Henry Stays On To Lead Arsenal Revolution!

Exactly 2 months to this day I posted an article saying there was no way that Thierry Henry was leaving Arsenal because he loved the club too much.

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For this people did question my sanity and thought I was totally deluded!

But who’s having the last laugh now!

The two main men from Barcelona have spoken, and Joan Laporta has actually praised Henry for deciding to stay at Arsenal but Frank Rijkaard has actually hit out over the incident, showing his obvious dissappointment over not landing the Arsenal captain.

What a shame eh?

After months of Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Guily, Gio and other Barcelona players talking about Henry joing Barcelona they have been found to look like the utter fools they actually are. Then there is the infamous FC Barcelona Blog which has somehow got into Arsenal website circulation that declared Henry’s arrival at Barca. Idiots.

I, like millions of other Arsenal fans have said that Henry wouldn’t leave Arsenal – maybe through hope more than anything but it is clear that Henry is not a Ballack nor a Ronaldo. Arsenal means something to him and he does have some loyalty.

Obviously, I’m sure Arsenal are rewarding his loyalty with a big wage packet but that’s what you would expect for a player who is one of – if not the – worlds best.

And the spin off from Henry staying is that close friends Sol, Bobby and even Ashley Cole might stay on at Arsenal instead of seeking pastures new.

With a difficult start to the season the campaigns objectives would have been to secure a top 4 position in the Premiership, do well in Europe and keep Thierry Henry.

Well we’ve kept Henry and finished 4th, and it is debatable whether we’ve done well in Europe or not. Personally I’m proud of our lads getting to the final in Europe and so I think we’ve done all 3!


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