Would You Be Happy Signing Lacazette If That Meant Sanchez Was Leaving?

I seemed to have upset a lot of Arsenal fans earlier today when I suggested that Alexandre Lacazette was a massive downgrade from Alexis Sanchez. The fact of the matter is, Alexis Sanchez came from Barcelona, having already won trophies, proving himself as a world class talent in both Spain and Italy – whereas Alexandre Lacazette has done well in the French League and is the national teams understudy to Oliver Giroud.

So how some fans are getting all upset about saying Alexis Sanchez is better than Alexandre Lacazette is beyond me!

But let me ask you this question – if signing Alexandre Lacazette meant Alexis Sanchez was leaving Arsenal would you be happy?


I rest my case.


4 thoughts on “Would You Be Happy Signing Lacazette If That Meant Sanchez Was Leaving?

      • So what so did Theo an the reason he didn’t finish the season up top is because Sanchez is not a number 9 not for Barca, Chile or Arsenal, if we can keep Sanchez an sign Lacazette that’s a guaranteed 40 goals already how can we complain about signing him?

        We finally have a reason to be happy by getting a proven striker an u write a negative article before the ink is even dry on his contract, would Chelsea be happy is they got Lukaku an lost Hazard? Would Utd be happy if they got Morata an lost Pogba? Real Madrid if they got Mbappe an lost Ronaldo… It’s a pathetic question mate, Lacazette is a good signing let the papers an pundits bash Arsenal fans need to get behind the team an stop the negativity


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