Arsenal Will Finish 6th Next Season, If They’re Lucky!

Next season is shaping up nicely for the neutral – Pep Guardiola is joining Manchester City, Jose Mourinho has been confirmed as Manchester United manager, Chelsea will appoint Antonio Conte in due course and Liverpool will have Jürgen Klopp starting his first full season. Tottenham will be encouraged by their impressive season with their young guns and on top of that, the chasing pack of Everton, West Ham United and Southampton also have cause for optimism.

Unfortunately for Arsenal though, this is bad news.

Other teams are strengthening, improving their management staff and recruiting top class players, whereas Arsenal are as usually staying still. After another Top Four finish in the bag for the 17th season in a row, we look no closer to winning the league than we have in the last 10 years.

Last season was the best chance we had to win the Premier League and we bottled it. We bottle it time and time again and it doesn’t matter which players we bring in – the mentality of the team and the staff is all wrong. Essentially, failure is acceptable and there are no strong personalities or leaders in the team. Where are the Tony Adams’ and Patrick Vieira’s?

The problem is all of our players (with a couple of exceptions) are too nice. There’s no fight, passion or even nastiness in the team. Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Gilberto, Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Kolo Toure, Freddie Ljungberg, Robert Pires, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown et al were all fighters and more importantly winners. They played pyrotechnic football which was thrilling to watch yet they understood that the main thing was to win. They term “winning ugly” is thrown around far too much but to me winning a battle of a match is beautiful to see. Grinding out a 1-0 win is nothing to be ashamed about – unless you’re Arsene Wenger of course.

With the Premier League getting stronger next season Arsenal have missed their chance and failing to win the title last season could be one of the most costly things to happen in the Arsene Wenger reign. A title win would have been something to build on but now Manchester United and Chelsea who both finished outside the Top Four will not just be Top Four candidates but genuine title contenders. Manchester United will splash the cash (you can be sure it was written in Mourinho’s contract that money must be spent) and Chelsea will throw money at changing their fortunes. Tottenham will be stronger than last season and you have Pep Guardiola as the boss of a team who aren’t short of money and more importantly not shy of spending big.

If you asked me now how the top half of the table would look at the end of next season, my early prediction based on events so far would be:

1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City
3. Chelsea
4. Tottenham Hotspur
5. Liverpool
6. Arsenal
7. Leicester City
8. Everton
9. West Ham United
10. Southampton

Look at those 10 teams – the top half of the table has teams which are extremely strong and essentially, Arsenal will be fighting an uphill battle next season.

Winning the title next season is probably about 10 times harder than it would have been last season, and potentially things could go very, very wrong next year.


67 thoughts on “Arsenal Will Finish 6th Next Season, If They’re Lucky!

  1. Its only May and we have already signed a very good player for £35 million.
    Why exactly do you follow the club when you are writing the club off three months before the start of the new season – you miserable, negative whiner. If we do exceptionally well next season I am sure you will be there celebrating.
    All of the clubs you mentioned with the exception of S***S face major rebuilding.
    Oh just fuck off and go and follow “Citeh” or “Chelski” if big signings are what you are looking for..

    • i imagine your IQ is so low to write such trash, he made an observation which you havent considered. A true gooner would never write such trash maybe you should go support another team if you cant be objective. You spout go and support another team as if he would. its an old cliche mate find something new

      • You can imagine? I doubt YOU have the IQ for that.
        How can you rightly form an opinion where teams are going to finish when no one has actually done anything yet in the transfer market (aside from Arsenal and I guess you are critical of that). I am not a great Wenger fan but I don’t write Arsenal off before they have been given a chance to do anything. A TRUE fan wouldn’t write such garbage until they had good reason to do so – We beckon in the summer where nothing is good enough…

      • the only club I’ve seen buy a top class player so far is Arsenal. On that basis, how have we stood still while others have moved forward? Pretty poor observation.
        You and the other negative Arsenal fans are just attempting to create a win/ win situation, if we are successful you will celebrate because it’s your club, if we aren’t then you will feel it makes you correct in your thinking and gives you a stick to beat Wenger with. I’m sure you’ve predicted every season for the last decade that we would finish outside the top 4. But that hasn’t happened, in fact it’s happened to every club but us. Progress is being made, since we’ve been able to compete financially we’ve seen Ozil, Sanchez and Cech join the club. ‘An aggressive leader with a bit of bite’ has been called for a while, we sign a champions league clubs captain with the most reds in bundesliga last season. Success isn’t a given, atleast 6 teams share our ambition at the start of the season, it’s a battle and that’s why the premier league is the best. Support the team and be the 12th man and we may just stand a better chance of meeting that aim, rather than encouraging a toxic atmosphere at every game with this sort of rubbish.

    • We have finished in the Top Four for the last 17 seasons, and haven’t even looked like winning the league for the last 12. I can only assume that you have been brain washed into thinking 4th is a trophy…

      • Mike, you are part of the poison within the Arsenal fan base. You’ll never admit it, but you actually hope for AFC failure to validate your thoughtless ramblings. It’s a massive shame you write for a blog using my clubs name.

  2. I can imagine wenger is aware of your concern not literally but i think he has the sense to see this new season is gonna be a warfare,so i can confidently write this is not the rabble writing of someone who doesnt care about the Arsenal i.e you. Even wenger, as stubborn as he is must realise that bringing in the right type of player is key to challenge next season. Not fancy footballers but aggresive no nonsense ballers who can play and fight. Granit is a good start, so lets hope this is the beginning of a spending spree that would bring in the required type of player cause if not your predictions will come true.
    Ps the season is over, i dont understand this saying that last season was our best chance to win the league. does this mean if we had won it last year and the next fifteen years we dont everythings ok ? baffling

  3. Wenger is again deep sleep while other teams buy class players. He did not understand that with players like Iwobi, Campbell, Oxlade, Gabriel, Giroud, Ramsey and Wilshere will never become a PL champion and will never take the Champions League. Who should tell him that they are suitable players for Everton, Southampton and West Ham. Xhaka is a good buy, but does not solve anything. Eneny also a good buy but again does not solve anything that Arsenal needs . Arsenal need two defenders as Mascherano and Koulibaly. Arsenal need a tireless motor as Kante against Coquelin, Arsenal need wing as Mahrez against Sanchez, and scorer as Suarez, Lewandowski, Vardi or Lukaku. Wenger should sell 5 players and buy new 5 players. How long will we wait Wenger to do the right thing. In addition players Arsenal also need a new coach, a man of character and ambition. This coach must remove players arsenal of swan game and to teach them to fight hard as Atletico Madrid for example.

  4. Fools wil Never end, Tel me the last time spurds finished above Arsenal, n wait where was Man u, Chelsea n lfc for all to finish below AFC, OR u Think pep is new to Arsene Wenger, Tel me more about Arsenal 1-0 Bayern
    Arsenal 2-1 Barca . N lastly i guess Mourinho left Chelsea When he had already sunk it,n AW was already above him, if u have nothing to report ask me , than reporting only NOSENSE, i ask Winther even yr boss is stupid AS u, bse for sure u deserve no single penny for writting only sh*t

    • Are you in denial? Arsenal only finished about Tottenham because they couldn’t win the league anymore and couldn’t be arsed playing the last couple of games!

      I didn’t understand the last part of the post as it didn’t make sense.

      • Really? Spurs bottled it big time. They bottled it at home to West Brom then they bottled it at Chelsea; they were leading in both those games but couldn’t hold on to the lead. Against 10 man Arsenal Spurs bottled it and couldn’t hold to their 2-1 lead. Spurs were shit in the first half of the season so stop going on about how “wonderful” Spurs were last season.

    • I really like your comments I’m with you 100%, we have so many idiots as fans and writers that utter a whole drum of garbage. You think Wenger does not look for quality players.? Let me ask you a question. If you were a Benzema, a Lewandoski, or a Suarez, would you leave your club to play for Arsenal? Those strikers can’t be got because they are in giant clubs that are doing well too. As someone said, to all those anti-Wenger and anti-arsenal “make sure your weed is dry before you smokesmoke it. “

  5. This write up is just pure bollocks. Wenger is not bad against the likes of Guardiola,Klopp and Pochetino. As for Conte, we will have to wait and see but I personally don’t rate him and definitely not above Wenger. All Arsenal needs is a prolific striker not desperately in need of a Center half. We did not win the League this season because of our failure in front of goal. We create more than enough chances to score we just don’t take them. Even the game against Bayern which we lost 5-1 could have ended differently if we had a striker in the mould of Suarez or Higuain.

    • I agree we need a prolific goalscorer but Arsene has shown that he is stubborn and won’t spend big on one. We haven’t had a prolific striker since Thierry Henry – Van Persie doesn’t count as he was a one season wonder.

      Ifs and buts…

  6. The musings of an idiot. We get this every year and every year Arsenal qualify for the CL. 4/3/2 in last three years the trajectory is upward . Nobody knows what will happen with our rivals but there will be a lot of blood on the carpet at some of them

  7. I hope you are not a lunatic.reduce the amount of what you are taking because it seems it is hamful to your mental thinking.I hope you were not thinking that way in more to talk about but to tell you just resign and search for another talent I think you dont belong here to be a
    va seen such a lunatic.suport something else ……may be darts or pool I hope it may suit you

  8. saying ARSENAL wont win the league might have logical merit saying they will finish 6th is retarded. next time when u have an urge to write take a walk or paint or sth…

    • How is it retarded?

      Arsenal are staying still (a lucky 2nd place finish doesn’t paper over the cracks) while Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and the others will go out and strengthen in the summer.

      Those teams are desperate to win the league, while Arsenal are satisfied with finishing in the Top Four.

      That mentality is dangerous and will catch us out sooner or later.

  9. This is honestly some of the worst crap I’ve ever read, how can u call yourself a gooner we’ve just signed a top top midfielder and I’ve no doubt we will sign a striker whether it will be a world class striker or not I don’t know because there are so few about and u can blame Wenger all u like for not spending big money on one but there not avalible but I think we have a great chance of winning the league next season, what u fail to mention is while all these clubs have big name coaches they also need complete overhauls of there squads which dosent happen overnight especially when it’s in the same season as an international tournament it meant they have less time to get there ideas across to new players I actually think our biggest threat next season could be Liverpool! Now do everybody a favour and try supporting the team not slating it! Rant over

    • I’m just a realist – year after year we’re told that we’re going to compete in the league and the same old crap happens – we bottle it and end up tailing off as our squad isn’t good enough.

      Xhana a top top midfielder? Average at best.

      We all talk about a top striker but where is he? We have the money but we won’t invest in one. Most likely because it will “upset” Giroud…

      • Realism not quite more pessimistic, we are only club to have finished in top four every year since Wengers arrival. Other clubs need major overhaul and players need to settle and adapt to new country and team mates doesn’t always click straight away. Now mourhino was like a rabbit caught in headlights this year at Chelsea and there is a chance he may have not recovered from that if Utd don’t start strongly I see him falling apart again. Now guardiola great coach but this is different league in Spain and Germany only two or three teams really have chance of title and after the first goal goes in its game over. In England it’s never over at 1-0 or even 2-0 , I think that though he will win the league with city it won’t be this year. Conte again good coach but again Chelsea squad needs rebuilding I especially defensively Tottenham fair enough have improved so will be tough Leicester as champions have to be considered. Liverpool klopp again will want five to six players but will have to unload and without champions league and no guarantee of it the following year it may be hard for them to get the top players in. Xhaka well what type of player he is we will have to wait and see whether he is average or better. Yes you say we need a striker and yes we do who do you suggest we buy lets exclude the following lewandoski, cavani, messi, Suarez, Neymar, benzema, that leaves not a great many of those left you are then fighting Chelsea, Utd , city, who can pay more in fees and wages then add Chinese clubs and psg juve etc and that becomes even harder. Next we have to persuade club x to part with striker a and then convince striker a we are best destination for him and can pay him what he’s worth. And your last argument that we have money is complete nonsense as money doesn’t guarantee silverware city Chelsea Utd Are prime examples yes it helps but it still Does not guarantee success. Oh I forgot you say this team lack bottle I disagree what Ithey lack is that edge that nastiness, not to be overtly physical but to humiliate teams for example Utd 3-0 up in twenty odd mins the invincible a would have gone for the jugular and ripped it out and beat them by 7 or 9 at 3/0 this bunch of players relaxed and said games won we don’t need to do anymore. My top four would be Arsenal, city, Tottenham, and Chelsea what order they finish in I have no idea but thats fine I feel if we make two good acquisitions like Wenger said we have a realistic chance of winning title this year. Let’s see what happens during transfer window and then make our predictions and see who gets it right or wrong.

          • Oh I know that, just wanted to show his over simplistic and unrealistic view of things don’t hold water. I felt if I gave him something to get his teeth into he may come back and show more how he reasoned things out rather than just maligning him for being a poor fan. My expectations for the season are that I will get to see x amount of games at Emirates and away and x amount on tv and for ninety plus minutes I will forget everything else other than the match I’m watching. I also expect at some point in season to be challenging for title. I don’t expect to win silverware because there are to many factors to take into consideration, though I hope that we do win the league or cup. His argument about strikers too I could have pointed out that technically really you could win the title by scoring 38 goals a season as long as you didn’t concede a goal more than 1every three to four games.

      • I guess you are one of those a– h— that just want to slate Wenger. Yes we have the money, yes we need a top striker, but I ask you, if you were Suarez, will you leave Barca for Arsenal? If you were a Lewandoski, will you leave Bayern for Arsenal? If you were a Benzema, will you leave Real for Arsenal? Even Aubemeyang or Aguero would not leave where they are and come to Arsenal. So how many world class strikers are available for us to buy?

  10. Want a load of s##t, are u living on this planet? 30 Mil spent and not even in June, no other team has spent yet

          • ???? my original comment was in regards to your second paragraph where u state others are improving and arsenal are ‘still’. How is spending 30 Mil early being still? By all reports more to come.

      • . Ah and there is the flaw in your argument buying early doesn’t indicate success, buying doesn’t indicate success full stop and that’s the problem. If buying indicated success Chelsea and now city would win every piece of silverware available to them in English football and no other clubs would get a look in.

    • Now you say this squad is not good enough, yet this squad and this manager has repeatedly finished in top
      Four and at some point of the season been challenging for a title. Realistically there are 8 teams who could win the league with Arsenal being one now fa cup there is more teams in with a chance same for league cup and probably 6 teams with chance of winning cl. Spending money will not guarantee a title or top four spot. because it’s not that simple and b there are three other teams who can spend more on transfers than we can.

  11. Only reasonable explanation is that this is a clickbait article, lol…

    My god…. “standing still”…. when Arsenal signed a new midfielder already and seem to be genuinely looking for more players.

    So much wrong with this article, 6th if we are lucky? bloody hell.

    I think Arsenal will come 2nd or 3rd behind City/United, Chelsea 4th, Spurs 5th, Leicester 6th, Liverpool 7th.

    But 6th if we are lucky is just ridiculous, yeah we should have won it last season but we still came 2nd for the first time in donkeys, this is the best squad since the invisibles.

    Amazes me that after Leicester won the league basically spending no money (compared to the Big 4) people still keep beating the same old drum that we need to spend £1 trillion, billion gazillions to win the title…. we need only a few players and they do not even have to be world class… they just need desire to fight in every game, in cold rainy days and against teams that try to bully us.

    And one thing that makes your article a complete joke… we are in f*inkg May! if we were 1 minute away from the transfer window being closed and no more players came in then you might have a point… but its fucking May! ffs…

    I don’t mind negativity sometimes, it’s actually healthy and I think the world as a whole is filled in a false sense of positiveness that is making society sick as the negative things that shouldnt be ignored are constantly ignored by “la la land”positive deluded people (pedophile rings in Westminster, monetary system being a scam, media lying to everyone, terrorism being created by the same people claiming to fight it, etc)… but you Sir take the piss for being negative.

  12. last season Leicester won the league with average players, did they spend 50-80million on players? do you know what you speaking of… I can understand why you frustrated 12 years without epl cup. it doesn’t always mean just cause other teams are buying New teams an players they gonna have a better chance then arsenal, the players they buy needs to click, they need too gel, they need too know each others plays an runs, they need too understand each other they need too communicate. arsenal need 2-3 players to make us title contenders….think before you speak!

    • Arsenal have needed 2-3 players to win the league every season for the last 10 years but they never arrive!

      Wengers methods are outdated and you are a fool if you can’t see he is too old to take us to the top.

  13. Did anyone actually read the article? Or just the headline? Because the author actually made some valid points!

    We have no leaders, we have a loser mentality and the sooner Arsene Wenger leaves the better!!!

    I bet these comments aren’t from people who actually spend their hard earned money to watch the team week in week out, and pay the highest ticket prices in the league to see the side fail year after year!!!!

  14. how can u compear mahrez wit Sanchez for God say, pls go to bed nd sleep again. b4 u go watch arsn nd Leicester match 1st leg it we answer ur d performance of Sanchez ahead mahrez.

  15. If you are truly a gunner, which I doubt very much, then you are totally incapable of handling your fears. You conjure non existent things and believe them as facts. You either need a psychiatric treatment or you are an unrepentant wimp.

  16. No one forces you to support Arsenal. If you’re not happy, support someone else. Wenger is going nowhere this summer, there is nothing you can do about that. But you can start supporting PSG, Barcelona or Bayern Munich since you’re only interested in winning.

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  18. wird ein Wunschtraum bleiben. Der nette Mann ist beschlagnahmt und bleibt es auch. Auch wenn nur dieser eine Song fehlen würde, wäre es dennoch kein Uncut mehr!Aus der Traum.

  19. Wahooooo Paula will be picking up my copy today (Ireland's always behind lol). Can't even begin to understand how excited you must be because I am doing cartwheels here for you. Well deserved hunny your work is amazing and aren't we the lucky ones to have you on the team.Hugs Shirley x x


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