Lucas Perez & Shkodran Mustafi Are Not Enough For Arsenal!

Finally, it seems that Arsenal are going to sign some much needed numbers to a squad which is suffering with injuries to key players – and those players are Lucas Perez from Deportivo La Coruna and Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia.

Reports are suggesting that Perez will cost £17.1 million and Mustafi in excess of £35 million.

While the signings are welcome considering the state of the current squad and the fact that Arsenal fans pay the highest ticket prices in the country (amongst other things such as the lack of success at the club in the last 12 seasons), is this enough?

We’ve been umming and ahhing for weeks now over the signing of Mustafi, seemingly unable to agree on a suitable fee because, let’s face it, we’re tight fisted. We look set to bring him in now but he would have been useful for the Liverpool game where we lost 3 valuable points.

And Lucas Perez. I will admit that I hadn’t heard of the guy before reading Arseblog this morning – and I have to say after watching the goals and assists compilation in the aforementioned post I’m not really that impressed.

Apparently Everton have been tracking the player and were all set to buy him and that pretty much sums it up really.

Is this really the world class striker we’ve been crying out for? Let’s be perfectly honest, it’s pretty debatable if he’s even as good as Olivier Giroud!

Arsene Wenger has been saying for ages that we’re “active in the market” and has been making out there’s this big plan to make Arsenal a success. But are you telling me that this big “masterplan” involves playing poker over a few quid for a German defender who doesn’t even start for the national team and a player we’ve effectively poached from Everton? No disrespect to the blue half of Merseyside but come on! Lucas Perez is not a player any of the big teams in the Premier League would be looking at.

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have been conning the fans for the best part of a decade and it’s still happening now. We’ve got the most money in the league yet we still shop in the bargain section of the supermarket. £17.1 million? When we’re in an era where £25 million gets you an average player and where a headless chicken like Raheem Sterling costs £49 million, do you honestly think Lucas Perez is the answer to all our problems?

I suspect that most Arsenal fans will be won over, just by the simple fact we’ve actually remembered how to spend money and bring in two more players.

But there will be the few who realise that this is still all a big joke. We have the capability to bring in the very best but instead we sign players who I’m sure are decent on their day, but not world beaters – and certainly not players who would win you a Premier League title or Champions League.

Would you rather have Zlatan and Pogba or Perez and Mustafi?



19 thoughts on “Lucas Perez & Shkodran Mustafi Are Not Enough For Arsenal!

    • I’m not sure this guy is any better than Joel Campbell but i tend to disagree with negative vibe of your post.
      If Mustafi is a goer and works out, then you”re talking about a squad thats got the best depth in the PL.
      our bench would have Theo, Ox, Jack, Perez, BFG(when hes ready),
      Gabriel, Holding, Welbeck Gnabry(brilliant olympics) Iwobi.
      Its a long season squad and AW has built depth.
      The season isnt won until May…..
      Good squad.

  1. You are even by Arsenal fan standards sooooo negative, the price of the player does not dictate the quality surely what’s gone on at Leicester proves that and how u can say his YouTube highlights don’t look impressive is beyond me! Plus he’s not meant to be better than Giroud he’s meant to be different which he is so stop fuckin moaning like an old woman and support the team for just once!

    • Excuse me, I disagree. ALL women moan and bitch about ANYTHING as soon as you stop kissing their ass.

      In other news: The author of this blog really needs a reality check. No signings-Wenger out.
      2 signings, one being statistically a top 3 defender in Europe last season and a striker that was wanted by direct rival and has a good progression rate as well as scoring and assisting statistics in a mediocre team with hardly any creative players- still Wenger out.

      Dude let me tell you something, life is more than just football, look around you, football is for relaxation and recreation of your inner self your energy and chilling your mind. If you get so stressed out and paranoid, bordering obsessive about we get being bad guy, you really might want to follow @Liam advice and get a different hobby.

  2. How many world class strikers do we have in the market…as far as im concern non……is not all about huge sums..did Sterling justified his huge fee,no……..Perez & mustafi are decent buys….both have quality…….they are enough for now.Leisceister won the league with how many world class players,non ……….

  3. Arsenal fance,we’re very funny anything that’s will bring the name of the club dawn that’s is what we’re interested in.Arsenal has not been successful for yours but we won the FA cup back to back nd the charities cup that Manchester United won last season nd they’re successful always interested to destroy the name of the man Wenger y not we lieve this man alone to do his job that his been payd for, no body nd nobody will love Arsenal football Club mre Dan the man Asenal Wenger plz.

  4. I said at the start I don’t care who we sign, they can cost £5m or 50m but I expect us to challenge for the title this season, buying cheap is not a get out clause if we come up short again.

    4th place can go to hell and so can Wenger if he thinks that is good enough, lets hope it doesn’t come to this…

  5. Yeah I agree they are not massive world class signings, but at least give them a chance to settle and see how they perform before judging them. Had you ever heard of Vieira and Anelka when we signed them? No, and look how that turned out!

    Whilst they may flop and let us down, lets make judgement after a few months of playing time. Bearing in mind how long it took Bergkamp, Henry and Pires to settle, it might be 6 months or longer until we see the best of them. If they are shit, I’m sure everyone will let Wenger know!

  6. My favorite post on here is the one that says “you’re shit!” Right. That sums it up.

    –Yes, I’m called uniball b/c I only have one ball! What of it? Cunt!

  7. Pls do Leicester city hadd zlatan or pogba before being crowned champs… Besides Perez is a great attacker nd mustafi a world class cb… Proud to be a gunner yay!

  8. Good to hv 17m Perez 27yr at least better than 30m verdy 30yr and only makes is mark for one session he scored just 5 goals session before . Giroud getting to 30yr and u expect him to improve 16goals with all the star MF at arsenal. He can not survive 17goals at depotiv. man City sign Nolito 30yr 12goals. U will see what Perez will become with ozil,wilsh,cazola,alex,ramsy,xhaka service . He his our worldclass. Let get behind them

  9. you never heard about lucas perez & still you writing about football !!!!.. You doubt lucas quality that if he has the quality of giroud,,.. So many years Arsenal depend on Martesakar & you think mustafi isn’t the guy Arsenal need… Come’on you don’t belong to footballing world,go & find another hobby,,,


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