Mark Clattenburg Cost Arsenal The Game Tonight!

Arsenal lost for the first time since the opening day of the season in a game they didn’t deserve to lose – all because of that c*nt of a referee Mark Clattenburg.

Below par? Perhaps. Sluggish? Certainly. But Everton we in no way better than us tonight.

The problem with Clattenburg is that he is an attention seeker. He just LOVES the spotlight. The guy cannot help himself. He needs to be the centre of the universe and tonight he didn’t disappoint.

In a football match, the referee’s decisions matter. They dictate the tempo of the game and even the small decisions were awful. 

But he saved the best till last.

Deep into stoppage time, when Arsenal were turning the screw and pinning back Everton, the ball was blocked twice on the line. The ball ricocheted to Alexis Sanchez who was on the left side of the box. He clearly nicked the ball and then was blatantly taken out.

Stone wall penalty.

Even watching on TV in real time, I knew it was and penalty. It was one of those incidents you don’t need to see again, or from another angle in slow motion. It was a penalty every single day of the week.

And what does Clattenc*nt do? Wave play on obviously. 

We may not have played particularly well but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve decisions when they are clear as day. We had 2 shots saved of the line and a clear penalty decision waved away. 

A lot of anger has been sent towards Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players but this time it’s not deserved. The defeat was down to one c*nt of a referee.


2 thoughts on “Mark Clattenburg Cost Arsenal The Game Tonight!

  1. wenger cost arsenal the game, Iwobi and Lucas should have started knowing fully well Ox and Walcot started the last game 3days back, changes came late, freshness could have won us the game.


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