15 thoughts on “Simple Question – Should Arsene Wenger Leave Arsenal?

  1. Wenger should leave ASAP him alongside Ramsey,Coquelin,Walcot,Monreal,Xhaka,Bellerin,Chech.His squad is pathetic,giving lame excuses all the time,look at the youngsters he signs Sanogo is not a footballer always giving excuses then wears a UG smile as if he’s a genius.

  2. Wenger has reached the end.If he is smart he shd go before he is
    fired.CP knew his style but the fm refuses to change and that’s why Arsenal
    will end up being the sick man/joke of the epl/cl.

  3. if Arsene is a man of integrity he should step down from is position by simply resigning. the loyalty of stank kroenke is questionable to arsenal and the entire world wide fan base if wenger remains as Arsenal manager. the CEO Ivan Gazidis is not a man of he words

  4. Anyone who is still asking this question should have his or her head checked like wenger needs to if he still thinks in his delusional mind that he has any value to add to this team

  5. This is just not ab out Wenger, the entire board should go and silly kroenke should sell to people who have this club at heart. I will NEVER spend a dime for Kroenke again until he sells to serious minded people and I have my Arsenal back. Bunch of Jokers!!!!!

  6. The only and best thing he can do for
    Arsenal fans worldwide is to go by himself because we know they won’t sack him,he has done so much damage he needs to go so we get someone to clear this mess he has brought us to.

  7. I don’t know if Wenger is d problem at arsenal,its just obvious a change is urgently needed, may b d coaches, d board,or d players? Something needs to b done now.


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