5 First Team Players Arsenal Need To Sell This Summer!

1. Theo Walcott

Where does he fit in the side?

Apparently Theo doesn’t know his best position and neither does Arsene Wenger – which is a pretty big problem when you sit down and think about it.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t trust him out wide because he doesn’t help out defensively and for years now Theo has been touted as a future centre forward, but apparently Arsene doesn’t trust him there either. Which to me is strange because Walcott has done okay when he’s played up front and opened the scoring against Aston Villa in the FA Cup Final the season before last.

But I understand the concerns, and he’s probably not strong or intelligent enough to outfox the top teams in England and Europe.

So we’re stuck in a situation where Theo Walcott is on a massive contract at Arsenal but Arsene Wenger won’t put him in the starting line-up. As departures go, this one is pretty nailed on unless the boss is thinking of a formation overhaul (and we know how stubborn Arsene is now don’t we?).

We could still get decent money for him (anything around £20 million would be good business at this stage) and it would free up funds in our massive wage bill.

2. Mathieu Debuchy

A no-brainer, Debuchy has no interest in playing for Arsenal unless a place is handed to him on a plate. Unwilling to actually fight for his place like most professional footballers would, a player like him who has the completely wrong attitude is not worth having at the club.

3. David Ospina

He has been an excellent professional since joining the club in the summer of 2014, but you get the feeling he wants first team opportunities and for Arsenal a better reserve for Petr Cech would be Wojciech Szczesny.

The Pole is younger and would do well to learn from one of the best goalkeepers to have graced the Premier League. Petr Cech is getting on a little bit now and you get the feeling that Szczesny would be better placed to succeed him, when the time comes.

And if Szczesny gets his head sorted out that is.

4. Jack Wilshere

An undoubted talent, Jack Wilshere’s ability has been highlighted in the fact that he’s made England’s Euro 2016 squad despite playing only 3 games in the whole of last season for Arsenal.

On his day he is a match-winner, and his skill and technique are top drawer. But the problem is he’s always injured. If Arsenal could build a team around him we would be right up there in the title race but his injury record is shockingly bad and we can’t rely on him long term.

If Arsenal sold him he wouldn’t be short of takers and Manchester City would probably pay something crazy like £45 million to secure his signature.

5. Aaron Ramsey

For me it was a toss up between Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain but for me Ramsey is the one that has to go. The Welshman was phenomenal two seasons ago but since then has nose-dived in spectacular fashion. His touch, vision and goal-scoring ability has just deserted him and he’s lost all confidence on the pitch. He used to boss games but he has struggled badly to find any trace of the form of two years ago.

It’s strange how he’s faltered so much since that magical season and in all honesty doesn’t really offer anything to the team when he plays. Defensively he is weak and tends to leave a free runner against our back four and as previously mentioned, his goal scoring and assist ability has just disappeared.

With the signings of Elneny and Xhaka to complement the talents of Santi Cazorla and Mesut Özil, it’s hard to see where Ramsey fits into this new Arsenal midfield.

And like Jack Wilshere, Ramsey would command a big transfer fee where Arsenal would be richly rewarded.


10 thoughts on “5 First Team Players Arsenal Need To Sell This Summer!

  1. 1.Ramsey
    Last Season’s injury crisis gave him ample opportunity to prove his worth.He ended up proving that like his Manager he flatters to deceive.
    Needs to be moved out to make way for an understudy capable of replacing Czech in the long term
    Injury prone and still has no idea how to defend. Might still be worth a reasonable fee at this time.
    It is pointless to continue a loan when he will never be good enough to take over front Czech.
    He’s been wasted at Arsenal.The Manager should have brought in either Wright or Henry to spend as much time as possible with him on the training pitch.Should be moved on for his own sake and whilst he can still command a decent fee.
    It goes without saying that Sanogo and Debuchy should be shipped off to anyone who thinks that they might be worth a few bob.
    The Ox and Chambers need a Season of first team football at a mid table Premier League outfit…I’m sure that there will be plenty of takers happy to make the most of their undoubted abilities.

  2. Well enough speculation, lets get to it . all the forementioned are due for a change there just not good enough for our team/ Wenger has to do the kind thing and givethem there freedom OH yeh and get the right hungry players in you forgot Giroud hes one as well who could be replaceds COME ON MAKE A MOVE MR Wenger for christ sake, stop hiding and come out and be bold YOU have the money. spend it well and make our team champions again

  3. Second is OK but with a well balanced team we could have lifted that league cup and been champions wE have the name of the also rans for 16 years can we please win something this coming season and not fall at the silliest hurdles like Watford makes me wonder as we do well against the bigger clubs but fall with the minows

  4. My five first team player to live the club are (1) Theo, (2) , webeck,(3) mertasacker .(4) gibbs, (5) ospina.


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