How Do You Feel About AOC Going To Liverpool? Vote Here!

After it was reported that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was on his way to Stamford Bridge, the transfer took a dramatic turn as The Ox apparently declined to move to Chelsea despite the two clubs agreeing on a £40 million fee.

The reason being that he thought he would be played as a wing back like he had done at Arsenal, and he has his heart set on playing in central midfield.

When I heard that I thought “fuck, we’re screwed as which other team is stupid enough to buy an average player?!”. Fortunately for us, Liverpool are one such team.

After buying legends such as Andy Carroll, Steward Downing, Bruno Cheyrou, Robbie Keane, Salif Diao and Andriy Voronin, it seems as if the Merseysiders are happy to make Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain their second most expensive signing ever, even though they already have far superior midfielders such as Jordan Henderson, Emre Can and Georginio Wjinaldum – who I’d pick well before letting Oxlade-Chamberlain in central midfield.

But how do you feel about his departure? Is it a case of good riddance? Or will you be crying into your Wheetabix tomorrow morning?

Cast your vote here and leave your thoughts below!

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11 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About AOC Going To Liverpool? Vote Here!

  1. Who’s place will he take at Liverpool? Henderson? Give me a break, he will end up in defence, and then he’ll get injured, as he certainly won’t be molly cuddled like at Arsenal. If we spend the 40 million, for Draxler, Mahrez or Lemar I wouldn’t have a problem, however, if as seems likely, it is used for collateral on another ranch for Kroenke, it would’ve been better to let his contract expire.

  2. Your article sounds a bit like sour grapes to me. Sure Liverpool have signed some piss poor players over the years , But tell me a club who hasn’t . Or maybe Arsenal are the exception … Gervinho , Senderos ,Chamakah , Cygan , Jeffers , Chu-Young and of course who can forget Kim Kallstrom . Arsenal have only got themselves to blame , to have so many players running down their contracts is beyond belief . Personally I think Chamberlain needed a move . He had become stale , From the outside he didn’t seem to be getting any better .And I think Liverpool is a better move for him than Chelsea , As i think Klopp will improve him more than Conte ever could. And on the plus side getting one over on Chelsea makes it all the sweeter.

  3. One of the saddest things I’ve read in ages. You are right he’s not as good as the midfielders Liverpool have already but he’s better than xhaka, Ramsey, ozil or pretty much anyone else you have. Bitter sums it up pretty well I reckon.

  4. You can mock all you want…. Arsenal just got battered by Liverpool, and the last thing you need is more players leaving to have any hope of a top 4 finish… especially to a direct rival who dumped you into the Europa last season. He might not displace any of the current mids, especially when Lallana returns, and possibly even Coutinho, but he’s excellent back up at the very least. And who knows, with a manager who actually knows what he’s doing, he might even become the player many – probably including you – once thought he could be.

  5. He and Sanchez are the only players capable of running at defenders. The problem Wenger doesn’t use this tactic often. Instead he is obsessed with ball possession and intricate passing,flicks,back heels,etc.
    Football is a game to be won and not a circus to entertain the masses.Fans come to see a winning team not pretty soccer with a team suffering big losses repeatedly.
    When you watch how other teams score with minimum passing,why cant he do the same?Thats’ why the gunners cant win the ep as long as the fm stays.. You can forget about the cl. The gunners are there to make up the nos and be other teams punching bag.

  6. I think 180k been offered to him in the first place is sick least to say even stupid. all energy n pace,no end product. I definitely won’t miss him.

  7. AOC can run past people and sometimes puts in a sweet cross to the back post ( last season he gave Giroud and Monreal a perfect cross each).

    Other than that he is quite an intelligent guy who is good in the post match interview. He seemed to enjoy playing with Sanchez and has been quite effective as a goalscorer for England.

    He hasn’t scored enough goals for Arsenal and defensively he used to give the ball away regularly leading to the other team scoring.

    Now of course that is Xhaka’s job.

    AOC’s defensive play was a bit better last season and I think he’ll have a decent career so overall as an Arsenal fan I’m disappointed that he’s going.

  8. When you put a square peg in a round hole what do you expect? AOC is going LFC as a square peg in a square hole. He is naturally fast and precise. That is how Klopp wants it. He was a waste in Arsenal in a system that entertains without a sense of purpose. Watch out for AOC in coming weeks.


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