11 thoughts on “Wind Up Confirmed: Fener Not Interested

  1. Not so sure it’s a wind-up. The language of the ‘denial’ is not exactly conclusive – could easily just be interpreted as deal not ready yet.

  2. who cares about sol watch next season for rosicky and nick bendtner from our reserves he is lookin a class player. watch highlights from arsenal t.v online or go to reserve matches. he is class.

  3. This is not a wind up,they never denied the interest ,all they denied was Campbell was to sign for definite .They can not confirm the talks that took place in between Sky Andrews and Fenerbachse simply that will be invading FIFA rules,so they are just playing clever and dealing with it without upsetting Arsenal that all.

  4. Only a f**king idiot believes anything Myles Palmer says. He changes his mind like most people change underpants. And he’s got so many “sources” (that are usually wrong anyway), it was only a matter of time before this story went down the sh*tter.

  5. I want to tell all of you that \”FENERBAHCE Ä°S ONE OF THE BÄ°G CLUB IN WORLD\” and SOL CAMPELL will play for FENERBAHCE next season.THÄ°S transfer will be sign soon..when fenerbahce transferr new coach…fenerbahce waiting bc coach (BÄ°G PROBABLY FELÄ°PE SCOLARÄ°) didnt sign yet…
    ANELKA-APPÄ°AH-ALEX all of them our player…why not cammpell transfer???
    we are big club….

    and others —>ROBERTO CARLOS will transferr fenerbahce too…AND big probably MORÄ°ENTES…..

    ı wll see all arsenal fans when transfer finissh…wish you good englishes…tell bye to campelll

  6. hey who can say fenerbahce is a silly team? you dont know about anything for fenerbahçe.Fenerbahçe is the one of FAVORİTE team in the world if dont know this please shout up


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