Arsenal Need To Cancel Vardy Transfer

The Vardy transfer saga trundles on and doesn’t look like finding a resolution any time soon – Roy Hodgson has made it clear that while on England duty that no players get involved in transfer deals or contract negotiations – and rightly so in my opinion.

So it’s been accepted that we aren’t going to find out Vardy’s decision until after the Euros have finished.

But that is exactly why Arsenal should count themselves lucky and pull out of the deal while they still can – take the offer away from Vardy before he does decide he wants to play for Arsenal.

Vardy is torn between staying at Leicester and moving to Arsenal for several reasons. The first is because of the contract situation – Arsenal have apparently offered a 3 year deal and £120k a week, while the Foxes have countered that with something around the £90k mark but have offered that on a 4 year deal. So the supposed dilemma is deciding which deal is better.

But surely we should only want players who want to play for Arsenal? If he doesn’t want to come then don’t! There’s plenty of other strikers out there.

Some of Leicester’s players have also “begged” Vardy to stay and that has apparently made things much harder for Vardy.

Let’s be honest, this whole saga is a bit of a joke and at the end of the day if he thinks he can get a better deal elsewhere or is waiting for a better offer then good riddance I say. 

If he doesn’t want to join The Arsenal, then just don’t come – we’ll still move on and move forward.

There have been reservations about whether Vardy can cut it at Arsenal anyway and it would be suicidal if Arsenal were to wait until after the Euros had finished just to see if Vardy wanted to come – in that time we could have been lining up other deals for other potential strikers.

So I beg you Arsenal, cut your losses and move on! 


11 thoughts on “Arsenal Need To Cancel Vardy Transfer

  1. My sentiments exactly .
    This whole saga could be a ploy by Vardy to get q pay rise from Leicester or it could be a ploy from Leicester to disrupt Arsenals search for a striker .Arsenal could spend all summer pursuing Vardy then end up with no one .

  2. Couldnt agree more. Vardy is s marmite choice in the first place and not of the ethical calibre normally adhered to by the club. At £20 m on an easy deal then OK give the lad a chance but seeing as his team is the same as Walcotts I wouldn’t be surprised he is being advised to play the long game. He may genuinely wish to stay at LCFC and if so good on him but we need to move on.
    Higuain to Liverpool is a real possibility so why not ‘do a Sanchez’ and rob him from under their noses – amusement value and a top striker to boot.
    Me – I would dump £75m onto Dortmunds desk and see if that loosens their Aubameyang connection.
    If that’s a pipe dream then Marco Reus would be my pick – Dortmund would love me ????

    • Agree with you and the article but higuain ain’t going to Liverpool. Liverpool would not pay over 65mill for a player and they can’t offer him Champions league football which Napoli can. I think we could go and try and sign him as he has a great scoring record but I think our best option is Lukaku as he is premier league proven, still only 23, strong, powerful and pacy and ultimatly would get us over 25 league goals as he already got 18 for a team that finished 11th last season.

  3. I imagine Arsenal will keep looking while Vardy decides. If we find someone then we might withdraw the offer but not until. There is absolutely no point withdrawing it now if Wenger wants the player. England might be out in two weeks time at which point there is still two and a half months of the window to go. Expect to see stories linking Arsnal to strikers which all be an attempt to ‘encourage’ Vardy to decide.

  4. Let him go? Seriously? Oh because consistent title winners Arsenal have a host of better strikers lining up to come play for them for £80000 per week while City Chelsea pay 3 times that. 24 goals on a so called small team and y’all still want Benzema and Higuain who never scored 1 in the premier league? Perfect.. All the more reason to hate Wenger in d future. Let’s go arsene..get Vardy.

  5. ……..What a merry go round. Before Friday, Mr J Vardy was a name we would not care one hoot about. Now he seems almost as if he is mugging us off, dillying and dallying. It is of course a done deal and all sides are trying to be calm and composed. Arsenal would never have activated the “buy out clause” of a player who didnt want to come. Dear old biter Suarez was happy to join until JW Henry said “go on then” brinkmanshiping him to sue on a breach of contract. Relax all around the “lively” Vardy is Arsenal bound.

  6. I think that there is no need to take the hump and withdraw the offer but at that same time we should continue our search for players who would add value to the team most. If you think of Vardy as a replacement for Wellbeck, then, we are still short of a striker as we have been all along since RVP left. The team desperately need a first class centre-back (sadly Mert is no longer an option, nor is Gabriel reliable enough for a team like Arsenal); so CB IS A MUST. But so is an additional striker; two possible options who would not break the bank are Janssen and (my hobbyhorse) Hernandes – the first one is young and exciting but not experienced in EPL, the other young enough but also hugely experienced in EPL, both players are goal machines. Of these two Hernandes would be less of a gamble. We have Less of a need DM – we have Elneny, Xhaka and Coq. It would be nice to add Rodriguez as a left back and possibly Mithriyan (sorry about the spelling) on the right wing. Mahrez iz very good but we are well stocked in midfield already, so forget it. The important thing is not to fail to act strenghen the team whichever the way Vardy case unfolds. We don’t need to forever search; by now we must know what and who we need and can afford (of those who are available and would want to play for Arsenal). If the club says we will be searching you have to ask what the hell they have been doing the whole year. Take Leicester as an example: they have already identified a Vardy-replacement should Vardy decide to jump ship, and they are ready to pounce. Why are we not ready for the recruitments we need? We don’t need to wait for trolley-dash.


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