name. Remember that you will not coach 4eva. God bless Nigeria

  17. fire Wenger and things will change for better he is a proven failure 100% please Mr Wenger live us alone enough is enough

  18. Well written article and agree with you!
    It actually takes great courage to change like this. Be a football neutral and just admire good play elsewhere!

    Ignore the twats that blindly support Wenger. They are not loyal. They’re just stupid. They are the very reason why Wenger and Silent Stan can get away with charging top price for mediocrity.

    • Loving the club does not mean we must love the manager who runs it. This applies to ANY grossly negligent manager ( / board ) that is sucking the life out of our club. Wenger being the current case in point.

      You just can’t grasp the difference between the two can you ? What a sad case you are.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  19. The fact is its time for mr Wenger to go. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to get a good result. For the past 12 years Wenger and arsenal put us the fans through the same experience. Now it’s just makes it less and less ready to watch an arsenal match because you already know the outcome. It’s just a pity that we keep using the stadium excuse. For me i know we will not win the league under Wenger again. Just waiting for a new dawn at the Emirates. Arsenal till I die

  20. Some interesting coments and a joke of a blog from yet another spud supporter.
    Like many of the replies I too have been and will always be a gooner! First finale was 71 FA cup!
    For all of us its total frustration with complete inconsistency for so many years!
    PlaYers that just under perform collectively. It goes on and on and on!
    We always get glimpses of what could be with the odd performance then come up against an average team with a squad that lacks a togetherness and conviction only to be told by the manager that HE felt that they were committed !!!
    Jezzzzzz! Just not true!
    Something has to change ! YES! WHAT??? True gooners NEVER throw in the towel. It’s called “BEING A SUPPORTER”!
    Being frustrated and angry is also part of following your team!
    Like and earlier post ! Their can NEVER be a divorce for a true gooner!

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  22. indeed its sooo sad for you buh since arsenal is bigger than you then no big deal.class is permanent

  23. Sadly I agree with just about all of this article, except I have supported the Gunners for 60 years through thick and thin and they are too ingrained into my bones to give up on them now
    However we are definitely THIN right now. Wenger seems to have run out of ideas and motivation. We should have flattened a way below strength Man Utd and a more ruthless manager would surely have organised this. You can forgive a gallant loss to the likes of Barcelona as last week, but to watch a limp, couldn’t-care-less performance like that on Sunday is unforgivable
    No I will continue to suffer the pain, but we do need some drastic action to turn things around and much as I have loved what Wenger has achieved for the club it is time for his pipe and slippers (like me)

    • You see, my dear friend I was so pissed off after the match at old Trafford, in fact so angry that I took same decision as you. I was angry because I’ve not seen arsenal play so poorly in recent memories. these bunch of players were so scared and felt so inferior against some kids I never heard their names before now. but a few hours after I’ve changed my mind because if I don’t support arsenal which club will I support? I’m already hooked and this cannot change from one moment to the other, I’m already looking forward to the next match against Swansea city on Wednesday night. but having said this I sincerely believe that the club management needs to take interest in the feelings of its supporters by showing greater ambition above 4th place in EPL or reaching the knockout stage of the UCL. the club must invest in top class players that can place it on the plane as barca, real Madrid, Bayern Munich or even juventus, after all it is the calibre of players these clubs parade that make them as great as they are.

  24. Hurry up and clear off mate, otherwise you are just another self pitying self harmer crying ‘look at me, look at me’.

    Try going back to Spurs, I think you would be happy there.

    You tosser.

  25. So not Arsenal ‘4’ life then? Probably not quite 10 years watching them on the telly now and again then?

    Read Untold Arsenal for all you need to know about idiots like this.

    Must agree you seem like a self harmer, are you crying now?

    Off you fuck back to the spuds then.

  26. I feel ur pain bro….bcos of same reasonj Arsenal hav lost over 25% fans globally, but my problems are dos fans in d Emirates Stadium wat ar dey doin in da dia, dey paid most expensive tickets 4over decades but no tropy, an som studpid fans always display ”In Asene we trust” if by opportunity I hapens to b in d Emirate Stadium dis is my banner…”’IN ARSENE WENGER WE DONT TRUST”” ARSENE UR TIME IS OVER PLS GOOOOOOOO U AR TOO STURBON TO LEARN FRM UR PAST..PLS GO…… wit dos flimsy excuses year after year…wat wul happen nex session wen Man.U hav Mourinho , Chelsea hav Antonia Conte, Man.City hav Guadiola, Liverpool hav Klopp, den not 4goten pple clubs like Lescieter, Spurs, etc etc…kul dis day an day excuse ends Arsenal in Top 4…..A.Wenger am tired wit plsssss……. A.wenger visit to Old T. play 20 games lost 12, win only 3 an draw 5… is dis a Coach pls jus gooooooooooooo

  27. Arsene wenger & I quote”criticism of Arsenal is excessive & emotional”really?i suppose £8 million a year eases any discomfort you might have.nice work if you can get it arsene,hey?

  28. What is wrong with people is the season over NO. Have we been relegated NO I am as angry a lot of fans are but at least wait till the season is over before putting down tools and having a hissy fit, Grow up.

    • Have you been following Arsenal for only THIS year ? Hellooooo ! This is Groundhog Season number 13. Teams have come and gone during all that time, but what has been the one unchanging constant – the one common denominator in all that time ? – Arsene Wenger ! Getting the picture yet ? Wakey wakey !

      ” In Arsene we rust. “

  29. Well written article from a loyal and devouted fan..
    To me wenger is half bit the problem and still not the problem, looking it from the opposite side of it al as a fault from the ARSENAL board official. they are not plannin to the favour of the fans at all! All they do is just to make things go worst and same year to year,having no regard and respest 4 their fans infant this’s were my focus lies on it’s totally anoyning playing and gambling with the feelinz of their fans leaving us with thesame old stories,thesame players year to year with no improvement and most painfull is their useless promises they normally make.. Well am just a fan whose urge to watch AFC match is gradually dieing off but still a fan of AFC. Talking about wenger he is a good coach and one of those coaches that can coach club like arsenal but still he deserve to leave the club now like a legend before it get out of hand.

  30. As much as i feel for you,the saying goes winners never quits and quitters never win. Think again, its only a game have fun out of it instead of giving ur self grey hairs and die before ur time. Gunners for life.

  31. Am leaving arsenal fr now, dis guy has a point bt I think I hv mine 2. Every year same story, its time to change d disc. Goodbye gunners

  32. Arsen wenger should is time to can u assemble a players like ramsy,cambel,quaquelin,iwobi and co and u want to win epl and champions league. Apart from sanches and ozil arsenal does nt have players d likes of flamini,arteta,ar aging and are no more active again.arsen wenger does nt vision for d club,he must leave.

  33. it hurts….it hurts!!
    boy it really hurts. I thought of all the people I could blame for the anguish i felt after that debacle at Old Trafford and settled on the most culpable: myself.
    Each year I allow myself to believe that this is it…this year we win the big one. And then as always my Arsenal comes crashing down when I least expect them and I have to find somewhere to hide my face.
    This past two days have been unequivocally unbearable for me, I can’t concentrate on work or study…but if I’ll have to do it all over again next season and dream once more, believe me I will…cause Arsenal is now a part of me I cannot shake off, like an annoying cousin

    • Shake it off for say, 10 home matches. Can you bring yourself to not attend a match at the Emirates for that long ? As a personal protest ?

      Can you bring yourself to boycott all merchandise from the club shop for a year ?

      Could you bring yourself to join in on a ” Wenger Out ! ” chant if and when one starts up at a home match ? Or a protest march when one is called ?

      These are the steps that if ENOUGH irate Gunners fans get passionate about – will hit the board in the hip pocket AND give Wenger and the board that continually back him – a message that your support is not to be taken for granted, and in fact has now been completely withdrawn until they remove this fraud from his job.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  34. So much negativity and baby crying. Suck up your bitching and back your team. Try 55 years of shite, crap players and bell end fans! Run along now you wimp!

  35. U guys n ur statements are funny, I remember visiting this site two months ago n reading good things about Arsenal n Wenger, do u have any prove or state any point that confirm if arsenal can not win the league this season, we always beat spurs n beat them we will on sunday, then may b u will give a post with title Welcome… U ar notin but a dry-plastic fan, Goodbye loser

  36. I don’t think casting negativity on these comments is beneficial. The blog represents your feelings and your perspective on Arsenal, I get it. I would share some of those sentiments because as far as entertainment goes Arsenal have been a joke for way to long and it’s getting old. Born In England, but now living stateside attending games is a little hard, but watching the Arsenal is a priority, if it means sneaking out of work, church, etc! We have had some great moments, (i.e. Bayern game), but those battles do not culminate in winning the war which is what frustrates a lot of Gooners. I like listening to Arsenal fanTV to get fans perspectives and I feel for these supporters who spend copious amounts of money to support the team and then get shafted with pathetic performances like Sunday’s against Man U. We need and have needed strong leaders in the team for years, because my sense is we are soft and mentally fragile. How can we have success when this continues to be an issue? From my perspective I agree, if I am not being entertained why continue to support/watch/follow the team? Unfortunately, come Swansea or the scum I know I’ll be watching, but it feels like a relationship with a girl that you realize investing time/money could be best spent elsewhere! Just a perspective people…everyone has one!

  37. First let me say, thumb up or thumb down, in the pink or in the stink, who cares !.
    Arsenal could be in the Vanarama Kazakstan Goat Herding Conference South and I`d probably be underwhelmed by our progress since the new £5B TV deal, but two things are with me to death and beyond !…………..I love Arsenal and I hate Totnumb even more !.
    Even though I love what Wenger has done for us, I am of the opinion that he is a great manager, but an average coach !.
    He has failed to move with the times, tactics , formations etc…….he unlike his great former adversary….. Mr Ferguson, has failed to evolve, change coaches, when winning still improve squad etc`, but I dont put all the blame down to him, my biggest grudge and hate of anything Arsenal is…………..KROENKE !.
    I`ve come across Spectrum a few times elsewhere and see he still finishes off with…..In Arsene We Rust !………………………..I would change that mate for ….In Kroenke We Rust !…for he is the evil to our club !.
    Great at buying property, but a shit and unsuccessfull sports club owner !. even if he owned the whole of Arsenal he would not take a peeny from his own pocket to pay for a super striker. He is happy as long as Arsenal are self sufficient, ticking over nicely with a profit and like with his American sports clubs, dont win fuck all !. He will never sack Wenger as long as Wenger is running this club tighter than the Bank of England gov`.
    Why should you all be worried by the KKK…..Kroenke Klutz Klan ?
    This season has been an anomaly, next season we will have Mansour City, Manshafter Std and Chavs spending through the roof, they all have either one owners or one company owners who with the fall of FFP will have a field day, not only this, but take into account the Chavs will in a couple of years have a new stadium, the Spuds will have a new stadium, W Ham will have a new stadium, Liverpool will have a new stadium….fcuk, even Everton will have a new stadium !….the main point is and I will use these two because they will be our nearest geographically…..Totnumb and W Ham will not only have probably better stadiums, but m,ore importantly…..owners who are billionaires and just like you and me…..die hard fucking supporters !..Spuds have Levy and Lewis, W Ham have Gold and Sullivan !……I ask you this, If you were a £5B owner of Arsenal, how much as a Totnumb hating bastard would you spend to out do them fuckers ?. The fiuture is not far away and we will drift further down to the likes of Europa League, maybe flirting with 4th spot again….or as I call it……Goonerhog Day !
    The real evil here is not Wenger, but Kroenke !… only a majority shareholder we are looking at a shit sandwich, he will never spend, only an Usmanov complete take over will get us competing in the future, but alas, Kroenke has never sold a club !.

    In Kroenke We Rust

    • I concur with most of what you said. Kroenke, the board as a whole and Wenger are all at the core of what is wrong with our club. But Wenger is charged with the responsibility of succeeding on the pitch. Ultimately in a normal world “the buck stops with the manager” as the familiar saying goes. But Arsenal however, is not a normal footballing world because that doesn’t happen here. It has become corrupted by entrenched complacency that runs all through the club.

      And the supposed lack of money is no excuse. Firstly we have never had a lack of money with which to buy players. Wenger has been told he will always have funds made available to him should he need to strengthen the team. But Wenger chooses to not spend it, HE STILL DOES, instead he vainly prefers to do it his way – by building a team on the cheap or via his failed youth development program. As we all know, that doesn’t and hasn’t worked.

      But teams can be and ARE, successful without being mega rich. Athletico Madrid for example won La Liga with much less resources than Barca and Real Madrid. And Leicester are proving that Wenger lied when he said “we can’t compete with the top clubs” financially. They’re not a top club, and they bought most of their players at bargain prices. The difference is in quality of leadership, of management, and how to get the best out of the squad you have. This is where Wenger consistently falls short.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

      • I`m not worried about Leicester, they are an anomaly which happens once in a blue moon, they will not repeat their success next season when they are fighting for the CL ! 🙂
        My point is more about the not too distant future when Levy, Lewis, Gold and Sullivan as die hard fans of their clubs will out spend Kroenke !…..shame Kroenke cant die hard as I have it on good authority that his symbiotic syrup is a die hard Gooner and is first in line in the inheritence stakes !. 🙂
        Have a look on BBC about W Ham`s deal of a life time !, they will pay a relatively peppercorn rent of £2-3m per year and that includes….Ground maintenance, Stewards, Policing, Heating pitch, every thing from white lines on the pitch to corner flags and goal nets etc`….basically everything ! .
        You will remember this conversation in a few years time, when Wenger is gone and we cant still keep up with the neighbours because of Kroenke !.
        Yes !, a certain type of manager playing to the strengths of a lesser team squad , like a pressing game which the Spud manager uses, will imo benefit us, but in the long run the usual suspects at the top will be joined by Spuds, W Ham, Liverpool and our chances will diminish without a football loving owner !. It`s so glarring obvious !.

  38. I reached this point at least five years ago. The biggest problem with arsenal right now is the fact that too many younger blinded post wenger fans seem to support Wenger more than they support the club itself. Everybody in the real world knows that Wenger has already achieved as much as he ever will with arsenal and for arsenal to succeed he will have to step aside as he has been given long enough without success. Someone took a risk and hired S A ferguson at Man U and look where that got them . The sooner Arsenal take a risk on someone else the sooner we might find the manager that’s gonna do more than finish forth. Any frogs arsenal kiss will quickly be forgotten once we find our prince

  39. I think Wenger is stl aprbm to arsenal .he shd resign immediately coz w HV bn pt c him all dez yrs bt he hz fails completely he made amistak at barca on Flamin ,walcot shd b bencd ,the way we are losing games is interesting.

  40. There are many loggers who do not think. They live in their own little world of blind love for Arsenal and Tottenham hatred. This leads them. They do not see further than their neighborhood and their beer.
    Arsenal is at a level slightly above average. Make a big stadium, fed expensive tickets and won well. Many fans would like to make the boycott a few games and stadium remain empty. And to force the board to understand that this policy will not win long. Or will take abmitsiozen new coach and will release thanks to Wenger or Arsenal team will be on the level of West Ham. Tottenham have already found the right way. Arsenal has no time lost the trust and affection of the fans. Without fans there is no profit and future

  41. Interesting coment!
    Last time I looked their was a 17,460 ticket waiting list!
    So many of us sad season ticket holders would have to hand in our tickets on mass!
    This is why we get screwed!
    While the demand is there!

  42. In the Premier League era only five teams have won league titles; Manchester United (13), Arsenal (3), Chelsea (4), Man City (2), and Blackburn Rovers (1).

    The Rovers won in year 3,and the money they spent to stay competitive cost them dearly. They’re now wallowing at 16th in the Championship.

    The reality is, the Premier League is all about resources. Manchester United dominated the league from its inception until Arsenal won twice in three years in ’02 & ’04. Since then Chelsea was bought by Abramovic and Man City has been purchased by the oil sheikh. This has broken up United’s dominance by hurt Arsenal’s place as the second richest team in England and the Gunner’s status as the second biggest team in the league.

    This year Tottenham has a chance to be the Blackburn Rover but don’t bet on it. Leicester is not going to win. They still remain one injury from oblivion. So far the Foxes have lived a charmed life, but it is approaching midnight and Cinderella’s horses are about to become mice again. Look for Arsenal, Man City, or Man U to win the league with Tottenham second or third. Leicester will finish fifth.
    Like Liverpool, Leicester’s and Tottenham’s time in the sun (Liverpool were 2nd in ’14) will be short-lived.

    Next year Leicester will lose Mahrez, Kanté, and Schlupp. They may lose Vardy, Okazaki, and Schmeichel. Now, they won;’t lose all six; they’ll use some of their Premier League windfall to retain some of their players but Kanté and Mahrez are as good as gone and they’ll lose at least one of the second trio. It’s not the transfer fees that will do the Foxe in, it’ll be the wages. Mahrez will be offered somewhere between £5 million and £8 million per year somewhere else. Leicester has already given Vardy big money for several years. A number of big teams could have goalkeeping problems. Man U could lose De Gea to Real Madrid. Chelsea could lose Courtois to Real or Barcelona, which would make Schmeichel a £65-75,000 per week player. Kanté will get similar offers. Even with all the extra money rolling around in the league, those wages will eat up all that cash and then some. As the stars make more money, their under stidues like Albrighton and Drinkwater will demand more and could find new homes if they don’t get it.

    The hardest thing in the world is to go from being a good midtable team to a successful, perennial top 4, big club. Tottenham’s been trying to two decades and hasn’t quite made it (is this the year?). Leceister just don’t have the resources. So even if they do win (which they won’t) it’ll be one and welcome back to the bottom half next season.

    All of this is a prelude to the statement that; 4th every year for twenty years is not mediocre. 10th to 5th every year, with occasional top four flirtaitons is mediocre (Yes, that’s you Liverpool and Tottenham). Top four for 20 years running with a handful of FA Cups and 3 titles is excellence by any measure. In addition to the three titles, Arsenal were second 5 times. Expectations given the finanacial realities, and the competitive nature of the league are ridiculous.

    Yes, watching Sunday’s game was both infuriating and galling. No, Arsenal did not play well. Yes, Arsenal were cheated of a clear penalty and sending off of hero Rashford. That’s how clsoe it all is right now, so to get all twisted when Arsenal have been competitive for hte title for 20 years is just plain stupid.

    • Good for you lovemore. You ‘get it’ and have the correct approach. The club under this CURRENT administration, does not deserve our financial or emotional support UNTIL they demonstrate that they can earn it. They do this by getting SERIOUSLY ambitious and getting rid of the biggest obstacle to that – Wenger. The fact that they haven’t, and continue to publicly back him unconditionally, to the point where they even extend his contract ( ! ) tells you how far they are from that ideal.

      This is why we need to separate ourselves ( TEMPORARILY ) from this farcical situation until Wenger and ideally the board as well, are gone. It is not about being disloyal to the club. It’s about refusing to have that loyalty taken for granted, at being lied to and treated as gullible fools year after year. That’s apparently fine for the A.K.B.’s and Wenger sympathisers, but for true Arsenal fans who have more pride in their club and it’s future, it’s totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated. A concept the likes of Rich ( above ) cannot get his head around.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

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  44. A plastic fan who never set a single foot into Highbury, once claimed that Walcott is better than Bale, throwing in the towel. Who woulda thunk it.

    I’m very much enjoying the Gunners plastic’s tears now.

    You should support Barcelona. All that nice tippy tappy shite without the hearbreak and drama. Maybe rebrand this website to FCB4Life.


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