Do You Want Mesut Özil To Leave, Or Stay At Arsenal?

The future of Alexis Sanchez is still up in the air, with the forward strongly linked with a move to Manchester City. Some people have said that it would be worth keeping him for the last 12 months of his contract but we all know how football works these days – and there’s no way in hell Arsene Wenger or Arsenal would turn down something in the region on £50 million if that was offered. We might strengthen a rival but that’s the game today and unfortunately, how Arsenal conduct transfer business. We’ve sold players to Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in the past, so Sanchez to City shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But I digress, it is our other superstar player I wanted to talk about this morning.

Mesut Özil is the other big player who is stalling on a new contract but unlike Sanchez doesn’t seem to be looking for a move away from The Emirates – although that may not be down to him. Alexis Sanchez is a player who has been linked with Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester City and even Chelsea over recent months – with the vultures circling ever since it was revealed Sanchez wasn’t signing a new deal. For Mesut Özil on the other hand, there have been absolutely no links to him potential signing for anyone else.

Why is that?

Is it because he is a luxury player that no big side that wants to win things can have in their starting line up? Is it because he’s overrated?

Özil is a player who divides opinion and it’s almost as if Arsenal fans need to convince themselves thats Özil is a useful player who Arsenal need. But is he world class?

It is generally accepted that if Alexis Sanchez left Arsenal, it would be a disaster. But what about Özil? Do Arsenal fans care if he did leave?

The strange thing is, even if Özil does keep stalling on a new deal, then there might not be any clubs out there who would buy him anyway!

So do you want Mesut Özil to stay? Or would you prefer if he left and Arsenal spent the money on someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Do You Want Mesut Özil To Leave, Or Stay At Arsenal?

  1. I sure wouldn’t offer him a raise after last year’s performance. Why reward mediocrity? If he insists on playing only one side of the ball the Gunners should cut him loose as dead weight. If they decide to keep him it should only be with an incentive laden contract in which he only gets paid top dollar if he performs at a certain high level. Honestly I don’t think anyone else wants him and I’d be much happier with a two-way work horse type of player in his slot who comes without the fragile ego. Three or four times a year he’s absolutely brilliant and the rest of the time he’s uninspiring to put it mildly. Let him walk!

  2. Definitely keep him. Just watch him closely and you will see how many attacks he sets up, how often he makes that pass that opens ups defenses, how his one touch can send opponents in the wrong direction leaving one of our attackers with a good chance on goal.
    No, you totally underestimate Mesut Ozil if you are happy for him to go. He is the cog that oils the machine, even if he occasionally seems to drift. So too does Sanchez, there are periods where you wonder where he is, but like all outstanding players Ozil contributes far more than looks apparent.
    Part of the problem is that some of our team are not on his wavelength, Sanchez is, so is Ramsey, and I feel that in Lacazette he will find another player capable of turning his deft passes into goals…..someone who will understand all that Ozil is, a truly remarkable talent.
    I hope that he signs an extension to his contract – we will sorely miss him if he leaves.

  3. Keep him but get a top class striker for him. If Ozil had Henri up front Arsenal would be breaking all kinds of scoring records.

  4. According my opinion, with out fire/fighter player keeping Ozil is meaningless. If Arsenal want to make title hope as well as profitable, It should be bought key players and keep the important players as well.and also those fringe players are better to leave from Emeritus.


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