This is the final straw… Unai Emery needs to go! Before it’s too late!

Well what can you say about that?

We have stuttered all season, and lost at Sheffield United on Monday in one of the worse performances we’ve had under Unai Emery (and that’s saying something). He was given a get out of jail card by the sensational free kicks from Pepe on Thursday, and today?

Well, things didn’t get much better.

The best part of today was the line up being announced before the match. Emery went with Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe, which was exciting and gave us some hope that we would actually try and win a game rather than go a goal up and then defend.

But the same old problems are still there.

We don’t have a coherent game plan, we don’t have a style of play, we have no creativity in the team, the midfield is still unbalanced… it’s the same old story.

Unai Emery has struggled badly since March of last season, where we collapsed and missed out on the Top 4 and were humiliated in the Europa League final. And that poor form has continued into the new season, despite spending record amounts in the summer and a squad overhaul.

Today was the final straw for me. Enough is enough and he needs to leave Arsenal before it’s too late.

If we continue with Emery, we will miss out on the Top 4 again, fail in the Europa League and we’ll end up losing our best players. Why would Aubameyang, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Bellerin and Leno want to play in a team which is nowhere near the Champions League and a million miles away from the Premier League. These are top class players who want to win trophies.

Today was just a stark reminder that Emery has no idea. Our two goal lead came from set-pieces. There’s no tactics involved in that – it’s a case of the players having more heart and throwing themselves at the cross field balls, and today Sokratis and Luiz stepped up. Apart from that, we hardly created anything.

Rewind to Thursday night, and the two goals from Pepe were from set-pieces as well. We can’t just rely on corners and free kicks to score goals!

We were denied a clear goal from a completely ridiculous VAR decision but the goal would have papered over the massive cracks that are evident at Arsenal at the moment.

Edu, Raul and the rest of the higher ups need to start earning their money and reputation, and make a decision that will help Arsenal improve and get us to where we belong.

And the bottom line is that decision is to sack Unai Emery.

It’s over to you now.


34 thoughts on “This is the final straw… Unai Emery needs to go! Before it’s too late!

    • Emiry must go
      I get annoyed when no creativity in the game
      He his not a coach how .. serious comparing willock or torreira with Ozil I doubt …#Ozilperfect10
      He his rather a Europa??coach than a EPl or UEFA Champion coach
      ….to Raul and Edu ..why could we buy a DM someone like ng’olo Kante or Winfried ndidi
      #No.6 to balance the midfielder

  1. Torreira in the front? AMN in the back, Holding and Bellerin on the bench?Ozil is a lazy effa but he can unlock it.This man has no idea what he,s doing if he still hasn’t figured it out he never will. Get Unai out take Xhaka with you before there is even no Europa. It,s really sad to see such a historic club led by two bumbling idiots.

  2. the real problem gunerrs has is unai emery and haka as i think the leaders of this club dont need the club this club is our heart first sake the leaders of this club

  3. believe me we have strong teame but we dont habe leaders and coach if we play in this 11 players every week or every time we will beat every team and we can ween trophies leno ternie saliba holding belerin torera cebalos or gendusi no.10 mr ozil pepe obameyang laca this is our best line up if we do this we can play whith liver and city we must sake emery thanks at all

  4. So Arsenal is now mate with the likes of Watford, Aston Valli, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Norwich, Everton, newcastle, Sherffield United, Westham United and Bournemouth???
    It’s time to sack Emery, dump Xhaka. Or this Arsenal will be struggling for 10th position.. Mark my words!

  5. Guys today to be fair I think the boys gave a good account of themselves. CP were very very aggressive and the ref emboldened them as the game wore on. So many possessions we get robbed because it’s a foul and it’s not called then they attack and the ref can’t wait to blow for a fk. It’s really quite mad to play like that.

    But Xhaka’s response was inexcusable. Gotta be fined and dropped for a while I’m sure.

    And then I don’t even want to talk about VAR. Emery’s plea bringing up previous instances VAR never stepped in for us speaks volumes about how there is definitely an agenda against Arsenal. English FA is corrupt.

  6. Emery is a mf…. Needs to be sacked asap and take xhaka alongside… I’m almost always crying whenever I’m watching arsenal drop useless points.. No style of play… EMERY OUT

  7. I still believe in Emery..just that ,he is the only coach in England without first eleven…he need to think about his selection

    • I am very much disappointed with everything about management of the club. Unai has no idea, no plan no nothing. We love and cherish this beloved club, it means so much .Edu should know this better than anyone else, I earnestly ask Edu to explain to his colleagues, how we see it and ensure action is taken, SACK UNAI before it’s too late .

  8. I have said it time without numbers This Useless Idiot Emery will Sinck Arsenal to 10 Position soon .please tell whoever appoint this Idiot manager should get him out of Emirates now without any further Delay .Emery must GO NOE.PERIOD.

  9. UE has been bleming Ozil for nothing kumbe its him who has no game plan even plan B where by if things dont go well you apply it to save the team from being beaten. Secondly he up to now has no established first team squard , its like we are always gambling lineup in every game. What a mess!. EMERY OUT PLEASE!!!!!!!.

  10. Arsenal Fans, be honest, yes Xhaka was wrong swearing the supporters but i am of the opinion that we as Arsenal supporters are wong, very wrong to blame Xhaka every week. The blame for Arsenals poor performances week in week out is 100% Unai Emery. This man has no FOOTBALL BRAINS at all, what we need is a Professional Coach who knows his football, somebody like Jose M. Please you BOARD MEMBERS the DECISION MAKERS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SACK EMERY before it is too late.

  11. We have been writing this piece all along with the notion that Arsenal management is listening,therefore,we can vividly see that Unai Emery is not a good coach,has no game plan, Cohesion and ambitious to win matches rather setting the clock backwards,should be sacked Asap to go alongside his appointed captain Xhaka or we stop going to stadium to cheer up.

  12. Emery is a very selfish person who only thinks of himself, he is not interested what the Supporters think because he believe he is the allmighty at ARSENAL Let the entire FOOTBALL WORLD be honest, what OZIL FORGOT AND ACHIEVED as a FOOTBALL PLAYER he emery will never KNOW or ACHIEVE. PURE JEALOUSY. What an idiot.


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