Arsenal v Barcelona – It’s Finally Here!

Finally after all the waiting, and after all the talking Arsenal take on Barcelona in the Stade de France in the Champions League Final.

I honestly couldn’t care less now about who will be playing for us tonight – what matters is that every single player in an Arsenal shirt must give everything. It’s obvious to say it but if we fight for every ball and play like we can do then victory can become a reality.

It’s hard to know what to expect tonight. Most people are happy with Barca and Arsenal in the Final because they think it will be an open attacking game. I have to say that it would be in Arsenal’s best interests to keep the game tight and nick a goal from somewhere – most likely through a piece of Henry magic.

I honestly believe if Arsenal can score the first goal then we can hold out for a win.

There is a reason behind our excellent defensive record in the competition (as well as a little luck) and I don’t think Arsenal intend to start conceding now.

Much has been made about Barcelona’s weaknesses, and many identify them as the full-backs and the keeper Victor Valdez. Arsenal will have to be at the top of their game so I don’t think Arsenal will target any one area.

As you might have gathered by now I’m talking total b*llocks, mainly because I’m looking forward to the game so much and I’m unlikely to make any sense leading up to the game!

I have never felt like this before any game in my life. It is because we are on the brink of something special and it isn’t a dream. It’s a big reality.

And 90 minutes have never mattered more. That’s why I’m nervous.

Anyway, the jist of this post is:



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