Are You Done With Arsenal Yet? Alexis Sanchez Almost Is

On Monday I said that I was officially done with Arsenal. After 27 years of supporting the greatest team that ever existed (to me obviously) I’d just had enough.

The performance on Sunday against a ridiculously under-strength Manchester United side was a disgrace of epic proportions, as Arsenal out Arsenal themselves and put in a timid and pathetic performance when 3 points was the minimum requirement.

We hadn’t won at Old Trafford since 2006 when Adebayor was played in by Cesc Fabregas for a late winner, and since then we’ve been pathetic.

At the weekend we lost to a Manchester United side ravaged by injuries to big players and managed by Louis van Gaal, and in the last two seasons it wasn’t much better. Last season we drew 1-1 at Old Trafford when Theo Walcott’s shot-cum-cross was deflected in for the equaliser and the season before that we lost 1-0 to a Manchester United side managed by David Moyes.

Fast forward to last night, and what happened?

We lost AT HOME to Swansea City, who are in a relegation battle and had troubles of their own – with their own manager in hospital. However, they still managed to turn us over.

The performances have been awful of late (ever since 2016 started in all honestly) and there has been no fight, desire or hunger from the players – and that all comes from the manager Arsene Wenger. Have the players stopped listening to his pointless rhetoric? Because it seems as if the players have lost faith in the manager, the same man who has failed to lead Arsenal to the Premier League title in 12 seasons.

Alexis Sanchez has come out and said Arsenal lack the hunger to be champions, and would you disagree?

“Sometimes we lack the mentality that we are already winning 1-0 when we go out on to the pitch.

“We lack this hunger to believe that we can be champions.

“If we go out onto to the pitch with hunger to become champions, to win the Premier League or the Champions League we can achieve it.

“I remember a game against Manchester United last year. The lads looked hungry for silverware as we took to the pitch.

“We crushed them in the first 20 minutes and went 3-0 up. We were hungry and brimming with confidence that day.”

He said this before the Manchester United game and what happened? We lost both games without showing any fight.

Arsenal are full of problems at the moment – they have a stubborn manager who is tactically inept, our main striker is a player who would struggle to get into most mid-table sides, never mind a title-challenging team, we have too many players like Walcott, Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain who are just not good enough and are average at best, we persist with players like Gabriel who are useless when we have players like Chambers who is chomping at the big and put in an excellent performance against Leicester the other day – the problems are plentiful yet no-one is addressing the problems.

Is it time for Arsene Wenger to leave? I’ve been a big fan of Arsene and always believed that he has been the best option available to Arsenal Football Club, but for the first time in 21 years, I think my faith has disappeared.

Yet another season where we finish 4th (and it might be worse than that if we can’t get our act together).


2 thoughts on “Are You Done With Arsenal Yet? Alexis Sanchez Almost Is

  1. Welbeck is shit hence giroud played ahead of him. If we had suarez would girod play. El neny is shit. Wld flamini play f he was any good. Lastly and most importantly wenger is shit

  2. Is it time for Wenger to leave? Why not.He has been underachieving and fans
    are getting increasing frustrated with him and his tactics.
    Arsenal may have 11 shots while swans scored two goals from 2 shots.All fans know the swans won though the gunners were unlucky.Why is this so?
    This has been a regular feature of the gunners style and nothing seems to have improved.Imho,Arsenal under the fm is trying to play acomplicated style when the onus shd be direct soccer and reduce the passes.
    Just watch how other teams score.They don’t engage in endless passing.Until this changes,Arsenal will never win the epl under Wenger.


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