Are Leicester Where They Should Be In The League Table?

As of now, Leicester sits in 15th place below Watford, Bournemouth, and Burnley in the league table. Moreover, if the team doesn’t start winning, it may soon find itself below the likes of Swansea, Hull and Middlesbrough. A question that many soccer fans and pundits are asking is whether Leicester is where it should be. A number of people, the majority of them Leicester fans, argue that the reigning EPL champions are in a false position. According to them, Swansea, Hull and Boro shouldn’t be above Leicester in the league. The counter argument to this is that Leicester has been horrendous this season and deserves to be in the relegation zone. So, this beckons the question: is Leicester where it should be in the EPL table?

The current premier league season is Leicester’s third consecutive season in the top flight of English football. Of the teams mentioned above, only Swansea has had a longer sustained stay in the EPL. Talking about the EPL, you can easily get the latest odds on the best sports to watch on TV. Coming back to the topic, if Leicester was above the likes of Watford, Bournemouth, and Burnley in the table, it would sit in 12th place: a position most Leicester fans believe the team should hold. Even though it upset the odds and won the league last season, Leicester is a team most people expect to finish mid table.

Most people, including Leicester fans, expected the team to not do as well as they did last season. In fact, during pre season, many had predicted that the reigning PL champions would struggle to finish top 6 in the 2016/2017 premier league season. What they did not expect was Leicester being in a relegation dog fight. Whenever a team wins a title, its motivation automatically drops the next season. Now while this may not happen to bigger clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, teams such as Leicester are bound to suffer from a lack of motivation after winning big. If you’re interested in watching Real Madrid or Barcelona play, you can get fast speed internet to watch a live stream of a game involving either of these teams.

Leicester fans may not like where their team is currently in the table but the reality is that Leicester is exactly where it should be. Contrary to what most people say, Leicester won the league last through sheer hard work and there was little luck involved in its triumph. Similarly, Leicester is 100% where it should be this season as the team has performed abysmally in most games this season.

In short, Leicester massively overachieved last season to become the English Premier League champions. This season, Leicester has performed just a little below expectations but is exactly where it ‘should be’ in the table.


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