It’s Time For Arsene Wenger To F*cking Leave!!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have always been one of the few AKB’s left amongst the Arsenal supporters. I believed that he was the right man to take us forward, especially after years of financial difficulties – but now enough is enough.

I tweeted before the game that there are only 3 things certain in life: Death, Taxes and Arsenal losing at Stamford Bridge. And I even said to myself I wasn’t going to watch the match as I knew exactly what was going to happen. But as most of you know supporting Arsenal is a religion and is something you can’t just turn off and on with a flick of a switch. So even knowing what would unfold this afternoon, I watched the game.

The game ended 3-1 and that’s not a surprise. Arsenal were second best all afternoon and again, that wasn’t a surprise. I hate playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge because mentally we just bottle it. We approach the game with no fight, no determination and most importantly no belief. Why is that? It all stems from the manager.

I don’t know why Arsene Wenger keeps making the same mistakes. The only time we won there was when they had the incompetent Andre Villas Boas in charge and Van Persie scored a hat trick to give us a 5-3 win. Apart from that, the only win I remember was in The Invincible season when Vieira and Edu scored in a 2-1 victory.

Don’t get me wrong, the refereeing once again was a complete joke. The opening goal was a clear foul – Alonso pretty much pole axed Bellerin before heading into the net. In any other game thats a foul but there seems to be a trend of awful refereeing decision going against us recently.

After that we couldn’t really get into the game but despite this, we still make some decent chances to nick an equaliser. Gabriel had the best chance but his header went straight down the keepers throat.

But as it stands, after the defeat against Watford midweek, we are now 12 points behind. Once again, in early February we’re well out of the title race.

So now our only chance of silverware this season is either in the Champions League (are you having a laugh?) or the FA Cup. Ah well, at least we can try and finish 4th again.

Look, I love Arsene Wenger. That man has done more than any other to grow and build a football club that is self-sustainable and has one of the best stadiums not just in England but the world. And while the man has given us unprecedented success – he ideas and football beliefs are just outdated.

The best defence usually wins the league yet that’s an area he doesn’t believe he needs to teach. He inherited a side with one of the best defences the country has ever seen and did recruit well, signing Lauren, Sol Campbell and Kolo Toure, as well as bringing Ashley Cole through the ranks. But after that it’s been nothing but stop gaps. And Arsene was fortunate with The Invincibles defence, as Ashley Cole off to Crystal Palace before Silvinho had his passport problems, Lauren was originally a right sided midfielder and Kolo Toure was groomed into the roll by Martin Keown.

After 13 years without even looking like we could sustain a genuine title challenge, enough is simply enough.


8 thoughts on “It’s Time For Arsene Wenger To F*cking Leave!!

  1. Agreed. New blood, thinking, tactics etc etc. I think the new style of club management is needed, Arsene had done well but his methods are not working. A change is certainly needed.

  2. you’re on point. Arsene Wenger needs to leave the club. I have always known that his tactics are outdated and primitive. He just gather mediocre players and wants to win the league. 13 years is long enough to win a league yet he couldn’t win against a Watford team,now Chelsea. i’m tired of Wenger,he has to go..

  3. Wenger has for many seasons has lost sight, vision and now self respect. Anyone in his position would have the self respect to move away as no one knows better than him that his ideas have become rusty and obsolete. Hope he himself volunteer to go out and help someone new to take the charge.

  4. In my opinion, I think we have got a good squad to lift the big trophies but the manager (MR. WENGER) is out of ideas. Change is the best thing that should happen. After that I dnt care with the outcome but I know ARSENAL will be far better without WENGER.

  5. Mr Wenger, I have a question for uuuu…what do u say of managers that won leagues on their first season in charge compared to your 13 year and still counting without any major trophy


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