Jamie Vardy To Arsenal? The Case For And Against…

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the news about Jamie Vardy.

The 29 year old Leicester striker is on Arsenal’s radar and apparently we have triggered his release clause (which is around the £20 million mark) and are currently in talks with Leicester about signing the in-form striker.

If the release clause is £20 million then you would expect Arsenal to have offered £20 million plus £1, knowing us!

All joking aside however, is this a good signing for Arsenal? If it’s true is would seem like an un-Arsene Wenger type signing, however you don’t know if it has been instigated from the powers from above, as they know Arsene isn’t one to splash the cash.

The reasons for signing Vardy:

  • He scored 24 Premier League goals last season, 8 more that our top striker.
  • He has something severely lacking in this Arsenal team – fight, hunger and a never-say-die attitude.
  • His finishing is outstandingly clinical and as shown from his form for Leicester, he scored 24 goals in a team that at times, would only make a handful of chances.
  • He is not a one trick pony – remember his outrageous goal against Liverpool?
  • He is an intelligent forward that likes to run in behind with pace (something we have missed since the days of Thierry Henry).
  • He’s not Olivier Giroud.

And the reasons against:

  • If you chat shit, you will get banged.

So there you have it, although surprising if it came off – overall it would be a great signing for Arsenal.


4 thoughts on “Jamie Vardy To Arsenal? The Case For And Against…

  1. If this happens to be true then I can say Arsenal will be a great favorite in the 2016/17 premier league season, also a wonderful attacker to face champions league team with.

  2. He played on a team with totally different style tactics. He can’t play possession ball and hold the ball up, he looked lost the other night against Portugal. Unless we change tactics, which is doubtful under wenger, this appears a daft move. A £20M clunker of an idea to keep the fans quiet.

    • PopKlopp, I think you are slighty missing the point about our needs for a new striker. What we don’t need is Giroud MK2. The original is fine if we need to play with a ‘holding striker’.
      However, you are right, the team would have to play to his strengths, unlike England the other night. But that is down to the midfield. As long as we can keep Ozil (happy), then we have the finest exponent of playing the right ball for team mates to run on to, but it does need others to have the pace to support he striker. A confident Ox, with Bellerin, on the opposite flank for example? Who knows whether Gnabry will have an injury free season and reach his potential, as he could be another option?
      I mention these players, along with Iwobi, because they all qualify under the ‘home grown’ status as far as the squad requirements go. There is a limit to how many outside players we can recruit, beyond the three we are replacing whose contracts were not renewed.
      Vardy knows where the goal is, and showed he was consistent last season … with the right players around him. So far from a £20m clunker, compared to the £50m Morata, untried and untested in the EPL, I’d say it was a shrewd move … if it comes off?

  3. Go for Vardy without wasting time. Any delay will cause another blunder. Wenger don’t look at money before another club. Wenger u are always clumsey in buying players. Good luck.


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