10 BIG Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Has To Leave Arsenal!

This season is getting more and more painful as it progresses and with Arsenal getting knocked out of the FA Cup against Watford yesterday, the abuse towards Arsene Wenger is getting more and more out of hand.

The man who is undoubtedly the greatest Arsenal manager of all time is being subjected to unnecessary outrage from the supporters – unnecessary in the case being it should have never have got to this stage.

Arsene Wenger has built a fantastic club, spoilt the fans with some amazing success, but unfortunately from an Arsenal supporter who idolises and worships Wenger, even I have to admit that his time is up.

Painfully, here are 10 reasons why Arsene Wenger has to leave:

10. His staff are full of yes men

We all know Arsene Wenger has ultimate control at Arsenal and while he has engineered a position of absolute power at the club, he has surrounded himself with staff who never question him. Every manager needs a sounding board for ideas, not people who blindly agree with him and his ideas. Arsene Wenger is always right and his stubbornness is killing the club.

9. His style of play is dated and predictable

For the first 10 years of Arsene’s reign, Arsenal played pyrotechnic stuff – the best football in the country by a mile. The passing, movement and precise style of play was amazing to watch but it was also effective and devastating at the same time. We would score for fun, all the while entertaining the fans and finding new ways to score beautiful goals. Of late though, we’ve become boring, predictable and sterile. We struggle to score goals despite huge amounts of possession and teams find it ridiculously easy to absorb the ‘pressure’ and get us on the break.

8. He is not ruthless enough

The team is full of average players. We have world class talent like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, but they are supported by a cast of average players like Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, et al. And in terms of his team selection, he is not ruthless enough. Too many players who underperform are never dropped, and left to struggle when they need a rest. He has assembled a squad which should have cover in most positions yet doesn’t drop players when they are clearly suffering from fatigue or are just out of form. This affects performances and therefore results, and that’s one of the reasons we have struggled badly over the last 2 months, resulting in Arsenal bottling it in the title race and FA Cup.

7. He can’t see the teams’ weaknesses

Our poor run (4 wins in our last 14 matches) has coincided with injuries in key areas – central defence for example. Gabriel has been at the heart of our defensive frailties but every man and his dog could see we needed strengthening there and yet he refused to buy quality centre backs. Centre midfield is another position we’ve struggled with and we bought in Elneny, but is that good enough?

But how many transfer windows have we had where specific signings haven’t been made? How long did it take us to get a world class goalkeeper? And to be fair, we only bought Cech because he asked for a move away from Chelsea and wanted to stay in London. It wasn’t anything to do with Arsene Wenger making a coup or doing anything clever – Cech was too good an opportunity to turn down.

6. He refuses to spend money on players

This touches on the last point. We have so much money at our disposal (in relative terms, compared to the barren years we’ve had) and while Arsene has splashed out on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, we haven’t continued our spending and lost ground in the Premier League.

In a season where Chelsea and Manchester United were going through transitions, we missed out big time. A couple of massive signings would have pushed us right into the title race this season, instead of tailing off like we usually do. Considering how much Arsenal fans pay for tickets, transport and accommodation (for away days) which is astronomical – the club have a duty to reward the fans with spending money on a squad which is clearly not good enough to compete at the highest level. I’m not asking to spend stupid money on useless players, just to strengthen where the team needs strengthening.

5. Olivier Giroud

Why does Arsene Wenger persist with this guy? He isn’t good enough for Arsenal, and isn’t a top class striker. To even try and win the Premier League and at least compete in the Champions League, you need a world class forward. And the strange thing is, we already have one at the club and Arsene refuses to play him there.

Alexis Sanchez is in the mould of Luis Suarez – technically gifted, gives 110%, never gives up and can score from all angles – yet Arsene Wenger plays him wide on the left. With Mesut Ozil feeding a warrior like Sanchez, we’d be scoring goals for fun.

Olivier Giroud is a joke and while he will score (who wouldn’t in an Arsenal team?) he still manages to miss the easiest opportunities. Giroud being our first choice striker is a farce.

4. He doesn’t know his best team

Since the start of 2016, Arsenal’s form has dropped dramatically. We were top of the league at the New Year and since then we’ve picked up 10 points from a possible 27. We were 2 points clear on New Year’s Day and now we’re 8 points behind the leaders Leicester. The change in fortunes has been unbelievable and the lack of form is partly down to Arsene Wenger changing his team too much, because he doesn’t know what his best team is. Arsene Wenger has turned into the ‘Tinkerman’ and for example against Watford he should have started Danny Welbeck – why start Giroud when he played midweek and Welbeck has been ready to go? Ozil and Sanchez have needed rests for a while now and in defence, I struggle to understand why Chambers isn’t given a chance at centre back, considering his performances of late.

3. Players aren’t playing for him anymore

Probably the most alarming thing about Arsenal’s recent demise is the lack of effort from the players. They all talk a good game if you listen to their interviews yet on the pitch, most of them couldn’t care less. They certainly aren’t playing for the fans and they certainly aren’t playing for the manager. Arsene Wenger is the type of manager who will always make excuses for his players but what ends up happening is the players are never culpable or responsible for the teams’ poor performances, so they just stroll around knowing they won’t get called up on it.

I don’t know what Arsene Wenger’s pre-match talk is about or what he says but clearly, the players aren’t listening to him anymore. The motivation, attitude and belief the players have on the pitch has to come from the manager and for whatever reason, they are just not responding.

2. His recruitment policy has gone backwards

Gone are the days where Arsenal could pick up a quality player from under the noses of everyone else. We used to be able to buy players like Patrick Vieira, Lauren and Kolo Toure who were relative unknowns at the time but ended up Arsenal legends. Instead we now buy players like Gabriel and Elneny who are good squad players but not good enough to be fighting for a first team place. Apart from Cech, Sanchez and Ozil, who have we bought that really added to our team? And those players were obvious buys who everyone knew were quality signings. What does Arsenal’s scouting network actually do?

1. He is tactically inept

In terms of preparing his Arsenal team for the opposition, well that’s none existent. It’s common knowledge that Arsene concentrates on his team, making sure they are at the peak of their attacking powers. Yet he never even considers which team he’s playing against, because his belief is that the best team will win. While tacticians such as Jose Mourinho will have a carefully prepared dossier on the other team so his side is well prepared to get a result, Arsene Wenger doesn’t bother with that. Which is fine if you’re the manager of Barcelona, but he isn’t and his stubbornness in this area is killing Arsenal’s progression.

Too many times Arsene has been out-thought during matches and his only real ‘move’ during a game is to throw on strikers and forwards if we need a goal. He can’t change formation during a game, change the tactics or change systems which would benefit the team to get a positive result. Too many times we’re all bombing forward to score a goal and end up getting sucker punched on the counter attack. It happens too many times and he never learns!


15 thoughts on “10 BIG Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Has To Leave Arsenal!

    • Spoken like a true fan. That guy, Wenger dosent haveany new ideas to give to the club. With him sticking around we’ll become a mid table club

  1. Agree 100% with all the facts 1 to 10.I have been saying for years he is too predictable.I was in Spain when Arsenal were drawn against MU in the cl. The rf remarked he knew how they would play.True enough the gunners left plenty of gaps and no wonder Ronaldo and Rooney were scoring for fun.Even Drogba scored adozen goals against Arsenal.
    Can anyone forget the 8-2 humiliation followed by big defeats against Pool/MC and Chelsea and not forgetting the 4-4 draw with NU.Only a manager like Wenger will contrive to let other teams come back to score bucket of goals.
    His emphasis on ball retention and endless passing plays into the hands of the opposition.
    His blind spot on defence is the main cause of the current and repeated problems.I cant wait for another guy to take over. Imho,theis new guy will surely fix the defence and made the gunners hard to beat.

  2. A lot of this is not really fact is it.. it’s subjective and your opinion.. do you work at the club to know they’re yes men? Would you call Steve Bould a yes man to his face? For years people moaned at Wenger for not buying a big centre back to deal with set pieces, so he gets Mertesacker and is still lambasted.. we had no plan B years ago.. too much passing, no-one to put it in the box to.. gets Giroud.. still lambasted. I agree he’s not perfect and there are issues.. but you’re going overboard and nit-picking to suit your emotions.. yes Theo is bad and is patchy at best with his form.. but guess what.. so is every player.. ask Spuds fans if they thought Kane was going to be a one-season wonder at the start of the season.. ask Man Utd fans why Rooney couldn’t score for most of the season.. ask Chelsea fans why Hazard still can’t.. just breathe and construct an argument based on facts rather than emotion..

    • And then we have Yes fans… Let reality sink in, we had better days with Wenger and the are gone, time to look foward and sadly he is not the man to take us forward.

  3. I remember the truly previously great Brian Clough being allowed to sleepwalk his Forest team into relegation, just because the board and the supporters showed too much loyalty. Sometimes in life the hard decision needs to be taken.

    The time to go is now for Wenger. He needs to go for the good of the club and to salvage what is left of his reputation.

  4. I thought Wenger will honorably resign but he refuses, that shows he is a greed man, he is not ashamed. Did he want to kill us with hypertension? Stupid and arrogant man, go away live our Darling club alone, shameless old man.

  5. You bottled it and at home to Watford! hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha and even your moronic fans were fighting each other outside the ground.

    Such a shit club with shit fans.

  6. I disagree with only a few of your points. If Sir Santi was fit, he’d definitely know his best team with coq in mid, bellerin monreal as full backs and Cech kos and Mert in the heart. Sanchez and Ozil and Theo with in form Welbeck. That’s our starting XI.
    Your point of reluctance to spend is linked with his scouting network. Ozil became available because RM bought Bale and Sanchez because of Suarez. When proven quality is available there is no reluctance. His scouting network has proved us time and time over most recently with £5m ‘good but can get better’ Elneny who id much rather have than £20m Joe Allen at mersyside park bench.
    Arsne’s team selection against Watford with Giroud upfront was spot on. They defended deep from KO with no space for Sanchez or Joel or run behind.. So where would Welbeck be running?! The issue was not enough quality balls were put in (most were dealt with easily) and possession was stagnant in front of Watford.
    It is time for him to go simply for his disability when it comes to tactics, that will be our downfall. Yesterday was a match where we should’ve have given Watford possession and hit them on the counter as they wouldn’t have known what to do with the ball.

  7. I think we should say Goodbye to Arsene or allowed to go peacefully
    The le prof has given us good moments for sure we can’t forget. Thank you
    But also the sad moments were far frequent in between.
    He has proven his inability to take us forwards.
    Not just in UK but we can’t compete turely with likes of Barca, the Munich And other smaller teams in Europe
    If we lose tomorrow 1/0 to Barca. I will be very happy as long as we don’t get humiliated.
    Accepting this by his strange stubborn strategy not only has weaked arsenal but also the whole primerileague in Europe.
    Other clubs has also gone weaker because they only need to beat arsenal to win the Primerleague.
    That is way now Liecster and Spur are shaping two hourse race now
    Sadly some of the facts above is true despite the sincerity of the Arsene.

  8. I believe with those ten items listed they are the main critics of Warne Wenger.thanks Oliver giroud is nt a striker for arsenal.

  9. Talk about a biased and media hyped article. i am not a Wenger in or Out fan, instead I am fan who believes that their is a collective problem with our beloved club. which comes from top to bottom.

    My take on this is:
    Owners/ board members need to take responsibility. Stan Kreonke and board have let the fans down, with no investment or leadership.

    Arsene Wenger – Failure to address the weakness, team selection and substitutions.

    Players – Not all of them but this season to many of them have not delivered, yet have the cheek to ask or more money.

    Arsene is an easy target as he is in the limelight, however i have always believed that you should never shoot the messenger. We need changes and it needs to start at the boardroom, Stan has not done anything for our club and the current board are profit driven. This need to change, Wenger either needs to accept his part and fix the issues or move on, Deadwood have to go.

    So please stop singling one person out when we all know deep down that when we watch a game who is playing for us and who is stealing our hard earned money on the pitch.

  10. Wenger has too much power.Absolute power corrupts.His is similar to all dictators.It would take the house on fire to drive the dictator out.
    Arsenal have nothing to lose by taking gamble on someone else.If the fm were to continue it would be more of the same.
    Btw,20 years in modern soccer is unheard of especially with challenges fizzling out at crucial periods.There are many top quality guys who could bring a different dimension to Arsenal.

  11. On a serious note. We all agree insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results..my question is to the home fans……what harm will Even just ONE boycott do apart from send a message to the board and more importantly to wenger himself that he needs to resign? Yes the fans are also guilty of not excersising the right not to turn up and putting up with the management. Yes I do understand support the club not the blah blah but am just shocked how many of us have never figured out the management understands that no matter how bad they and wenger manage the club…people will still show up. They understand the psychological nature of the product. We fans are too predictable and that’s how come wenger can have the audacity to say Thierry does not really know what the fans think. The board is actually on point in that they have prioritised profits firat and then secondly trophies. Thats why they can never let wenger go. I wouldnt if that was my prime objective. The club’s finance has outgrown the board and they are still small minded people who stumbled accross wealth. The fact that david dean left and sold umusanov his shares out of frustration is clear indication of how small minded the board is. He told them football was changing just about when abramovich bought chelsea . He is one of the key founders of the epl and that alone underlined the level of maturity in the board. Later on lady Bracewell smith sells her shares and bad mouths the board echoing similar sentiments. But still Here we are not sending them a message where it hurts…..the attendance. That’s all that’s needed one boycott. Some think we will affect the players but nothing will change at arsenal unless we the fans do something about it. As much as I gate to say this.. That’s what Rvp tried to do and it backfired. He tried to influence change when he haf the card but went about it wrong. I just hope we can find courage to stop bring taken for a ride. Highest prices for terrible service ….for 10years… we are a joke. Hardly have i missed an arsenal game but I didn’t even watch barcas game neither will I watch everton as it’s predicatbly painfully obvious what will happen when anyone has a glimmer of hope for a miracle. ONE BOYCOTT!


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