This is the manager Arsenal need to bring in to replace Unai Emery and save our season

We all know this is the man who can turn our season around

I think we can all agree that after the draw against Crystal Palace and the manner of the draw, we can safely say that things are beyond repair.

Unai Emery’s philosophy is clearly not getting through to the players (if indeed he has one at all) and the team has under performed since March of last season.

The fanbase is already at a toxic level, and we’re only 10 games into the new season.

Granit Xhaka, reacted in a way not befitting of a captain, never mind an Arsenal captain, and the aftermath is very ugly indeed.

There are pictures on Twitter already of Lucas Torreira crying as he saw the abuse aimed at Granit Xhaka when he was taken off, and Amy Lawrence has reported that senior players visited a devoted Xhaka at his home.

This has all turned into a really big, sorry mess which is not reflecting good on the manager, the players, the fans and the club. I don’t think things have been this bad before.

Our season is threatening to go into free fall if things don’t change soon.

The bottom line is, this job is too big for most managers and it certainly is too big for Unai Emery. We need a manager who has big club experience, at the highest level, and the man to turn the tide is Jose Mourinho.

He has the ego, tactical knowledge and man management skills to get the best out of our squad. He got the best out of Mesut Özil at Real Madrid which is a big bonus, and while he’s had his moments (quite a few of the actually), he would do a fantastic job at Arsenal.

But what do you think? Do you think Jose Mourinho would be the man to turn things around? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


22 thoughts on “This is the manager Arsenal need to bring in to replace Unai Emery and save our season

  1. But his mind is mostly set on ready players thats why for him , He always by ready players and i dont know if our board member who are super glue in releasing funds for transfer will manage him in transfer season.but he could put Arsenal in line of winning team.

  2. Hell no! Mourinho got exposed in the prem as soon as pep and klopp came.The modern game of football is the pressing game,not putting 11 men in your own box to defend. I see fans also want allegri,but he’s not suited for the prem either.He’s mourinho without hair.Even pochettino exposed him in the cl.Big fat no.Ten hag or ronald koeman is the way to go.Dutch flair with intensity and pressing play.Soton never finished as high as they did under koeman.He signed dijk and mane and look at what he has done with the dutch national team now.Ten hag is also a very interesting manager.Ajax looked very very good last year.One of those two i would say.Dont want mourinho,allegri or enrique.Ok enrique had success with a very very good barca side,but flopped hard in rome.

  3. unai Emery should GI because he does not have the ability to manage Arsenal. Arsenal team is bigger than him so he should be replaced my Jose.

  4. Mourinho would kill Arsenal. He would ruin the club financially and play negative football which doesnt go with Arsenal’s ethos. Look at the state he left Unt in and other clubs, most of which sacked him to get rid of rot he instilled. There are other managers who would suit us better. I would rather have Wenger back.

  5. Sorry but not maurinho for arsenal please. He’s more into ready made players than home grown players n technically, very boring as well
    Faizal hashim

  6. not mourinho, he has no modern football philosophy, I would go with koeman, ten hag, even ma be xavi though still young in management

    • Koeman will solve our team problems.As it is ,we are doomed with Emery.The guy hasn’t got a clue of what’s needed to turn around Arsenal’s fortunes to become a formidable force.& qualify us for Euefa Champions League.

  7. Hello No. Please Mourinho should stay far away from Arsenal. If arsenal can wait until the end of the season and work out a deal to bring the current coach for DORTMUND. He’s the answer and or Allegri

  8. To me,Jose is not bad because he is the kind of coach that get the best out of a player defensively which is obviously what Arsenal fc is lacking. You can bear me witness that Arsenal will playing a game a goal or two down, but if you happened not see the scores you will think they are leading in the game. Arsenal lacked the gut to play game in it’s physicality, but always trying to be only tactical which is very hard in English football. If mgnt cannot employ the service of Jose based on their reasons I think Koeman is not bad too.

  9. Guys and girls, please remember that the reason we are not 3rd in the table is because of 3 incorrect (plainly wrong) decisions over two matches. Emery’s style is beginning to work and we applied good pressure last night. If you read Clattenburg (who was the referees’ overseer for a few seasons a while back) , he is adamant that our 3rd goal was completely certain without a grossly biased person secreted away in the VAR chair. He is also adamant that Zaha dived and that Palace should not have had their penalty. Peter Crouch also said the same (Crouch of Tottenham previously – hardly biased in our favour and thumbs up to him for pointing it out on MOTD 2).
    So, correct score (agreed by top independent referee) 3:1. If it had ended that way, would the fans have booed Xhaka or demanded that Emery goes? Of course not! Please can people make the effort to realise that Arsenal have been on the end of around 85% of incorrect decisions going against for many years. Yes, there is corruption in high places. Of coursse there is, especially since the big oil money came in. Teams like Chelsea and City pay for favours. Then there are the far eastern betting syndicates..The referees are threatened to have an agenda against one of the only honest clubs in the top tier of English football.
    I am ashamed that some of the fans decided to be abusive to Xhaka. He was wrong to react and will probably say so publicly (watch for that). We should leave it at that.

    So, without biased incorrect decisions, we would be third behind a phenomenal Liverpool and mega-rich City. We are catching up on them and I believe that this team is of equal quality. Let’s try to support our manager, the club and captain and hope that the FBI sort out the corruption, cos it is not fair to blame the referees, whose careers are probably at stake if they don’t do what Mike Riley dictates. Mike Riley himself may be under pressure from ‘higher’ powers. Point the finger at them but do not give them too much stick, they want to do the right thing but they are not allowed. Referees who come in to the EPL honest and give us good, even refereeing are soon knocked into shape. Who knows what goes on but you can be certain it is money, which has made this game rotten to the core recently. You can read about how UEFA have pleaded for outside help (even at state level) to stamp out match-fixing. This is a serious problem and it is sad for us as gunners that a whole lot of the corruption has been directed against Arsenal ever since Wenger’s early years. Good luck and COYG but please get behind the team, the manager and the captain, at least until you can see the picture clearly of why we are dropping points.

  10. Arsenal major problem is defense .We concede two many goals too easily .Mourinho is a specialist in defending and I believe he will fix our defense, and to a certain extent our midfield too .Our attack is already made, so he just need to build on it. He is a big coach and can bring the best out of some of young stars too. Anyway, the Arsenal egg heads will not sack Emery in the nearby future so, no need to duel on the next coach.

  11. I’am of the opinion that Emery should pave way for a new manager preferably Diego Simeon of Atletico Madrid should be his long term replacement if we(Arsenal)are realy looking for champions league football and silverwares to follow.Arsenal needs a coach of Diego caliber,the one who has a winning mentality,angry for silverwares and who manages his players well by looking at specific players quality and focus on what you want from him. e.g there is no way you can force Ozil to have 75% physical presence and 25% mental strength which Emery is trying to impose,this is absolutely no sense.Emery has to go and bring Diego to the Emirates

    I DONT KNOW WHY THEY PUT IN GUDUZI SOKRETARES ZHAKA THAT ALL BABIES there is more they need to get out of that team

  13. To suggest Jose’s the answer shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the situation. It’s pointless explaining why because you’re obviously an idiot.

  14. Players are NOT playing for Unai Emery. Change manager soonest as we do have an excellent quad minus a decent / world class centre back to play alongside Holding and Saliba when he arrives for next season. Jose is not the answer as his teams are too negative , Alegre from Athletico Madrid would be a great choice and he could even bring back Ramsey with him ?

  15. The special one is definitely a title winner though with boring defensive football.We need one of our own probably amongst the invincibles,well Allegri plays too some kinda of good football

  16. the problem is that Unai has filed to realize that Ozil is a big player who need enough playing time to help the club. Fielding the pitch with players who can hardly make clear assists can never help the club. Barca had poor defence in the last seasons but with sharp striking line and they could win games out of the many goals they score. But b4 u talk of poor defence which i agree its not good but how many goals do we score per game and how many chances are created when Ozil i know can do it is not on the pitch?
    He would be given more time if he reconsiders Ozil. Let him look at the games Ozil has played and those he was’nt on

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