Here Is A List Of Every Single Problem With Arsenal Football Club

1. No Leaders

We have a squad of talented footballers, but not enough strong personalities. Apart from Alexis Sanchez and Francis Coquelin, no-one else cares enough to fight or win. The rest of the team are happy to play pretty football and pick up their huge pay packets.

2. The Manager

Arsene Wenger is a great man, who has done huge amounts for the club, but his ideas are old and stale. He doesn’t do tactics and it’s well know that he only concentrates on attacking football. Unfortunately that approach just doesn’t hack it these days. Against better managers (in the Premier League and in Europe), he gets found out too easily.

3. Arsene Wenger Makes The Same Mistakes Every Year

Whether it’s not strengthening in key areas (how many years did it take to sign a top central defender? Or bring in a world-class goalkeeper?) or naive tactics away from home against the better teams, Arsene Wenger has a blind spot for seeing the obvious. You’d think one win at Stamford Bridge in 15 years would flag up a concern with him but clearly not.

4. Aaron Ramsey

He had one good season and after that has been poor. In all fairness he is being played out of position (see how good he was for Wales in the Euros?) but he just doesn’t fit in at Arsenal, unless we sell the likes of Özil and Cazorla.

5. Arsene Wenger Has Complete Control of The Club

One of the major problems Arsenal has is that even if they wanted to get rid of Arsene Wenger, they couldn’t. He pretty much controls the whole club. From transfer dealings to daily training, and from club policies to how the club is run, he is the all-ruling master. You would need to appoint 4/5 people just to replace Arsene Wenger, and with our board they wouldn’t even know where to start.

6. The Board Have No Idea

Essentially Arsene Wenger’s fantastic consistency to get Arsenal into the Champions League season after season is a board members dream. A steady, regular income year on year is what the shareholders want. We’ve never dipped below 4th place in the league, which means that we represent excellent value for money and that’s why Silent Stan invested in the club. Why would the board jeopardise that by appointing someone else and most likely, end up finishing lower than 4th? If it was up to the board (and it is to a big extent), they would have Arsene Wenger in charge for the rest of the mans life, and beyond (if they could they would stuff Arsene and place him permanently on the sidelines at The Emirates).

7. The Owners Simply Don’t Care

The owners don’t care about the fans. Their interests are how much money the club makes and how that can be maximised. We have the highest ticket prices in the league yet don’t show the success on the pitch to reflect the amount of money the fans are spending. We’re pretty much spending Lobster and Caviar money and getting Steak and Chips. Steak and Chips is lovely and tasty but there’s always something better. And aside from that, their second main interest is to have as little hassle as possible – and keeping Arsene Wenger on makes that a certainty. Just keep running the club into 4th and keep the money rolling in? That’ll do nicely thank you very much!

8. We Have The Wrong Mentality At The Club

Arsenal have all the tools in place to fight for the major titles (I’m talking about the Premier League and Champions League) but the mentality of the club, which all comes from the manager, is all wrong. Arsene is highly respected by pretty much every single player he has managed since he arrived in 1996 and that’s because he will defend his players to the hilt. And while that is a commendable attribute to have, it also means no player is actually accountable for their performances. How many times have we seen out of form players still selected week after week?

Arsene’s belief in his players is admirable but again it just means that as a club we don’t push on to the next level. The best managers aren’t afraid to make tough decisions when it comes to team selections whereas Arsene is. How many times have we seen a team go onto the pitch and then put in a limp performance? Stamford Bridge comes to mind every season.

The mentality at the club is try your best, and if you don’t succeed don’t worry. Look at clubs like Chelsea and they are like rabid dogs – winning is everything and nothing else is acceptable – to the extent where if they’re not winning then they will literally fight on the pitch. A club like Chelsea has the mentality of winners, full of leaders and players who will fight for each other. Whereas our players are great when things are going well but as soon as there’s a slight sign of difficulty they wilt and give up. Do you think a manager like Diego Simeone would stand for the performances against Watford and Chelsea?

9. There’s No One Pushing The Club Forward

With Arsene at the helm we’re just stale and stagnant. There’s no drive or willingness to reach the next level. We dither over transfers and persist with players like Ramsey and Walcott who are clearly not good enough. There’s no accountability with Arsene and he’d soon rather get on and father his players then give them a bollocking when it’s required. He’s too soft and no longer got the determination to push Arsenal to winning major titles. Where is the desire and determination to improve? Where’s the winning mentality amongst the squad?

10. The Team Is Always Too Nice

On the pitch we’re a joke. On a good day we can terrorise any team with our passing, movement and possession but the problem is when things aren’t going well. Our heads go down and in games where the opponents are too physical we literally lie down and die. Where’s the fight?

When you think of the old Manchester United teams, this current Chelsea team and The Invincibles, if someone took out one of their players we’d have about 6/7 teammates coming in and kicking off. These days one of our players gets poleaxed and no-one cares. Teams don’t bully us, Arsenal let teams bully them. Where’s the aggression and fight? Do you think Patrick Vieira, Theirry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp would let players push tem around? Would they f*ck!

Our team is full of pushovers. One bad foul and instead of fighting back they moan and bitch to the referee. If Vieira got kicked he’d get back up and then get the f*cker back with the next challenge and let them know who’s boss. None of this feeling sorry for yourself crap.


3 thoughts on “Here Is A List Of Every Single Problem With Arsenal Football Club

  1. Crikey! since 2008 I have been saying pretty much what you guys are only now discovering – that Arsene Wenger is a totally useless manager. When a two-bit Stoke player like Charlie Adam is now commenting on why its gone wrong for Arsenal, then you know Arsene is stuffed.

    I used to say things like Arsenal don’t spend money. Now Arsene is spending it on the wrong players: when he does spend. We have the biggest squad in the country, but 70 per cent of them are average footballers. Everybody I know is scared of Arsene walking away. During the Euros, I told friends at work that the Italian manager would be good for Arsenal because even though they did not win it his team looks disciplined and well organised – something we can never dream of having under Arsene. Smarter men at Chelsea then decided to snap him up.

    Where are your “Arsene Knows”, “In Arsene we Trust”, and “Le Prof” – Le Prof!! the guy is no more intelligent than a five year old. Look at all his basic mistakes, even I can run the club better, and I will not be asking for £8m a year. We could have been winning titles by now if we got rid of this sleepy head ages ago. If care is not taken Arsene will turn this club into a championship team when he decides to retire, because no one else at the club knows how to run a football team. I am sure they do not have a clue on who can take over if (not likely) Arsene decides to retire – the fools will even be asking him to suggest his own replacement!!

    Arsene is only part of the problem. Both himself, Kroenke and his cronies should leave the club. You guys never realised this before but Arsene has been using this club as his own personal toy ever since Dein left.

    So what is the solution?

    1) If it is possible that Arsene does not sign (and we should all be putting the pressure on him and the board so he does not), we can get a calibre football manager such as Joachim Low.
    2) Get Pjanic (Carzola’s replacement), Reus and a top grade left back (usually managers do not make more than 3 changes to their first eleven).
    3) Unloose the purse strings: pay Ozil and Sanchez what other players in their category get e.g. £220K – £240k a week.
    4) Strengthen the players in training because they are too weak. Change the style of play, so the team knows how to defend, especially against the better teams. Let them know if they don’t work appropriately for their salary they are out.

    I tell you – Arsenal will not just be challenging for the premiership again, they will also be challenging for the champions league – It can be done!!


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