Make No Mistake, Alexandre Lacazette Is A Huge Downgrade On Alexis Sanchez

With the signing of Alexandre Lacazette imminent, Arsenal will complete their second signing of the summer, after bringing in Sead Kolasinac from Schalke.

And the reported fee of around £52 million will mean we have smashed our transfer record by some margin, eclipsing the fee paid to Real Madrid for Mesut Özil in the summer of 2013.

But is this guy any good?

Well from what I’ve seen, he scores a lot of penalties. And he’s quite quick – not Thierry Henry or Theo Walcott quick, but not as slow as Olivier Giroud.

He’s scored a lot of goals in Ligue 1 but so had Giroud. I’m a bit conflicted about his signing and if every Arsenal fan was honest with themselves, they know in their hearts that Alexis Sanchez is the far better player – and unfortunately signing Lacazette will mean the departure of Sanchez.

It’s clear that with Alexandre Lacazette is a replacement for Alexis Sanchez. Manchester City are reportedly willing to pay £50 million for the Chilean, co-incidently a similar fee that we’re going to pay for Lacazette.

Alexandre Lacazette’s scoring record is good but in comparison to Alexis Sanchez’s 30 goals and 13 assists for Arsenal last season, they are inferior. Of course, football isn’t all about statistics but for all of Arsenal’s talk of winning the Premier League title then this signing is significantly below our expectations.

I don’t doubt that Alexandre Lacazette is a decent player. But after all the drama with Arsene Wenger’s contract situation, the abuse aimed at the Arsenal manager, then the club talking about pushing on next season and wanting to win the Premier League – it’s clear they need to sign world class players who are ready to help the club reach that next level.

Will Kolasinac and Lacazette do this? I highly doubt it.


16 thoughts on “Make No Mistake, Alexandre Lacazette Is A Huge Downgrade On Alexis Sanchez

    • exactly to many people are pesimistic, ok last year we’d rather forget,mind you the FA Cup gave us something to shout about, so as you say wait until the window close’s before they should judge!!!!!!

  1. Mate chillout. Lacazette is not a replacement for Alexis. They play in different bloody positions. He is an addition and improvement on our current forward line and could well help convince Alexis to stay which by the way is what reports coming out of Chile say is happening. Wait and see mate

  2. Why are some people alway pessimistic, the have not even started. pls keep your opinion, majority of Arsenal fans are happy with this development. Alexis doesn’t come to Arsenal with the present standard.

  3. Chin up pal. Don’t cut your wrists just yet. Lacazette is the box player tap in guy we’ve missed since Ian Wright departed all those years ago. Will augment our attack not deplete it. If we are persuasive enough to get Lemar from Monaco, then Alexis leaving might not hurt as much.

  4. He’s also a massive downgrade on Petr Cech, Laurent Kosielny and Granit Xhaka.

    But… he’s a massive upgrade on Giroud, Sanogo.

  5. What bullshit stirring again from a so called fan? No pleasing a person with such a negative outlook. Pathetic!

  6. Hi,

    I am a supporter of Olympique Lyonnais and Alexandre is one of the best scorer in French league. He scored more than 25 goals by year for the last 4 years.He is fast technic and intelligent. Don’t worry, he will score a lot of goals for Arsenal 🙂

  7. Wat other striker wer u expecting to sign lacazette is adecent signing 4 us and he his an upgrade with al the strikers we have at the moment sanchez is nt a striker

  8. With all our crappy players since 2006 we maintained top 4 but with classy Sanchez…
    Sanchez is world class but Arsenal is a team. Would love him to stay but if he’s not signing, sell ASAP!!

  9. This is why we have such terrible fans. You actually spent time slagging him off instead of being excited that we have signed one of the top strikers in Europe. You suck and this website is fucking shit. I have only come on here to give you shit. Fuck fans like you.

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