Tonight Shows We NEED A World Class Striker!

Our slump in form has coincided with the lack of goals which is a strange phenomenon for Arsenal fans. Usually when we “bottle it” in the title race and in Europe it’s because our defence has been awful, and while it hasn’t been the best, the biggest problem is not being able to put the ball into the back of the net.

We had something like 19 shots tonight and only 3 were on target. Again, that man Giroud missed some chances and you wonder why Arsene Wenger persists with him. Despite being 2-0 down from the first leg, Arsenal made enough chances tonight to trouble Barcelona but our strikers are, quite frankly, shite.

The bottom line is we need a world class striker and considering we were in for Gonzalo Higuaín a couple of seasons ago, and put in that ridiculous £40 million plus 1p offer for Luis Suarez, Arsenal have failed badly at strengthening an area which we are severely lacking in.

A defensive mistake from Koscielny made the tie virtually impossible to overturn but a great finish from Elneny gave us some hope. But on reflection, we missed a top striker who can actually score a goal. Giroud’s speciality is missing an easy chance and then looking to the heavens, while thinking about how good looking he is.

Arsene Wenger is under a huge amount of pressure now but it’s all of his own making – actually spend some money a top striker and he would make life a lot easier for himself.


5 thoughts on “Tonight Shows We NEED A World Class Striker!

  1. i dont think Wenger what a striker should look like — he thinks he has Giroud who is God for him!!! Both need to “go” please and let us enjoy the rest of the season with competent players and coach.

  2. Arsène Wenger has refused to learn his lesson. He needs to buy a real striker. Relying on the likes of Giroud will take us no where.

  3. It has been obvious since the departure of RvP that Arsenal have struggled to find the back of the net. Their current crop of strikers don’t have the metal to score 20 in the PL. What they need is a 30 goal striker, like Henry and Adebayor, who would score with his eyes closed. Why they sold Benik Afobe is beyond me. He has been scoring for fun all over England. It is as obvious as day that they need a striker like Cavani, Higuain, or Lewandowski to compete in the League as well as CL.

  4. so true even with our dodgy centre backs if we had a decent consistent striker we would be winning most games cause we always create the chances ! could of been the difference between winning nothing or the league and fa cup this season.

    giroud seems to need a good 8 chances before he scores that’s not going to win you the premier league or champions league, wenger is far to loyal to some of his players especially the french ones.


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