Let’s Get #KroenkeOut & #SaveWenger Trending!

It’s got to the point now where everyone has had enough. It’s the same old story and Arsene Wenger is getting all the flak – but what about the board?

We have a board which is old and stagnant, and has been ever since David Dein was ousted back in 2007. The only man on the board who actually had any football knowledge (and passion for success) hasn’t been at the club for the last 10 years and he’s never been replaced.

Arsene Wenger has been taking a lot of shit recently, some of it justified and some of it not. Now don’t get me wrong, Arsene Wenger is a stubborn man who makes mistakes but at the same time there’s no getting away from the fact that he is a talented coach, excellent manager and well respected man across European football.

And while Arsene has been getting criticised left, right and centre, no-one has said anything about the board. Currently the combination of Silent Stan Kroenke, unambitious board and Arsene Wenger is resulting in consistent Top 4 finishes with no real intention of winning either the Premier League or Champions League. We do enough to do well, but nothing to suggest we can go to the next level.

People have been calling for Arsene Wenger to leave but for me, especially after what he has done for the club, that’s the completely wrong solution. The real solution is getting Stan Kroenke out. This man is killing out club.

He sits there in America somewhere making a tidy profit every season, with completely no interest in Arsenal achieving any success. There’s only one man who desperately wants Arsenal to win things and that’s Arsene.

But as long as Stan Kroenke is at the club nothing will change. Arsene Wenger is basically told to get into the Top 4 every year – and he achieves that. Now what we all want is to go to the next level right? Well that comes from the owners and board.

Arsene Wenger deserves his chance under new ownership. Arsene deserves a season or two with Arsenal under an owner who is ambitious, forward-thinking and wants success.

IF after that Arsene doesn’t win the Premier League then that would be the fairest time to let the man go.

But under Stan Kroenke do you think a change in manager would make a blind bit of notice?

You are delusional if you think that getting rid of Arsene Wenger is the answer – the real solution is getting rid of the terminal disease at the club and it’s name is Stan Kroenke.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Get #KroenkeOut & #SaveWenger Trending!

  1. Kroenke let Wenger spend around 100M this Summer…100M on shit might I add.

    Kroenke doesn’t buy the players.
    Kroenke doesn’t give average players massive contracts.
    Kroenke doesn’t prepare the team for each game.
    Kroenke doesn’t do the tactics mid game.

    Wenger is the root of the problem, once a great manager but he can’t take us forward anymore.

  2. That is exactly how I see it too. Let;s face it, Stan Kroenke and especially his arrogant son Josh are not football men but have a final say on everything Arsenal. Josh Is in charge really, given this role by his father. Some say he wants to get rid of Wenger and get someone cheaper. Ranieri perhaps?

  3. stupid article
    Wenger Out. Kroenke did not force wenger to drop sanchez yesterday or to buy coquelin and ot constantly start him

    it is time
    bye bye wenger

  4. your article is not balanced. Wenger sets out the team and motivates the team, not Kronke. As much as i would love to have wenger and all the board piss out of the club, the main issue is wenger. He has lost his mojo.. #WENGER OUT

  5. Arsenal needs a Tsunami. Starting from Kroenke and the Board. They’re there to fatten their pockets, they have no idea about football, the coaching staff and most of the present squad. However the buck has to stop with Wenger because he is ultimately responsible for assembling the present squad coaching and managing them on a daily basis and over the years was also responsible for a number of unsuccessful engagements (no need to name names). His tactics have become stale and predictable and the team is demotivated and it comes as no surprise that our best players over the last few years have left us to win trophies with other clubs. Finally, I am disgusted hearing players state that they would wait to see what Wenger does before committing to a new contract. The Club should remind them that they are contracted to Arsenal not to Wenger. Let’s stop the rot. We’ve had enough of bullshitting.

  6. Well to me wenger is our problem in arsenal, football of nowadays re different from football of old days! Wenger is clueless now n does not knw wot to do any longer. Wenger is the only manager av seen that does not make substitute not until 75 minutes were nothing can be done again. His knowledge is now stagnant! Pleas it’s just high time for him to leave we want a fresh blood n a new face n some of the craps he signed need to be sacked people like xhaka, the idiot just wasted our money signing a player that gets a yellow card every game if not red card and the useless man knows santi carzola needs a replacement for his role but the old magot is just too stubborn to see that. Tho kroenke might have his own blame too but wenger is to take 80 percent of the blame because even if they give wenger good money to sign good players he we sign average players for us and return the remaining money.

  7. We are all fed this refrain, “after all he has done”. Another twenty years from today, it will still be after what he has done! And what has he really done? Yes he came and inherited a solid back four as a springboard to all the success he has been credited. Credit to him, with a shoe string budget, he kept the club in the top four while helping to build the magnificient Emirates Stadium. Nobody in his right senses will ever say that Arsene is not a massive legend. Yes, he is. But this legend now belongs to the board room. The game has changed and with Wenger’s fixation and principles arsenal will never be up there with him.
    What are the things that have changed while the manager remains stagnant?
    A. Title winning players do not go for peanuts any more. Just as Wenger is adjusting to the fact that he has to pay about $40M for a player, the values jump to $60-70m.
    B. All clubs have increased their scouting network, so Wenger does not enjoy the exclusive rights ro the French or African market.
    C. Tactics in the premiership is now very dynamic. Arsene is fixated in his tactics.
    D. With his age, he has softened and thus cannot drive his players to perform beyond their now lethargic way.
    E. The modern tenets of the game – pressing, marking, required physicality and unbriddled passion ala Conte, Pochetino, Klopp do not conform to the purist bent of our dear professor.
    F. He is averse to paying the kind of money required to keep top players in arsenal. Tottenham have secured the contracts of their top players, ditto Liverpool, Chelsea and others, but arsenal and wenger are always in a yeatly tumolt of retaining their players or not.
    G. He is notoriously slow in playing in the transfer market. It takes him years to get his man after the other parties are tired of his pennypinching.
    H. By his own admission, he lost Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, kolo Toure, Hazard and much more. Tell me, who else is left.
    I. It used to be arsenal fans begging wenger to stay, but now it is wenger obviously sitting tight like some African tyrant, not knowing when to quit.
    Finally, it took me effort to write the above , remember, we are talking about Le Prof, that immitable, awe inspiring, debonair gentleman who undoubtedly has made his mark on the English game. Remember there is only one Wenger, the Invincible!!

  8. We get should go Enough of all the Bullsshilt. Please let the Board get us the Sevilla Coach right away the pla a very Attractive Football please watch his games.


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