The Situation At Arsenal Has Reached Breaking Point

Arsenal played Crystal Palace last night, or rather Crystal Palace “played” us as they came out comfortable 3-0 winners in a game where we failed to show any fight, desire or passion – something which has been all too common of late.

The situation at Arsenal – specifically the Arsene Wenger contract story – has been a media circus as Arsenal have been losing regularly on the pitch. Last night was our 7th defeat since the turn of the year which has seen us crash out of the Champions League in spectacular fashion, as well as fall to 6th in the Premier League, now 7 points behind Manchester City who are in 4th place.

The “Wenger Out Brigade” has been more and more vocal as the weeks have gone by and last night reached a new low. Video footage on Twitter saw Arsenal fans abusing Hector Bellerin, as well as Arsenal supporters giving abuse to Arsene Wenger and the players as they got on the team bus:




Credit: Twitter @therealiqqy

It’s one thing having the “keyboard warriors” on Facebook and Twitter having a go at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but when it filters down to the supporters who are going to the game then we have a problem.

The abuse Wenger and Mustafi were subjected to as they walked onto the bus was completely out of order but sadly reflects how some Arsenal fans feel.

We’re all frustrated with whats going on at Arsenal and the problem the club has is that there is no vision for change. We’ve been in the exact same situation for the last 13 years now and the fans have had enough? Have I had enough? I did a long time ago.

But we have a club, manager and board who don’t listen. And that’s where the main problem is. Most other clubs take on board the views and feelings of the fans but Arsenal seem to be in this bubble where they will just do what they want. We have an owner who never talks, a chief executive in Ivan Gazidis who just spouts crap and a manager who, let’s face it, is the “King of Spin”. He talks the talk Arsene but he doesn’t deliver on the pitch, where it matters.

The players have clearly given up and aren’t playing for the manager any more. From Arsenal Football Club, they are probably the only ones who do listen and they realise that we’ll never win the Premier League with Arsene Wenger in charge. They aren’t stupid and while they might love the man (I think every Arsenal fan still loves the person) the fact is as a coach, he is stubborn and unwilling to change or adapt.

We must be the only football club in world football who fail to recruit ex-players who actually have an opinion of their own. Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Martin Known, Lee Dixon – why aren’t these former players involved in the club? Why aren’t they involved in the team?

The only former players we have on the staff are Freddie Ljungberg and Lauren, who for all intents and purposes are in ambassador roles, visiting foreign countries to improve overseas relations. They don’t actually have a say in the team or running of the club.

We’re a team at breaking point and Arsene’s strange and arrogant decision to basically not tell anyone his intentions for the future is insulting to the fans who pay the highest ticket prices in European football. Some Arsenal fans might say the protests are out of order but quite frankly, with the 13 years of the same old story, it could be argued that this has been a long time coming and Arsene Wenger has had more than enough time at the club.


5 thoughts on “The Situation At Arsenal Has Reached Breaking Point

  1. Agree 100% with the headline. Arsenal have a manager who refuses to heed
    the changes in the game.That’s why he is forever playing his pass/pass pass 100 times.Some analyst have described it as overpass/overplay.
    Its very easy to counter this game plan. Have a massed defence and hit on the break. That’s why he lost many times to Chelsea and MU in the epl and cl and cant believe it when he had 90% possession and more shots.m
    He inherited aproven defence and was lucky.Since then the defence has gone downhill thanks to his attack at all costs.Thats why he cant even win when leading 4-0.
    I am afraid the longer he stays,he will drag Arsenal down into mediocre status .
    He is too proud and arrogant to admit his philosophy ie pretty soccer has failed. Thats why Arsenal will continue to struggle and be the butt of jokes.

  2. Wenger says he will fix the problems after the defeat. He has been saying this sort of thing for ages that now no fan will believe him.
    I have lost all faith in him since the lucky Cup win 2014.Mind you it was really fortunate.
    I am afraid he has to go like so many other managers who have been fired.
    As to him managing PSG,I say let him go. The board there could fire him halfway through the seaso n if losses keep on going.
    No manager in soccer can last 5 years or more without winning a trophy.The Arsenal board have been too accomodating and shd heed the voices of the fans.

  3. Wenger is hoping to get a couple of wins on the bounce to publicly announce he is staying , he probably has signed his new contract its all about waiting and hoping for a time with less hostility.
    Last years ,his comments ” judge me at the end of the season ” and comments like ” im more concerned about our performance than my job”
    clever stuff all designed to deflect the pressure of poor results at times.
    Sadly Wenger has no intentions of leaving, he thinks Arsenal started in 1986 , Stroller has a better achievement record , trophies per year average.
    We need Wenger to do the honourable thing if he “really cares” about Arsenal rather than more drivel from him,if he would say he is finishing , and give the owners the chance to bring in a person with the credentials, and who is up for the challenge.
    But every week it gets more and more that Wenger is going to stay, at the end of the season , the football world have a months holiday , then it becomes June , and again its all too late to bring in a new manager ,as the new manager needs time to bring in his back up team and players he wants.
    Wenger knows all this if he can survive for another few weeks ,he is not going anywhere.

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