Would You Have Arsene Wenger For Another 20 Years?


Obviously it’s hypothetical but answer me this, would you have Arsene Wenger for another 20 years?

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for 20 years and marked his anniversary with a fantastic win over Chelsea. In a game where Arsenal were rampant for the first 45 minutes, Arsenal went into the break 3-0 up and it wasn’t the first time Arsenal have been irresistible for the first half of a match.

In recent seasons, we’ve swept aside Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Napoli and other big sides after starting the match right out of the blocks. And that kind of swashbuckling football is thanks to Arsene Wenger.

I could do into detail about the achievements but you already know them – the first double in 1998, the second in 2002, the Invincibles season in 2004, the FA Cups in between. The style of football he has produced at times has been the best in the country by far and although we’ve had some barren spells in terms of trophies, but that can be related to the expensive stadium move to The Emirates.

You will all have your opinions of Arsene – some of you think he needs to leave and his methods are outdated, others think he is the only man to move us forward considering everything he has done for the club.

But what do you think? Would you take another 20 years of Arsene Wenger (if it was possible?). Leave your comments below and cast your vote now!

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2 thoughts on “Would You Have Arsene Wenger For Another 20 Years?

  1. Assuming Wenger is still 50 years old, with the footballing experience he has today, along with the philosophy of the game he has, never forget the tiki-taka football style he always wants his team to display on the pitch, with the way he sharpens the Arsenal academy youth and produce Iwobi-like talents, with a look at the way he operates with Arsenal scouting network to porch talented potential signings; I would still plead him to move Arsenal further for the next 20 years from now. This man has been heavily criticised, mainly for the long barren period since the invincibles back in 2003/2004 season up to now (premier league wise), but he is still the man we will remember to have given Arsenal the respect and fear the club reflects in all aspect of its footballing standard.


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