Leicester City Epitomise Everything That Is Wrong With Arsenal

First of all, a huge congratulations to Leicester City on winning the Premier League. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I am over the moon for the club – they have been the best team in the country this season and completely deserve the Premier League title.

They have played excellent football and have been a team that works incredibly hard for each other. And while their achievement is quite simply phenomenal (they deserve all the superlatives they will receive over the coming days and weeks) it can’t help leave a sour taste for Arsenal fans.

Leicester City are everything Arsenal aren’t.

First of all they are a club with supportive owners, owners who clearly have a massive affection for Leicester.

They had a clear plan for Leicester when they first arrived at the club in 2010. They were bottom of the Championship when they purchased the club and famously had the “5 year plan” to win the Premier League in that time. It is subject of many jokes that they actually failed as they “only” won the Premier League one year outside of that plan but the key point remains – Leicester City’s owners have the clubs best interests at heart and understand the importance of the fans. You would have all heard about the beer and donut offering to their fans a few weeks ago to celebrate the vice-chairmans birthday – they just understand the supporters.

What’s the best thing we’ve received from Arsenal Football Club? A cap on the already extortionate ticket prices.

Secondly, Leicester have players who fight for the manager and the club. Arsenal don’t have that – instead we have over paid players who clearly don’t care if we win or lose. No-one could argue that Leicester have a better squad than us yet they are a million miles ahead of us in the Premier League table. What Leicester do have however is a harmonious dressing room full of players who respect the manager and give him 110% every single time they step over that white line.

Another thing Leicester have that we don’t is a manager who is tactically aware. Arsene Wenger is famous for “only concentrating on his own team” and quite frankly he has not moved on with the times. The same mistakes happen season after season and after 12 years of not winning the league it’s all just getting a bit tiresome now.

Claudio Ranieri is a good manager – you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would put him in the upper echelons of the greatest managers – yet he knows how to win football matches. Arsene Wenger is stubborn and doesn’t correct his mistakes. Things you can guarantee with Arsenal are things such as always bottling it against Chelsea, under performing at Old Trafford, making the same defensive errors to concede stupid goals, never signing a top striker – the list goes on and on!

So while Leicester City (quite rightly so) celebrate into the night, you just can’t help thinking why Arsenal are stuck in this ridiculous rut.

It’s time for change, because at the moment most Arsenal fans just don’t care about the club anymore.


5 thoughts on “Leicester City Epitomise Everything That Is Wrong With Arsenal

  1. First, congratulations to Leicester for winning the Premiership.

    You make some very valid points and I have come round to the belief that now (or very soon) is the time for change. However, I do have to ask you and other fans what they would have thought and said if Arsenal had bought
    (1) A 23-year-old player from a Ligue 2 team for around £400,000; and
    (2) A 26-year-old from a non-professional team for £1 million (and who scores just 26 goals in his first three seasons)?

    The problem for Arsenal (current management and any future management) is that the expectations are such that taking punts on long shots is no longer an acceptable business model. Added to that, the types of players that would placate critics are expensive and highly sought after. Going back to player (1), what would have people said if Arsenal had bought Mahrez instead of Ozil?

  2. Arsenal also convincingly beat them twice this season.
    Leicesters premier league win is nothing but a culmination of ridiculous happenings.

    If anyone at the start of the season said a team sponsored by puma would win the league and Arsenal would finish ahead of liverpool, chelsea, manutd and mancity you would have bet even your kids the title was coming to north london.

    Leicester didn’t suffer injuries all season. Didn’t lose critical players at critical times. They have been very very very fortunate. They are more likely to be relegated next season than they will be to retain or even finish in the top four.

  3. Mike………..what an awful article! I imagine you were one of those few wankers holding up white cue cards last Saturday….not a true supporter at all but a moaning, entitled prat!
    We beat Leicester twice as Colin said and we had only 2 penalties awarded to us ALL SEASON while Leicester had 10!
    It is plastic fanboys and fair-weather nitwits like you that ruin the atmosphere at the stadium and your claim that Arsenal fans don’t care about the club anymore is so patently ridiculous and so full of narcissistic bullshit that what you are really saying is: YOU don’t care about your Club anymore…..so sod off and go support Leicester next season!


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