Arsenal Are An Absolute Shambles! We Are A Joke Of A Club!! FFS!!

What a joke!

Just when you couldn’t think things could be any worse at Arsenal, they completely outdo themselves and completely f*ck up Transfer Deadline Day.

In terms of departures, Kieran Gibbs, Lucas Perez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all left for West Brom, Deportivo and Liverpool.

The supposed excuse for Arsenal not making any more signings was that we needed to trim the wage bill and yet we were only called into action once it seemed Manchester City were going to offer us £60 million for Alexis Sanchez, which would have been too good to turn down.

But it seems that our crack team of sh*t negotiators managed to f*ck up the deal for Lemar – apparently not knowing that he didn’t even want to join us.

Well done Arsenal, really.

Now Arsene Wenger will spin how strong we are as a club because of our “hard stance” on Alexis Sanchez, making him stay at the club.

Yes thats f*cking great isn’t it – we could have got £60 million for Alexis but instead have a player who hates playing for us and doesn’t want to be here! Plus he will leave in 12 months for FREE!!!

What a f*cking farce!

It’s just a unbelievable joke how badly this club is run – not in terms of making money because we do that well – charging the highest ticket prices in world football, selling off players so our transfer dealings result in more than £30 million profit – the football club is scamming their fans and I have just had enough!

A f*cking awful owner who doesn’t care about the club, a manager who is losing his f*cking mind and a chief executive who… actually what the f*ck does he do?!

I’m going for a sleep – wake me up when this sh*t is all over!


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