I Told You Months Ago Arsenal Fans Would Turn Against Mesut Özil!

Over 2 months ago in October, I posted an article saying that Mesut Özil has to be careful that the Arsenal fans don’t turn against him. In summary, the main reasons for this were that the whole contract situation would give Özil a distraction. The problem is that Özil would want a bumper new contract, which in turn would put the spot light on him – with Arsenal fans (as well as Arsene Wenger I suspect) questioning whether he was worth it.

And yesterday I put an online poll asking if Arsenal fans thought that Özil deserved the abuse he’d been getting – and the majority said he did.

He’s been successful for Germany, winning the World Cup – but in terms of club football his achievements have been modest at best.

He’s played ‘top level football’ for 10 seasons and won the German Cup for Werder Bremen, La Liga and the Copa del Rey for Real Madrid and 2 FA Cups for Arsenal.

If you put him alongside players like Philip Neville or even Nani, his trophy collection isn’t as near as impressive.

So my point was that basically seeing if Arsenal matched his ambition was a little rich, as he is demanding Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo money for achievements which are not even on the same planet as the aforementioned players.

The problem now is while Özil is a very good player; he’s not world class. He flatters to deceive and when things are going well, it’s fantastic, but when they’re not going well he disappears.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi would disappear when their teams needed them most?

If you compare Özil to the other top Number 10’s in the world, is he anywhere near the best?


3 thoughts on “I Told You Months Ago Arsenal Fans Would Turn Against Mesut Özil!

  1. Go away, no-one has turned against Mesut Ozil! There’s been a minor frustration over a couple of performances. The disgruntled voices are less than 1% of the entire fan-base, the usual no-marks on ArsenalFanTV that influence the tabloids as ‘mass Arsenal hysteria’. Ozil is one of the greatest players to wear the shirt. Sites like yours are two-bob. You predicted nothing so get back in your box. The deluded self-importance of idiots these days is astounding!

  2. Ozil is no doubt a very classy player but not a world class one because to shine he needs to be in a team world class players or teams full of determined players. At Arsenal he has none of these. Ozil is not one who can lift or carry a team. He needs to be lifted. Compare him with Alexis who is like a one man band in terms of effort and lift.


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