Silly Season Started With Sol Campbell Wind Up?

Since Myles Palmer posted an article about Campbell going for £8 million to Fenerbahce the rumour mill has been going in overdrive!

The only real proof offered is that of a Fenerbahce website which is NOT official, but just a Fenerbahce fansite.

When I first heard the news I was pretty shocked, for several reasons. First of which why on earth would Sol Campbell go to Turkey? I personally don’t think he’d want to move there of all places!

Secondly, my understanding of Henry staying was that Arsenal would try and keep Bobby, Cole and Sol for experience next season. Off loading Sol seems unlikely, especially since Arsene Wenger has been supportive of him throughout the season.

And why would a team spend £8 million on a 31 year old defender?

Also it appears that official Fenerbahce website has nothing on the matter at all.

I’ve also had an e-mail from people telling me that Five Live have confirmed that this is a wind up! If anyone could actually confirm this then that would be helpful!

In all honesty I find this story very hard to believe!

The only real source has been from the EuroSport website, which says Campbell is off to Fener for 12m Euros. But the key sentence in the article states:

‘According to French media…’

Well we know what the Spanish media are like, and why would French media have the inside scoop on an Arsenal player going to a Turkish club.

It seems all too fishy to me!

But of course, if Arsene has lined up Davies and Thuram then it would make sense. And we know when Arsenal buy players there is usually not time to speculate – the deal gets done and quick!

We’ll probably know more in the morning.


8 thoughts on “Silly Season Started With Sol Campbell Wind Up?

  1. Ive heard about this yesterday. Someone told me that his agent was in turkey and I thought it was just a wind up but It seems like a done deal

  2. There is a mention on the real site. This is a bad free translation. of the bit concerning campbell.
    Fenerbahçe so one each on the ground that; today Left Campbell, Roberto Carlos, Morientes similar great cast konuşuluyor. This name unprecedented even if their büyüklüğündeki kişiler hereafter. Fenerbahçe mosque in much friend cause to reach. Unconscious kırdıklarım okay defect diliyorum. Şunu söylüyorum Fenerbahçe love never bitmeyecektir.”

  3. ……i cant belive our red tops ent picked up on dis if it were true! only last week wenger stated that was sol was staying. how random is this though!?

  4. According to Arseblogger – who is always reliable – this is true but it’s apparently closer to £4m than to £8m.

    It’ll be a shame to see The Sol Man move on but he knows we’ll always love him.



    Forever a Gunner legend.

  5. Hello,

    I am a Fenerbahce fan I want to make some points clear for you. First of all, is not the official website for Fenerbahce Sports Club and a lot of Fenerbahce fans don’t rely on news from that site. The official site is :

    And the rumours on this transfer is that it will cost 12 million euros in TOTAL, icluding the money Sol will get in 3 years. (It is not the money Arsenal will get)

    But yet, there is no news about this in our official site yet.

    The rumours started when on Thursday our President made a press conference and said he is leaving the seat, but he will stay in the club forever and this year he will act in some big transfers like Campbell, Morientes and Roberto Carlos, or such big names. Maybe he gave just examples, but what was the reason for that? Nobody knows, since he just talked for 15 minutes, did not accept any questions and left Turkey right after the press conference.

    Everybody thinks he is out somewhere clearing out the transfer thing.

    It is again strange since we don’t have a coach at the moment since our current coach went through a serious operation on Friday and he cannot be back before December, means we have to find a new coach and make the transfers up to his request.

    And one more thing to add, every year you can see on websites like, rumours for maybe 200 players signing for Fenerbahce, but we cannot buy that many players. Smile

    So, wait till when things are clear, I will keep you informed.

  6. Seems to good to be true. I mean, Sol has been wonderful for us, but I think it’s time he moves on. Would also like to see the departure of Pires, Cygan, Lauren and Almunia!

  7. “According to Arseblogger – who is always reliable – this is true but it’s apparently closer to £4m than to £8m….”

    Good one Arseblogger!!


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