Did you even imagine Arsenal would be in this position going into November before the season started?!

In the summer, we brought in a few players like William Saliba (finally), Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, and after the 5th place finish last season, the level of optimism from Arsenal fans was fairly high – as it usually is. However, 4 months later, Arsenal are top of the league, 2 points clear of the mammoth Manchester City, who are seen as many as this unbeatable footballing machine, thanks to the addition of Erling Haaland.

The biggest criticism has been that although we can beat the lower teams in the Premier League, we always bottled it against the top sides. However, we have beaten Tottenham and Liverpool, and even though we lost against Manchester United, the general consensus was that we were the better team.

And we face Chelsea this weekend.

And in the Europa League, we’ve topped the group with a win against FC Zurich last night, although it was certainly a nervy finally 20 minutes as they turned the screw and really pushed for that equaliser which would have been a disaster for us!

So the big question is, hand on heart – did you expect Arsenal to be in this position before the season started?

Given we had the terrible burden of Thursday Night Football, I have been surprised at the performances in the Premier League and we’ve managed to keep up such a high level. Although the games against Leeds and Southampton certainly saw the effects of this – we managed to get back into the groove in a much better performance against Nottingham Forest.

And another question, where can Arsenal finish this season?

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