Jose Mourinho Will Win The Premier League Next Season

The return of “The Special One” to the Premier League has finally be confirmed and with that deal thrusts Manchester United from Top Four hopefuls to genuine Premier League contenders.

Jose Mourinho is a talented coach and love him or hate him, he is a manager who wins trophies. He has signed a 3 year deal with the red side of Manchester and will go head to head with his best friend Pep Guardiola. The media must be licking their lips with excitement and to be fair, it is a mouth-watering prospect.

One thing you can be certain of with Jose Mourinho is that he goes to manage a team to win, and to make that happen he needs assurances that the odds are firmly stacked in his favour – meaning that it is almost guaranteed that he will be given a massive transfer budget to create a title-winning squad. Which is a daunting prospect for the rest of the league.

You can say whatever you like about Mourinho and whether he starts to lose the dressing room in his 3rd season, but the fact remains once he arrives at your club, he wins trophies. In the first two seasons at a new team are usually the most successful in a Mourinho-era as it were.

Considering he usually moves to a completely different league from where he managed previously, this will be his 4th consecutive campaign in the Premier League so he knows the league inside out. He knows what it takes to win the title and you can be sure Manchester United will be giving him everything he needs to achieve it.

Mourinho is a serial winner and when you put his tactical knowledge and Manchester United’s resources together you have a recipe for success. And compare him to the other title rivals, he still has the strongest horse in the race.

Pep Guardiola has a re-building job at Manchester City and will be in a league where he doesn’t have the strongest team for once. Jürgen Klopp will be starting his first full season with Liverpool but without Champions League football might not be able to attract the big names they need to challenge at the top. Tottenham looked impressive last season but can they replicate the same form next season? And Arsenal are nowhere near looking like they have the players and personnel that have the mental strength to fight for a while season.

Many are predicting the toughest Premier League season for a long time and there’s no doubt that there will be about 6/7 teams who think they can reach the Top Four / win the title, but for me Manchester United are the team to beat while the others are fighting for second place.


17 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Will Win The Premier League Next Season

  1. i disagree next season title is between man city & arsenal if arsenal can buy a prolific scorer & couple of world class defenders.

  2. I fully disagree, when he was at Real Madrid, he only won the Copa del Rey in his first season, and the la Liga the second season, the third season was when Barca scored the quadruple(League, Cup, Supercup, and Champion’s league)

    Also no new manager at Manchester United has ever won anything major within their first 2 years as Manager of the club.

  3. I don’t think Mou will reach similar success in Man United like he did in Chelsea or Real Madrid that he would at least win the league in his second year. I’m using data to support my opinion. In his first spell in Chelsea in 2004, he brought in 3 prominent players (Drogba, Robben, Carvalho). When he came to Real Madrid in 2010, he bought also 3 important player (Ozil, Khedira, Di Maria). And he also only need to buy 3 big player during second-time Chelsea (Costa, Matic, Fabregas).

    So my point is, in the past he basically inherited a quite strong team that he only need 3 or 4 first squad player to gain success and win the league in his first two year in the club. But in Man U, he would face a much tougher challenge because I believe he will need to buy at least 4-5 very good player to make MU a serious title contender. I’m an analyst and based on data, a team who finish 2 or 3rd at least need to buy 2-3 new player to win the league the next season. And if your team finish 4 or 5th, you have to bring 4-5 player into your team as well. And I don’t think Mourinho will easily get that 4-5 right player with only 2 years of time. It can realistically be happen in his third year

  4. Hi. Interesting to hear the perspective from fans of other top clubs. I’m a United supporter and I wouldn’t put United as title favorites or anyone else for that matter as the league is exceptionally unpredictable. I put a bet on that Arsenal would win the league last season and to be fair they had it in their own hands to do so but I was wrong. I agree that City and Pep have to go through a tougher transitional phase than the likes of United and Arsenal and I do think last season was a one off regarding the top four final standings.The other force that has not been mentioned at all by most pundits is Chelsea who will only have the league to concentrate on and will no doubt be investing heavily in the summer.

    Unlike the majority of United supporters I would be apprehensive regarding Jose winning in his first season. I believe he has a good chance if things go smoothly but before all else most United fans will be hoping for more consistency and less upheaval throughout next season.

    I also believe, contrary to many people’s predictions, that Mourinho will stay with United longer than his usual reign. The reason I think this is for two reasons. Firstly Mourinho left Madrid because he felt the Spanish league was inferior to the Premiership and Serie A for that matter and he felt there wasn’t enough challenge. He came back to Chelsea, showing consistency. He was sacked from Chelsea and could have taken any number of job offers abroad but because of his spoken admiration for the Premier League . He waited it out in order to come back. So from this we can gather that Mourinho favors the premier league above all other competitions. So I wouldn’t ever like to bet that he’d be taking over at the likes of PSG or Bayern.

    When or if he does decide to quit United what other big clubs could he turn to in the Premier League to fulfill his ambitions? and what other club could give him a bigger challenge than emulating Ferguson?. He won’t go to Liverpool and I very much doubt he will drink from the cup Pep has sipped from. He’s been sacked from Chelsea so really his only options are United and Arsenal. That was until Wenger and Mourinho had their differences and now that card might well be off the table too. So basically Mourinho’s options for managing clubs of stature is wearing thin, at least for the foreseeable future.

    I believe this season United will be in with a shout next season but I wouldn’t like to tip anyone for winning the league. If Arsenal can build on what they’ve done I think they could have a great season and I think they really underachieved last season which wasn’t helped with just the solitary recruitment of Cech. If they had bought in January then it would’ve possibly given them that extra boost. Why they didn’t invest is not only a mystery and disconcerting. last season was a season of underachievement all round regarding the usual top four big guns and this is evident in the fact that Leiscester would’ve mathematically never won the league any other premier league season. They took their moment and well done to them but really it was the under performance from the other clubs that let them win the league.

    Next season will be a different kettle of fish.

  5. He will be gone before season is over. If my life depended on a football match he’d be my manager but he is incapable of keeping his mouth shut and he doesn’t know what to do if things don’t work or they go wrong – except blame everyone else. Man united players won’t put up with him. His type of management is over.

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  6. I think many people forget that Mourinho is human and a magician. Jose has a lot of work to do with that team and he’s going to sign a lot of players and it would take time for them to gel. Top four? yes, europa league? possibly, premier league, not sure. I think Arsenal has the best chance because, of the big teams, they are the most stable, their rivals are making changes with either managers or rebuilding the team. if wenger can sign the right players including a prolific striker then arsenal has a chance


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