Arsenal Won’t Win The League For Another 20 Years!

We hear time and time again that Arsene Wenger is “active” in the transfer market and we’re looking out for players but there are just no suitable ones out there.

So do Arsene even have a scouting network?

What are these guys getting paid for? There are thousands of players around the world, playing in different leagues and countries and you’re telling me that there are NO PLAYERS out there that could improve our squad?

It’s an absolute farce.

What is the point of Arsenal except to finish 4th, seriously?

We apparently have a hell of a lot of money available at our disposal yet we don’t spend it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting Arsenal to go out and spend £300 million on players – I’m not that stupid – but spend some of it and so some ambition!

We hear the same old excuses:

  • Players are too expensive.
  • The players just aren’t out there / available.
  • We are in a different market to the rest of Europe.
  • Caretaker Dave left the sprinklers on so we need to save money for our water bill.

I mean it is ridiculous. Arsenal fans pay the highest ticket prices in the league yet get a team which has no motivation to win the major trophies.

It’s pretty much like going to a Michelin Star restaurant and getting soggy chips and mushy peas dumped on your plate.

Arsene Wenger is a great man, no doubt. He brought the glory days back to Arsenal – but we are stuck in a vicious cycle which will never change.

Arsene only has to answer to the owners and as long as he makes them a profit every season (by getting 4th in the league) then they are over the moon.

There needs to be huge changes but this isn’t going to happen for a long long time.

Arsenal is just a business and the fans just don’t matter.


8 thoughts on “Arsenal Won’t Win The League For Another 20 Years!

  1. A business needs customers.
    No customers means no club.
    And in no business is the manager placed ahead of the customers – its just not sustainable.
    Wenger will go and Kroenke may follow when attendances fall so low he won’t make a profit anymore…

  2. these arsenal guys,I have supported arsenal for so long my whole life and t hurts to see that we going no where am not in London and I haven’t watched a live game but these guys in London the fans the supporters y do u still even attend those matches just to make these guys rich boycott for a whole season and see wat happens….

  3. Simple solution, boycott Arsenal matches. Don’t buy tickets until Wenger is out or spend appropriately. After all you spend more to get more. Let there be two Zero attendance, the club management will understand.

  4. Yes guys, am also agree with the idea of reducing attendance of Arsenal supporters at games just to show that we are not happy wth the way the club being managed. Am also an Arsenal supporter from Namibia.

  5. When Arsenal supporters from allover the world are so angry and sad and calling for boycotting Arsenal matches and games , it means there is something wrong with the club management and administration. Not only the fans who can be so emotional , but Arsenal Heroes Vieira , Henry , Berkamp ,, Ian wright and former Arsenal coaches have expressed their dissatisfaction of how Wenger is running the club in in particular his week and negative attitude in the transfer market. We hope he will respect his dignity and resign and go quietly after all the destruction he caused Arsenal.

  6. stan kroeke nd wenger, these are two people dat bring set back to Arsenal I even blv dis so-called Wenger has a shares in arsenal if not so, how a coach wll be in a club for 20yrs without any tangible achievement is nt depend on salary alone. can’t he Learn frm oder coaches, we can compared him Oder big coaches, my advice to all fans throughout d world is DAT u guy should stop buying dere ticket stop paying for d fee let Wenger nd is so-called staff pay for d fee let dem sover for der miss did I know arsene w renewed is contract bad people wt bad ambition


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