Are Arsenal Fans The Most Deluded In The Country?

Over the past few days I have posted a couple of articles which I thought were pretty uncontroversial. But the number of (abusive) comments I received was quite surprising. From the predictable ones telling me I’m a Manchester United / Chelsea / Tottenham / Manchester City fan (delete as appropriate) to those just telling me I’m a massive cunt.

Am I a cunt? I didn’t think so but I digress.

The two topics I covered were where we would finish next season and how I thought our latest signing of Granit Xhana was underwhelming at best.

For the first topic, I argued that our level is to finish in the Top Four – hardly a revelation surely? If you evaluate the last decade objectively, it would be a completely fair and justified statement to say that we’re good enough to finish in the Top Four, but not good enough to win the Premier League.

So it was my argument and belief that because of Arsene Wenger’s stubbornness and unwillingness to change (again, another uncontroversial comment) that has seen us not progress to genuine title challengers, then his happiness to settle for a Top Four finish will see us fall out of the Top Four, considering the changes at all of our rivals this summer.

Again, it’s not controversial to say that Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool will all get much stronger next season after having such poor campaigns last season. They will all be hungry to improve, and achieve success, while Arsenal do the same old thing year after year – look to improve just enough to achieve a Top Four finish.

On the second topic of Granit Xhana, even the most hardcore Arsenal fan would surely admit that they had never heard of the guy?! Unless you happened to be a Arsenal fan from Switzerland?

There’s no doubt he is probably a decent player but is he world class? You hear Arsene Wenger say time and time again that he only brings in players who are of “top, top quality” and who can improve the squad. Otherwise purchasing average players hinders the progress of the current playing squad.

For the last 12 years now we haven’t looked like winning the Premier League and it’s because Arsene Wenger makes the same old mistakes – but for some reason most Arsenal fans just can’t see it!

He won’t bring in a world class striker, hiding behind the excuse that none are available and if they are, they come with inflated prices – and the fans buy this crap!

If no world class forwards were available then by that logic surely that would mean no team would be strong enough to win the league / Champions League? Exactly, that theory is farcical and I’m sure teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, etc. would disagree, and tell you that world class strikers are available for a price.

I’ve seen quite a lot of Arsenal Fan TV interviews and those fans, the fans that pay their hard earned money to watch Arsenal, seem to hit the nail on the head. They are the ones who go to the games, see Arsenal live week in week out and they are all unhappy at what is happening at Arsenal.

However, a lot of know-it-all fans and members of the Arsene Knows Brigade all seem to think Arsenal are on the right path. We are always 2/3 players away from winning the league so why don’t we do it?! And we always make the same stupid defensive mistakes and bottle it in the big games or bottle it at big moments in the season.

If you believe that Arsenal can win the league next season, you are seriously deluded.


15 thoughts on “Are Arsenal Fans The Most Deluded In The Country?

  1. I think you deserved the abuse. First you had nothing to write and out of boredom decided to sing the same song people like you have sung all your lives. Two, the season has not even started and you have already seen mistakes being repeated, I dont know how intelligent you are but I would request that even if you dont respect someone give them a chance. In any case if you were that good someone would have invested in you so that you can demonstrate it to the world.

  2. It may be Too hard for Arsenal fans and arsene faithful to take,but you’r sayin the truth…Arsenal have always seem like winning the Epl every year,in a nutshell,Arsenal are consistently being inconsistent.

  3. Deluded? You are a dick. Is the league our birthright? How many players away are the Citizens or Spuds from the title? You dont even have facts for your argument. Just blabbing what wenger out arsholes have said over and over again.

    • He’s more than a dick my brother. Wenger may not be the best manager around but what are the so called best doing. LVG got sacked, Mou got sacked pellegrini got sacked and simeone will get sacked after 5 more years of not winning anything with ATL

  4. You are completely right. for the past 10years Wenger keep making the same mistake and I don’t blame him I blame the arsenal board that there only goal is to make profits. Let them keeping deceiving themselves and run away from from the truth.

  5. You’ve just said it all. But truth is always bitter in the hearing of people who does not like it.
    The points in your piece are the reasons want Wenger out NOW!

  6. Arsenal must take a queue from Leicester City, what wins trophy for the club is the player doggedness and great team spirit. Wenger us a captain fantastic.

  7. 100 % right! I don’t understand why some fans are so rigid like the coach. it is same trend we see from year to year. we sing we will champion but finally we end up fourth.. ..

  8. A hardcore Swiss Arsenal fan i ain’t; however as i now live in Germany and my Bundesliga team is Borussia Monchengladbach, i have watched Xhaka play almost every other weekend for the last couple of seasons and can tell you that we are getting a proper player. Great passing and loves a big tackle. How we have needed this over the last decade.

  9. Wenger shld buy a proven strike, the likes of Lukaku, Vardy, Lewandowski, Abamayang, Higuian, re all proven strikers, he shld cough out real big money for any of these players, and a center half with loads of experience. Ah tink wi will be title condenders. Thnk u.

  10. the truth is really year later and arsenal are not in the top four!!! hahaha!!! nice foresight.


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