Vardy Delay Means He Won’t Be Signing For Arsenal

At the weekend we were told that “Vardy would decide his future” on Monday morning, with reports suggesting that 11.30am was the “deadline” for Vardy to choose whether he wanted to join Arsenal or stay at Leicester City.

The financials are that after being on £40k a week at Leicester, Vardy signed an improved deal in February which earned the England striker £80k a week. Arsenal have apparently offered Vardy £120k a week while Leicester have apparently offered an improved deal, which will probably be close to what we’re offering given the generous owners at Leicester City.

After the 11.30am deadline passed, we were told we’d have s verdict later in the day. Now a decision still hasn’t been made and people are wondering what is going on.

The bottom line is Vardy isn’t convinced about joining Arsenal and has probably has assurances for the Leicester City owners that they will strengthen the squad and have a real go at retaining the Premier League title.

Claudio Ranieri has always said he hopes all the players stay one more season before deciding weather to move on and considering the heroics and good faith he’s earnt over the last season, you wouldn’t blame some of the players staying on and entering a new exciting era at Leicester.

People, incorrectly I might add, have assumed that Vardy to Arsenal was a done deal, because we’re a big club. Well if you compare Premier League titles over the last 12 seasons, Leicester beat us don’t they? Maybe Vardy isn’t excited about finishing in the Top Four year after year and would actually like to play for a team with great team spirit and actually fights to win matches.

If I was Jamie Vardy I would think twice about joining Arsenal. Yes, you would play with some top players but do you want to play alongside warriors and fighters like you have at Leicester, and have fun while playing – or be comfortable in a side that quite frankly, are full of timid, pampered little boys who have no leaders or direction on the pitch?

Jamie Vardy is 29 years old and this would be his last big move so is weighing up all his options. Would you join Arsenal?

Vardy is waiting for a better offer and won’t be joining Arsenal.


40 thoughts on “Vardy Delay Means He Won’t Be Signing For Arsenal

  1. this article is very poorly written. But to be honest Vardy hasn’t said yes or no… hopefully it will be a yes.

  2. It’s a no brainier for him. He will sign. The delsy is just to pacify the Leicester fans. Just imagine if he said no only to see Marhez and Kante leave! That thought alone will be enough to ensure he says yes. Done deal.

    • Lol please do t make me laugh. You guys won’t win the title under your current manager as your too big egoed and have no sense of ambition. You guys came second as Tottenham faulted otherwise yet again you would be top 4 never cutting it to winners.

  3. This is the best article I’ve read so far and probably the most truthful for an arsenal fan no offence you make good points ????????????

  4. If Vardy doesn’t sign the transfer didn’t disintegrate, it never existed. It is entirely possible the whole drama was concocted to get Vardy more money from the Leicester owners. If he stays at Leicester, and he might; good luck to him. In two years he’ll be battling relegation and finding himself sold to West Brom for a fire sale price.

    Everyone who follows Arsenal knows that the only time you can count on a transfer existing is when Arsene Wenger speaks on the club’s official website. The club doesn’t discuss transfers with the media.

    According to the same reporters who are reporting Vardy ‘signed’ and now ‘disintegrated’ Arsenal have signed Gonzalo Higuain, Karim Benzema, Adrien Rabiot, Moussa Sissoko, Alvaro Morata, William Carvalho, and a dozen others. When the transfers don’t happen (because they were never on in the first place) the so-called journalists who made up the stories in the first place (or parroted what they were told by Vardy’s agent without confirming from Arsenal) claim the transfer fell apart because otherwise they have to admit they were guessing (or just plain lying) all along.

    The next stories they’ll write are the ones blaming Arsene Wenger for letting Vardy ‘slip through his fingers’ when, in fact, there was never a chance to sign the player in the first place. If a player doesn’t move the logical assumption is, he wasn’t really available. Every time Swansea center back Ashley Williams’ contract is running down he’s ‘linked’ with Arsenal. He never moves but gets more money from Swansea.

    Don’t people ever get tired of being played by the players’ agents?

  5. Are you an Arsenal fan or a Spurs, Chelsea or Man U fan with such foul words for Arsenal and its players? “If I was Jamie Vardy I would think twice about joining Arsenal.” Seriously? And you run an Arsenal for life blog? You sound more like an opportunist or a frustrated plastic fan!

  6. What if i say the deal is done and Arsenal and Vardy wont announce the deal until when its necessary.
    What if its a strategy to protect the player from disgruntled Leister gans.
    Vardy himaeld would have publicly says no to Arsenal if he wasnt going to join

  7. Silly money for a guy who had one good season.
    He dives better than Tom Daly, but quality none really,

  8. Complete rubbish – you clearly know very little about football or the Arsenal. You certainly are not a fan !

  9. With the exception of the author of the article you Arsenal fans are such arrogant b——s! It’s you big boys and nobody else, well next season it might be Southampton or West Ham who finish above you or God forbid that other North London team, for sure somebody wlll finish above you.

      • well said , i am a lcfc fan live two miles from kp so i bout died with all these rumours of a vardy transfer . vardz has now changed his twitter pics to lcfc winning and profile pic in new lcfc kit saying forever fearless i hope this means he staying put, but bk to your point on arsenal never winning , you are completely right in last 12yrs arsenal hasnt won the league lcfc have won 3 leagues granted only 1 prem lol i dont not believe arsenals nxt season will differ somewhat other than tottenham probably will pull it together and finish above obviously i hated tottenham the last 5mths but they got a team playing really good football fell apart the last 2 matches but that just down to disappointment of having lossed . hoping we make a few goood signings this summer

  10. For once an Arsenal fan speaking some truth. And truth obviously hurts for the rest of you so called “True Gooners” don’t it? Facts speak for themselves and you can’t hide from the fact that Leicesters title winning squad cost just £23m to assemble compared to £200m+ and won by 10pts from a certain, oh that’s right Arsenal!!! Leicesters season might be a “one off” but there’s a reason why it’s 12yrs without a title at Arsenal and that’s because you get players who play for the pay packet and not the badge. Your not a team, you’re a bunch of individuals that when the chips are down just give up rather than fight for everything. I mean Giroud aka Rylan is the biggest Queen out there. Far more interested in his hair do than doing playing for the badge. No amount of money and crap recruitment can make up for team spirit. You could only wish to have unearthed gems like vardy, Mahrez or kante but apparently they were all too small. As soon as we pick them up and allow them to show their true potential, you guys come along and think you can cherry pick these players because youre a big club. Its just pure lazy scouting and if vardy has got any sense he will stay where he is. Where he will be appreciated and allowed to play with the freedom we all saw last season. I mean you can hardly say the chance of champions league football is your Trump card for leverage anymore can you? And with Thai billionaire owners we can match whatever you offer. Level playing field.

    • Just one premier league title and you think Leicester City are now at per with Arsenal. Ask Blackburn Rovers. For your info, what happened last season is an aberration that occurs once in a lifetime; Leicester winning the EPL and Chelsea being so calamitous. I hope you celebrated hard and took some pictures because you will never get that chance again. A LIZARD DOES NOT JUST TURN INTO A CROCODILE OVER NIGHT. Leicester remains a SMALL club no matter what, so don`t kid yourselves

    • well said well said , the problem with the likes of arsenal,man city,man u,chelsea is they are somewhat a brand in their own right , having to spend £££££££££££ to keep up an image thats now long lost to a degree .they couldnt get such gems a vardz,NG and mahrez because they cant afford to not in monetry terms but in terms of highprofile brand image .

  11. One point which would tie in with this view, which I’m surprised not to have read elsewhere as yet, is that Leicester are in a position to offer a substantially higher salary than Arsenal. This is cos they’d in any case be losing £6.8m from the sale to Fleetwood. On that basis, all that could be shifted to his salary if they’re dead set on keeping him…..

  12. Paul35mm, I completely agree with your analysis and your extremely valid points. If his agent has set this in motion purely to further improve his wages at Leicester I would not be surprised. Considering they apparently increased his wages from 40 thousand to 80 thousand a week. Whilst I do not mond signing Vardy, this messing around is living a bad taste. We are Arsenal! Vardy only had one great season.

    This blog is Arsenal 4 Life, does the writer act support Arsenal?

  13. Pah, we’ll see!!! Either way it’s a win win situation for us because if the players dont want to stay we’re guaranteed £20m+ (that’s a £19.5m profit btw in Mahrez case) to invest in another mahrez. We also get rid of potentially disruptive players not wanting to play for the badge. If they stay then quite clearly we’ve got sh*t hot players. But we’ll see when Jamie rejects you first ????????

  14. If arsenal want to pay silly money for him then go for it. We’ve got a better scouting setup and will simply unearth the next Vardy which you can pay over the odds for again next season. Having finished behind us, again ????

    • like the premise, but not the thought. thats all west ham and everton do and really get no where with it.

  15. Vardy has agreed a new contract with us you will find out tomoz gooners that wenger will have to chase another striker and probably won’t sign anyone yet again

  16. LCFC is just sad and frustrated that they are losing their top scorer (and possibly more of their best players). Yes we may never be winning the league but we are most seasons challenging for it and will always be finishing top four (unlike Leicester). So you can’t blame Vardy and co. for wanting to leave as they just want to be near the top constantly rather than just one season there and then be in mid table (where Leicester will be in the coming years). Also, Leicester are not as rich as Arsenal. Also, you can’t say it is lazy recruitment to be buying your players now instead of before they joined you because if we had they would have been classed as awful signings. Imagine we signed Vardy from Fleetwood in 2011. wenger would have been hammered in the press and everyone would have said it was a terrible signing. Crap recruitment? Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Patrick Viera, Thierry Henry…
    LCFC for life you come decent points about that our players have not shown enough spirit but some of you points are delusional and to me you sound like an angry, frustrated and irritated fan just because you team is possibly jus going to be a one season wonder

    • So your amazing recruitment is 2 current players and 2 former players. The 2 former players that were amazing 12yrs ago when you actually won the title and 2 current players who are just great individual players in a team full of under-perorming individuals. Oh and for the record might I add that seeing as you already have such an excellent recruitment team, why did you feel the need to nick our chief scout and all of a sudden are chasing after vardy? Funny that… The only dillusional ones round here are Arsenal fans. We won the title after 2 seasons back in the prem more than you have achieved in 12yrs. I’d take that over a 4th place finish every year and you know you would as well. Stop kidding yourselves.

      • That was just an example of a few players who we have recruited well. I am not saying our recruitment is amazing (Sanogo, Chamakh etc) but it is certainly not terrible.

        • You are saying that we would take spending several years in the second (and third for one season) divison, the occasional season in the top flight and then do the great escape and then a great title-winning season before dropping back into mid table for several seasons (inevitable) than win the premier league 3 times, fa cup 5 times and be constantly in the top 4.

          Yes we are very disappointed and angry with the past 12 years but we would not rather have anyone else’ last 20 years, especially not leicester.

  17. Anonymous u are a big fool, what mk u tin that arsenal will nt win a title and that Totiham mk a mistake that’s y arsenal wouldn’t win a title without a mistake will u overtake anybody fool like u.

  18. Nice write-up (and blog) – LCFC fan here and I agree with you. What’s really odd is you have to wonder exactly how he’d fit into Arsenal’s team and in particular your style of play. Vardy is the perfect player for the way Leicester play… give up possession, defend in a rigid disciplined formation, and when the opposition give the ball away in the middle third, bang… counter attack. Arsenal’s issues this season weren’t because they didn’t have Vardy… I doubt he’d have scored 24 goals with your style of play. You need a more technical player who’s better at link-up play. You need a new Thierry Henry!

    • I agree that he might not suit our style of play and that we need a striker more like Lukaku (strong, powerful, good in the air, will get over 25 goals a season in our team so basically a better version of Giroud.) However, I can see why people think he could work in our team as we have more technical midfielders who can play precise through balls for him to use his pace in behind. But, unfortunately, when we play at home against the smaller clubs there is very little space in behind so he would not be able to replicate his form this season for us. He would probably get around 10 goals a season only, not what we are looking for.

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