5 Reasons Why Arsenal Can Overcome Bayern Munich Tonight

You must have been living under a rock if you don’t know about the disastrous first leg in Germany. Arsenal are trailing 5-1 after being bent over and royal screwed at The Allianz Arena, after actually equalising after Robben’s early goal and went into half time all square at 1-1.

Unfortunately, the second half was typical Arsenal and we ended up shipping 4 goals. But there are some reasons to be positive and believe that Arsenal can overturn this massive deficit, and they are outlined below:

1. Mesut Özil isn’t playing

After missing the Liverpool game due to “illness”, the lazy playmaker is also out of tonight’s tie with Bayern – which can only be a good thing. He pretty much strolled around in the first leg and while it was a collective collapse from the team, having a player who walks around the pitch isn’t really the best approach in a massive Champions League game.

No wonder Sanchez was angry at him.

He won’t be missed tonight and if you had to name 20 players you would want to call on to put in a fight or battle on the pitch, he wouldn’t be on there.

Without Özil we can put out 11 players who run around and give every single ounce of energy on the pitch. Except for the goalkeeper of course, I wouldn’t want him running around too much.

2. The scoreline is so ridiculous, Bayern Munich might not know what to do

Bayern would have been basking in the almighty glow of their own brilliance a couple of weeks ago, and lets’s be frank, every man and their dog knows Bayern are through. But that can work to our advantage.

If Arsenal manage to score early, or at least score twice in the first half (I know it’s a big if) then what would Bayern do? It’s not inconceivable that Bayern could start the game in defensive mode and struggle to get back into the game if the tide is turning. We came so so close against AC Milan at The Emirates once (when RVP really should have put us through) and that away goal is a life line. Bayern don’t want the game to be open so if we nick a goal or two then the whole dynamic of the match changes.

I seem to remember Monaco overturning a big deficit against Real Madrid, and Deportivo La Coruna doing the same to AC Milan (I think) in the Champions League before.

While it might be almost impossible, there is always that little chance if things go our way.

3. This could be Alexis Sanchez’s redemption

Alexis Sanchez is by far our best player and things couldn’t be any worse right now. The bust up with the manager and “senior player” (whoever that is) means that moral is rock bottom. But if Arsene Wenger can get his team selection right, and compliment the supreme talents of Alexis Sanchez, then we are a goal threat all day long.

What better way to kick start our season with a miracle win against Bayern Munich and have Alexis Sanchez at the fulcrum of that? You know this guy will sweat buckets for the shirt and if we can give him the best possible supporting cast, anything could happen.

4. Philipp Lahm is suspended

Bayern’s iconic captain is missing tonight and he is a massive part of their team. How will they cope with his absence? If Arsene Wenger can pick the right team that is the part of the pitch we can surely exploit.

5. Because Arsene Wenger’s teams can always score

Arsene Wenger is a lot of things but as consistent as our defensive frailties is our ability to score. It doesn’t matter what Arsenal game I’m watching, I know that on our day that we have the ability to score against anyone if we’re in the mood.

Arsene is a champion of attacking football and while it hasn’t been a trend of late, we are always capable of scoring. If you said to me we would create at least 10 chances tonight I wouldn’t be surprised – of course, taking them is another question.

The front line selection is vital in how we do tonight. I wouldn’t put Theo Walcott anywhere near the starting eleven as this is not a game for him. But do we go for the dynamism and pace of Alexis or the aerial threat of Giroud? Or can we start them both.

Arsene needs to really think about what our best attacking combination is and if we can get it right, anything can happen.


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