Last Night Still Hurts. My God It Hurts…

Last night it was a hard defeat to take. I didn’t and just couldn’t sleep at all last night thinking about the game.

If Barcelona had beaten us 5-0 and completely battered us it would have been much easier to take. But to be within 14 minutes of the biggest prize in club football is demoralising.

To play with so much passion and drive and to still lose was devastating. Arsenal started the brighter, and up to the sending off pretty much dominated the game. Henry had two great chances and only an alert Victor Valdez prevented Arsenal taking a much deserved lead.

But then on 17 minutes the game totally changed.

Once I saw Lehmann pull down Eto’o I knew he’d be sent off. And I won’t begrudge the referee for giving Jens an early bath. I know a lot of people were saying that they should have played advantage and let the Barca goal stand, but the referee didn’t allow any advantage and blew up early. Once that happened there was only one outcome.

Despite that though, what I will say is that the referee had a terrible game last night. To book Henry for winning the ball off Van Bommel was a disgrace. Then how Marquez, Puyol and Van Bommel did not see at least a yellow for their persistent fouling was unreal.

Apparently this was the same referee that sent off Chelsea’s Del Horno against Barcelona’s Messi earlier on in the competition.

But ironically his inadequate refereeing led to our first goal. Eboue linked up well with Henry and Hleb on the right hand side, nutmegged Puyol and pretty much dived to win a freekick.

From the resulting freekick, Henry delivered a sublime cross into the area for Sol Campbell to emphatically head into the Barcelona net.

1-0 to Arsenal!

I have never celebrated a goal like I did last night. Sol needed to put in a great performance and he stepped up to the plate when we needed him and he got us that vital goal.

After that it was a brave performance from the lads, and although defending for most of the game managed to carve out a couple of great opportunities to kill the game off.

Henry did have a big, big chance which most people would say was the turning point of the game. As he said himself though, at that point he was running on empty. He had been running for everything and I can’t blame him for not scoring – he was dead. He couldn’t feel anything in his legs anymore.

To be leading in the biggest club competition in the world until 77 minutes with 10 men is an awesome achievement. Could anyone else have done that?

But the fact is Barcelona lifted the trophy after 98 minutes, and as much as it pains me to say it I’d like to congratulate Barcelona. And boy does that hurt. God it hurts.

Arsenal can be proud in the fact the couldn’t have done any more to win the Champions League. They played excellently and stood tall when they had 10 men.

But at the moment it feels like second place is nothing – and it is a bitter pill to swallow.

I’ve had enough of talking about the game – below are the player ratings:

Jens Lehmann: 5/10
Coped well from shots from Guily and Deco before being dismissed. He was the man against Villarreal but against Barcelona his judgement failed him and gave Arsenal a real uphill battle after his sending off.

Emmanuel Eboue: 8/10
Ran for everything and didn’t let the side down. Maybe should have been closer to Eto’o for the first goal instead of playing offside but handled Ronaldinho well.

Sol Campbell: 7/10
Good performance and managed to get that vital goal that 10 men needed. It gave Arsenal something to hold on to and gave us hope that Champions League glory beckoned.

Kolo Toure: 9/10
Awesome yet again. Won every tackle and fought with heart and desire.

Ashley Cole: 7/10
Apparently played Eto’o onside for the sending off but despite that played well. Like most of the players could really attack once we were down to 10 men.

Alexander Hleb: 7/10
Showed good skill and running and once the sending off in the 17th minute had to help back and his offensive threat suffered. Had a big chance in the second half to settle it and should probably have done better.

Cesc Fabregas: 5/10
Not one of his best games, and suffered because of the sending off. Couldn’t risk pushing forward as he would have liked and couple impose himself at all in the game. Out bullied by Van Bommel and Edmilson.

Gilberto Silva: 9/10
The invisible wall held out for so long and did brilliantly to keep Barcelona at bay. In the end they had to go around him through the wings to score.

Freddie Ljungberg: 9/10
As usually fought and ran for every ball in defence and attack. Carved out a chance for himself which was saved well by Valdez. Couldn’t have asked any more from the Swede. He was cynically fouled on a regular basis but the Barca players were rarely punished.

Robert Pires: 4/10
Not enough time to make an impact. Had to make way for Almunia’s introduction and was a sad end to a brilliant Arsenal career.

Thierry Henry: 9/10
A real captains performance. Led from the front, was excellent in the first 15 minutes – carving out two great chances for himself. Looked really up for it and even when Lehmann was dismissed he ran for everything. Missed a big chance late in the second half but by that time had no legs left. Blasted the referee and Barcelona players for lack of sportsmanship and really deserved better luck in his hometown.

Manuel Almunia: 8/10 (for Lehmann 17)
Hadn’t played a competitive game for around 4 months but kept us in the game with a great save from Eto’o just before the break. Made a string of good saves and was unlucky on the two goals Barcelona scored.

Mathieu Flamini: 6/10 (for Fabregas 73)
Got the final appearance he deserved but couldn’t really get with the pace of the game. Valiant effort to stop Belletti’s winner and was agonisingly close to doing so.

Jose Antonio Reyes: 5/10 (for Hleb 85)
Came on too late to make any sort of impact. Should have started the game in my opinion with the pace and energy he offers.


50 thoughts on “Last Night Still Hurts. My God It Hurts…

  1. I was really glad that Arsenal lost last night…. yes I’m a bitter and twisted spurs supporter which made it all the more enjoyable. Henry… what a cry baby… he was happy to tell spurs to put up with the fact that we had 10 sick players… and that we should get on with it… Well mate… you lost last night stop whinging like a girl and get on with it…. what a TWAT!!!

  2. what comes arounds comes back ha ha ha im a spurs supporter how great it was to see you lose 1st your first goal was a cheat just like arsneal diveing on the floor henry schould have scored a couple of goals but i think his on his way out good luck i take him to the train station for free to get rid of the french frog the sending off was right why change the laws of the game to suite you gooners it was great to see how hurt henry was i have no compasion for you lot at all why you all crying you lost be a man and admit you was not good enough stop blaming the reff you lost acept it and shut up cant wait untill next season you will be lucky to be in the top 10 any come on you spurs pride of north london rember you came from soth london

  3. Sad Sad Losers !!! SEVENTY NINE PER CENT possesion to Barca!!!
    Totally totally out played by Barca. Looking forward to seeing Arsenal early stages Eufa cup! if they make that qualification process.
    BAD LOSERS !!!!!!!

  4. well said , bunch of girls and fancy henry slagging off his new team mates .
    and if he wants to start diving perhaps he can take lessons from eboue or reyes .
    anyway thanks arsenal fans for making my week , watching you lot cry is hilarious

  5. don’t it make you larf….seeing these spuds…..2nd rate comments from a 2nd rate club…lol

    well played arsenal

  6. 1. No champs league but in the last 10 years or success reads:

    3 prem
    4 fa cups

    2 doubles
    season with no defeats.

    swivel on that Spurs.

  7. Dear Oogaflip, why don’t you go and have your glass of warm milk and cry elsewhere…. this site has now been taken over by Spurs… hahaha… Over at WHL we’re looking to the future and as Paul Merson said on tele last night, once Henry leaves there’s no future…. he also said he’d get rid of his season ticket. Arsenal are on a slippery slope to the championship.

  8. spuds fans are so thick as sh*t. you’d give everything just to be in the CL, let alone make it to the final, you have no idea what top level football is about. why dont you actually support your own team rather than just being an Anti Arsenal outfit? its why spuds will always be a shit club.

    glad you got your come uppence last week with all that lieing about food poisoning, when in fact the sickly spuds layers were just spreading their dirty little diseases around each other!!

    Arsenal played with more pride and passion last night than spuds did in all of their 40 game season. Whether Henry leaves or not, matters not, Arsenal will always have class that spuds scum can only dream of.

  9. 10 sick players??? Weren’t only two that started actually ill.

    Well done arsenal, you played like lions. Use this hurt for next season?

  10. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be finding such bile all over the internet (and not just from spurs fans) if you had accepted defeat gracefully but the behaviour of Wenger, Henry etc in going on about the referee is just astonishing. How, how, how (i really am exasperated by this) can you go on and on about the referee when he gave you your only goal? It really beggars belief that you lot have behaved like this. It was not a brilliant ref performance but the only nailed on, absolute cert mistake he made was the eboue dive. The fact that there was a lot of kicking going on is hardly news, it happens everywhere, and you can not argue it changed the game, henry being booked for a foul he didn’t commit did not change the game, the offside decision was inconclusive (i’ve not yet found any expert who has said it was absolutely definitely offside) and the sending off was unfortunate but perfectly legitimate. I can not believe I supported you lot last night. Such bad bad losers.

  11. I think the Emirates Stadium is all you have to look forward to now…. and I’m happy with a 5th place finish this season, never thought we were ready for Champions League footie next year anyway… Uefa cup is a possibility… and we DO support our own team, it’s just we love to see the scum cry. It’s a bitter pill to swallow isn’t it…. you must be feeling…. oh…. just like we did last week when we all thought the FA were a bunch of tossers. COYS

  12. I know this Burstin guy and he’s a little crazy. I wouldn’t listen to anything he says – one minute he’s a Spurs fan, then, when they aren’t doing so well he’s a Barca or AC Milan fan. Last week he ran naked through his home town! Crazy!

  13. Well said gazzap, the spuds are thick and what else would you expect from a load of success starved Chav losers.

  14. So there they are…………

    There are Dirty Spurts fans around after all!!!

    Sorry I thought all you little pricks had disappeared after the last day of the season.

    Yeah we were beaten!!! But I’ve never been more proud to be a Gooner than I am today! The boys gave everything they could after mad Jens went.

    Maybe we could write an open letter and try and get the match replayed??? Oh no we don’t need to as we can compete again next year. Unlike you dirty fucking simpleton Spurts fans.

    Good thing is that i reckon Henry will stay (and up til now i thought he’d go). Last night showed that even with 10 men Barca weren’t that much better than us. We have a young team, a fantastic new stadium and the best manager in the world. Why would he go?

  15. hahaha…. I’ve never supported AC Milan in my life… and what’s wrong with running around naked anyway!!!
    I’d have expected better banter than that… by the way…. when are the Arse doing there losers parade around Highbury?

  16. Er.. Jay, did you know Arsenal had 10 men? Of course Barcelona would have more possession. Are you a total idiot?

    If Sp*rs had 10 men against Barca they would lost 10-0!

    And they wouldn’t be able to blame the Marriott!

    And good on you guys for supporting an English team in Europe! As an Arsenal fan I cheered on United in 99 but I suppose that’s just me. Although I hate United I wanted them to win it for England. But that’s what people with class do right?

  17. he will go because he feels like a Judas after getting paid off to miss all those chances last night… the guy who never misses…. bit suspicious… I reckon he thinks he’ll get an extra 10k a week now from his new employers. It’s really funny how a couple of my mates who are Arsenhole supporters phoned me as soon as Sol Judas scored but when I tried to call them back later, refused to pick up their mobiles…

  18. For all the spurs fans out there, Arsene Wengers Arsenal have never finished below Spurs in the table. Even this season you choked on the final day.

    As to the Champions League, will you be watching us next season? I think you might…

    As to the match, I’m with Terry ‘Enry.

  19. So how come you’re not taking the piss out of your mates instead of doing it here? Do you mates read this or something?

  20. I understand the Spuds fans – after yet another fantastic season, a continuation of the trend of winning trophies both domestically and in Europe, fantastic football played (especially against GRIMSBY and LEICESTER CITY), it was an easy decision to support a Spanish team that you lot will only play on Playstation or Nintendo. And the occasion? Well it was a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL – something that a ‘food-poisoned’ club with a Berbatov-ambition is sure to play in, say 100 years? You’ll always be behind Arsenal and the only joy for your pathetic-excuse-for-a-football-club is cheering our European opponents. Enjoy!

  21. why on earth is arsene winger saying that barca goal was off side it was not just crying its great brill to hear you all crying i must say thou you have to be french to play for arsenal not english how many time was there a english man playing i the c l not 1 untill the last game but when you lose henry you wont be much i think herny is a great striker but watching him cry on tv was great fancy putting up sings about road closers when you not won anything but it will give the tv pundits something on the tv to put there any way rember what henry said about our food poising well it come back to hught him well done barca you deserved to win

  22. I am… I’m taking the piss out of them too…and I totally agree with everything Bobo Peep said… Arsenhole wenger and henry should have been more gracious, in the same way they said spurs should have accepted last weeks result.

  23. I find it strange that I’ve never been onto a Spurts blog to tell them how shit they are (and we all know, even the Spurts boys, that they are shit).

    But we lose in the CL final (yes Spurts, that’s FINAL. you know…the Champions League?… well maybe in a few years you may understand) and all we get are the dirty little yiddos laughing.

    I say that once you’ve reached the heights that we’re at then you can laugh. But until then (and no the UEFA cup doesn’t count) be humble and quieten down a little.

    Real real shame that DB10 didn’t feature last night. I love that man (like a brother obviously), he’s a god amongst men!!!

  24. ha…listen to the spuds go on about losing…lets see what the fat dutch porn star of a manager can manage next season…i did say 2nd rate club…lets make that 3rd…cos its an insult to west ham :O)

  25. In case you have not noticed (Burstin and co.), Arsenal community could not care less about your imbecil opinion, gloating and pathetic rants.

    F*CK OFF

  26. Just like the Marriot Hotel incident the Spuds are making idiots of themselves!

    Sp*rs are just like the little retard brother sitting in the corner that no-one really likes, but has to put up with. I mean you can put up with him for a little bit but after that it just gets annoying!

    Sorry, I take that back. That’s insulting to retards.

  27. What’s white and blue and doesn’t make any noise at all and hasn’t for the last twenty years???

    Yes you guessed it

    It’s a shame you Spurts wankers can’t talk about how good your team is rather than how we lost last night

  28. Champions League LOSER… It must be really upsetting to get all that way and LOSE…. you’re all a bunch of CHOKERS!!!
    hahahaha and so Gracious in Defeat…. hahahah

    – This from Burstin

    Yes We’re Champions league losers and it is reasonably upsetting to get to the final and lose.

    But that’s nowhere near as upsetting as never getting to a CL final tho is it???

    You pricks amaze me.

    Now I think it’s time you Spurts apologised for the excuses you made about illness last week!!!

  29. Y u all racist over french people? u spuds r signing a bulgarian, had an egyptian, dutch, irish, canadian etc. u need 2 get a life!!!

  30. yeah he choked on 30 goals a season since he been in prem shag batty a lot. dont talk shit and believe in it.

  31. if henry choked last night the whole Spuds idiots choked against west ham. Fools. u still gonna sue us 4 comming 5th, u still got the police on a wild goose chase. Idiots. and u got the nerve to say that we couldnt handle defeat. at least we lost to the best team in europe and u lost 2 grimsby, leicester. west ham are a good side but hardly champs league material, r they? this is our worse season in 10 yrs and u still couldnt finish ahead of us, and ur on here boasting? 110% FOOLS!!!!

  32. As for the Spurs fans who claimed their season now doesn’t look as bad as it did 10 days ago, shows just small you are. I would be gutted at not finishing fifth, but losing fourth place at the last day of the season. While our tears of agony were for losing in Europe’s premier Cup competition, yours are resigned to not beating us in the Premiership. Such small mindset. That is why you are still behind us even when we had such a poor start, we still manage to climb above you. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself who has more to celebrate. And if you think losing Thierry Henry would make us go backwards, you are wrong. He is but one man. A big player but not irreplaceable. So as long as he doesn’t end up in another Premiership team, his loss is no big deal.

  33. I couldn’t give a fuck about Spurs. I’m talking about Mr Henry. A choker is someone who is perfectly capable 99% of the time (hence, 30 goals a season, small brained Gunner06) but when it comes to the crunch, he fails. He is a very very good player, has always played brilliantly in the premiership, has played well in the champions league this season, including important goals, but ultimately when it really mattered, he failed. When I saw him get the ball in the 70th minute, and actually i was supporting Arsenal last night, I was absolutely sure he would score. And he didn’t. Because he choked. Look at Zidane – 2 goals in world cup final, plus that great goal in the Champions’ League final. He is truely great. Henry will only ever be a very, very good player who chokes.

  34. the only small brained one is u shag ass a lot cause ur name says it all really!!
    99% of the time he won the golden boot and micheal owen called him mr consistent for his goal scoring. like i said dont talk shit and believe it.

  35. Ah ha my small brained friend Gunner06. I like you – you have spirit. If you had been there, you would have scored, I think. But instead Thierry was there. And he couldn’t quite do it. It’s not about consistency, it’s not about the golden boot, it’s about those rare moments when truely great players step up to the plate. He didn’t. He choked.

  36. look how asked u to care anyway?
    and we not looking for sympathy like spurs!
    fergie and moriniho are as bad a loser as wenger, its niether here nor there, jus admit u hate arsenal and u want us to flop!!
    wasnt morininiho the same when liverpool knocked them out?
    I dont really care as long as wenger still manager

  37. Ok shag peep a lot u got a point to a certain extent, but he would syill fly in to every team in the world. And i would have scored that goal ca the bonus he would get for that would probably do me for a while

  38. I supported Arsenal last night. They’re a good side. I don’t defend Mourinho, he’s a twat. But i have a problem with Henry because he is so incredibly arrogant it defies belief. His goal celebrations are disrespectful to his opponents, always making it looking like he doesn’t care, or just showing anger. Why not just be pleased for himself and his team? That’s why I like it when he chokes. Still, I leave now. You lot don’t need Henry as much as you think – plenty of talent in that squad and the bets manager in the world. Fuck him, get rid of him. He’s a twat.

  39. Gooner Norway – Henry was absolutely knackered by that point. For about half the game he had absolutely no support. It’s hard enough as a lone striker, but as a lone striker and down to ten men he did an outstanding job of it. Just before the Barca goals he was 1 on 3 and still won a corner. Before taking it he had to catch his breath for a minute.

  40. Spurs fans are absolutely pathetic. They did not have a chance to cheer their own team on for any cups this season. So they resorted to hoping that Arsenal would lose.

    The President of FIFA had blasted the referee’s decision. Actually, I e-mailed UEFA and FIFA reminding them that 1 Billion People watched the game. We could really have done with a better referee.

    How many times have we heard sore losers saying, “The Better Team Did Not Win.” In this instance however, the better team really did not win.

    For all Arsenal supporters, remember that no one is above the club. We are thankful for all players who have helped the club reach the finals but we must look ahead. We must have players who are totally committed to the club.

    One final word for all the pathetic spurs supporters, we lost but no revenge for you because you lot are still 5th. You are really sore losers, you asked for a replay against West Ham. We accepted our defeat and look forward to next season where as usual we will be up against the likes of Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool. As for Spurs, you lot as usual will be fighting in the mid table. Pathetic!!!!

  41. Well Arsenal Supporters, not all bad news. Our beloved captain is indeed staying. He gave an exclusive to the Sun Newspapers (as he is contractually obligated to do so).

  42. i think arsenal did terrific in the final!
    1 man down and they still looked the better side!
    but barcelona played very well to
    but i have to say arsenal deserved to win
    why can’t u spurs fans admit that!


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